How the Father’s Love Set Me Free: Amor do Pai



My gracious friend and sister Jess. Partnering with her in creating a beautiful space for the women was so refreshing.

“How deep the Father’s love for us
How vast beyond all measure
That He should give His only Son
And make a wretch His treasure…”

“Amor do Pai”;  the Father’s love here in Brazil has set me free from me. I have fought, struggled, faced tough decisions to let go of me and say yes to fully being alive in Him. I’ve made mistakes, I’ve been corrected, rebuked with words of love and been given an amazing opportunity to grow into the likeness of the son, Jesus Christ.

In a place where I have been literally surrounded by grace, the Father’s love has transformed me from the inside out. It was hard, very hard and at first I didn’t see any fruit, I didn’t see any change, I didn’t see anything happening inside of me. All I saw was the dark and ugly sins, thoughts, mistakes, shortcomings that were ever before me. But this week, I saw the fruit. This week I saw the depths of the transformation taking place in my heart and I am truly overwhelmed and filled with gratefulness.


The gifts each woman received and some door prizes for a few others! Because the love of the Father GIVES.

How deep the Father’s love for me, that he would bring me here to the Shores of Grace to make me look more like him. To teach me how to serve, how to love and how to finally be a daughter.  And then make room for me to do good works, He’s gifted me for and prepared for me before I was ever even formed in my mother’s womb (Eph 2:10)

This past Wednesday I had the privilege to help create a beautiful environment for our “Amor do Pai” banquet for the moms from the near by Favela. It was absolutely amazing.  The planning, the small details, it all came from a place of knowing who I am and who I am living for. And I saw an entire group of people who know who they are as sons and daughters come together and create a banquet these women will never forget.


The ladies I had the honor to enjoy my night with. We laughed so much. We were the “cool table”. My Favorite part of the night was when they shared their dreams with me. Dreams to own a home, find a lost brother, have long and healthy marriages and create a better life for their children…

I was so overwhelmed as women came into the room and their faces lit up, “this is for us?” asked one of the ladies I sat with. And with deep joy I looked into her eyes and said ” Yes, it is, you deserve it, so all you’re going to do is relax and enjoy the night.”


Good food, good company, good times.

makeup time

A make up station to pamper them!

 The love of the Father drew them in. The love of Father in the men who were our servers throughout the night, showed them that they deserve to be honored. The love of the Father filled them with peace and joy. It is a love that makes no sense, a love that is beyond human wisdom and reasoning. A love that makes something beautiful out of brokenness.

BBQ masters

Our grill masters; David and Sawyer from good ol’ Texas.

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  1. Amy Nehlsen says:

    So great to see the ways that you are experiencing God’s world and what He is doing. I love the way you have shared it.
    So happy for you! Amy

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