How My Mom’s Solid Foundation Helped Build Mine

photo (33)The other day, as I was waiting for the microwave to finish cooking my food, I looked above the microwave to a mounted shelf. This shelf has held books of my mother‘s for as long as I can remember. However, I’ve never really given this shelf more than a passing glance until the other day.

First, The American Woman’s Cook Book, well worn with tattered binding and doggy-eared pages. Next, Heloise’s Housekeeping Hints: a classic book with tips on entertaining, cleaning, and staying sane through it all. These books were followed by homemade cook books, guides on food ingredients and nutritional information, and a recipe box (my mom loves collecting recipes). As I read the spines of each book and paged through some, I realized something– I want to be just like my mom. I want to run a household  that’s clean and comfortable, and serve food that’s healthy and delicious. I was extremely fortunate to grow up in a house with a stay-at-home mom, especially one who adored the homemaker vocation; and one day, I hope to be able to bless my kids in the same way.

CTA button for Blog UGAt this point in my thought process, my food has long since been done (the microwave beeping to remind me to take it out), and my eyes fall from the shelf to what sits on top of the microwave itself– my mom’s Bible. Though she probably pulls out the books on the shelf weekly, I know she uses this Bible daily. Thinking about my mom’s dedication to daily devotions, church involvement, and Bible studies, I realize the real reason she was an excellent homemaker. It wasn’t because she knew how to cook, or because Heloise had given her so many helpful hints– it’s because of her foundation being laid on Christ!

My thoughts then drift to the men in the Bible who built their houses: one on sand, and the other on rock. When the storms came, the man who built his house on the solid foundation was the only one left with a house to speak of. Similarly, the main reason our household ran so smoothly growing up was because the one who ran it had her solid foundation in Jesus Christ. This foundation was put to the test when things got tough (I’m sure the man’s sand house stood just fine on the sunny days), and our family was able to power through.

My mom reads my Nyack College blogs every week, and I know she’ll probably cry when she reads this, but I’m so inspired by her everyday. Here’s to you, mom:)

Jennifer Cook

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