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photo(6)One of my favorite things about the summertime is cooking food outside on the grill. To me, it represents warm weather, fun, and good times with family and friends. Whenever the grill starts, people gather together to enjoy the food and fun. Because I enjoy it so much, I am usually the one with a spatula in hand. I would like to teach you all some ways to make sure that your grilling is done right.

Safety is extremely important when using a grill. Be sure to completely understand how your grill works, and check to see if it is in good working condition before using it. Using a gas grill improperly can result in serious injury. Wrapping the grate in foil not only preserves the taste of the food and the cleanliness of the grate, but it also makes grilling safer by preventing much of the grease from dripping onto the fire and causing the flames to flare up toward the chef. To stifle grease fires, mix water with vinegar in a spray bottle, spray it over the fire, and close the lid until the fire goes out. Address grease fires quickly for your safety and so that they do not ruin your food.

Hamburgers and hotdogs are usually the first thing that people think of when they hear the word “barbecue.” Hamburgers are the most simple grilling assignment; slap them on the grill and flip them when the juices start to bubble on the side that is up. Put a slice of cheese on each patty while it is still hot so that the cheese melts. Hotdogs are a little bit more involved. Make a shallow cut into both sides of each hotdog before putting them over the fire so that they cook all the way through. Turn them frequently because it is easy to forget about them and burn them.

Steak and chicken are two more barbecuing favorites. It is more difficult to keep steak juicy when it is cooked on the grill rather than in a pan. It needs to be seasoned before putting it on the grill and it needs to be either marinated beforehand or sauced while it is being cooked. Some of my favorite seasonings and sauces are garlic salt, cumin, Italian seasoning, A1, and Worcestershire sauce. Grilling chicken is healthier and easier than frying it. Clean and boil the chicken to prepare it for grilling. Cook it until it gains color. I like to spread barbecue sauce over it right after it comes off of the fire.

During the summer, barbecues happen all the time. Special events like birthdays and graduations often need to be accompanied by large amounts of food, and the grill is a quick and easy way to cook in large quantities. You may even want to host your own barbecue for a special occasion or just for fun. The next time you are the one manning the grill, use this information to make your grilling safer and your food better.

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