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A couple of Sundays ago I went to probably one of the most influential Church services of my life. I have recently been very blessed with a new friendship which has also provided a way for me to go to church on Sundays. I have been attending Risen King the past few weeks, but this sermon in particular deeply resonated with my heart. The regular pastor wasn’t there so Frank Chan, a professor from Nyack, gave the message. He spoke on the basic definition and call of men and women who are disciples of Christ. Specifically, at the service I attended he spoke more towards the women.

sermon with frank chan

The speakers first objective was to seek to define the main differences between men and women. In short he said that men have a need for independence in their lives while women seek interdependence. He said that these are not the only things needed, but for his message he focused on woman’s need for interdependence with others. We seek to establish relationship with others and improve their lives. I relate to this as I find myself with so much love for people and a deep desire to know them and live in community with others. Stemming from this is a desire to be attractive to others in order to feel accepted into relationship with them. This made sense as many times as women we struggle with our self-image as we have such a deep desire to attract people to acceptance of us.


This all was making so much sense to me! We seek relationships and when we can’t connect we are left feeling alone. Chan explained how loneliness is what the devil uses as violence against the soul of a woman. Wow, he had such wonderful insight into the topic. He even used the example of the two sisters from the movie ‘Frozen’. When they couldn’t be together they were left desolate and alone. And he closed with encouraging all the women in the audience that they are in fact beautiful and worthy of love and relationship. This message resonated so deeply in my heart and soul and I feel blessed to share it with you. I encourage you to even watch it for yourself and to also encourage those women around you as we are all one body of Christ.

Here is the link for the full sermon from Frank Chan:

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