Survival Guide for New Transfer Students


A new student hanging with two upper classmen during campus games

A new student hanging with two upperclassmen during campus games


Welcome to campus!  You’ve made the move and switched schools. You’ve registered for classes and are counting down the days to start fresh at college.  Some students may have changed schools and moved to a different state.  Others may have gone just down the road.  Some still have found their way to our New York City campus.  But no matter how far or near you’ve gone, transferring programs is an exciting time and these tips will help you get settled fast.

Refocus on Academics

A new school means an entirely new roster of classes that are available to you.  Research classes that have been rated very well by the student body.  Look at the courses that weren’t offered at your former school and can now kick start your pursuit of the perfect bachelor’s degree.  Then register, register, register.

Get into clubs that focus on your interests. Or start one!

Get into clubs that focus on your interests. Or start one!

Visit Professors Office Hours

Once classes have started, it’s time for you to get to know the people behind the syllabi.  Getting to know your teachers means that you can learn the ins and outs of your new department and school.  Build a good working relationship with your instructors, come prepared with questions that are class specific, and don’t be afraid to talk about where you’ve come from and where you’d like to be post-graduation.

Join Clubs and Academic Societies

Nyack College has two campuses which offer great opportunities for people who love artsy, suburban living as well as metropolitan lifestyles.  Extracurricular clubs explore your interests outside of class such as hiking, prayer, and volunteerism.  Getting involved is not only good for your resume but also your social life.

Double Check Finances

Talk to financial aid and student accounts.  Make sure your accounts balance and your loans are in good standing.  Don’t be afraid to inquire about scholarships and grants.

Commuters! Stick around and enjoy campus

Commuters! Stick around and enjoy campus

Visit Your Program Director

Getting to know your professors is one thing. Meeting with your program director is great too.  As a small community focusing on student growth, Nyack has program directors that are completely accessible.  Look at the big picture of your academic and professional career.  Then talk about these goals with the director.  She might be able to give you tips about independent studies, paid internships, and professors that specialize in your concentrations.

Ask Questions

And we mean randomly.  Ask questions to your roommates, people walking to the cafeteria, and students working out in the gym.  The more you know the easier your transition will be.  Socially, it’s great to start feeling connected to your new home too.  At Nyack, our students are famous for being super helpful.

Settle into the Dorms

Time to decorate!  You’ve done this before so relax and enjoy the time to set up your bed and drawers as well as your clothes and secret stash of snacks

Commuting?  Spend Lots of Time on Campus

College is your job.  So if you’re commuting, get to work early.  Spending time on campus, even if it’s just to sit on Hillside with coffee, can help you get settled faster.  In Nyack and in Manhattan, coffee shops and pizza joints will tempt you to stick around just a little longer.  So sip and enjoy.

Talk to Your Admission’s Counselor

She may have been your first point of contact but your admission’s counselor can help you with questions about campus.  Our Nyack counselors continue to build relationships with their students.  So please feel free to contact us.

Strike Up a Conversation with a Classmate

It may seem simple and kinda of corny but chatting with your classmates is a great way not only to make sure you’re prepared for class but to meet new people.  Keep it simple and light.  After a few sessions, you’ll have at the very least a classmate you can email when you’ve forgotten if the paper is due this week or next.

To our transfer students that are new to Nyack, we’d like to extend a hearty welcome.  It’s going to be a blessed semester!

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