God’s Always Got Your Back

As I write this, I stand on the Downtown 4 train headed to Union Square. I just remembered that I have a Discussion post for one of my classes due at 11:59 tonight. It’s a 2 part post and I already did part 1, so I’m not blaming this on procrastination (even though that is exactly what this is). I’m going to say that I simply forgot about it (because I did). I know what you’re thinking. Why didn’t she just keep working after she wrote part 1 of the post and continue to write part 2 as well? That very good observation is beside the point, and if I take the time to really consider why I didn’t do that then I just might get off this train before my stop and scream my head off. So to avoid my having a public meltdown, we’re just not going to think about it. We are going to close our eyes and thank the Holy Spirit for reminding me of my homework in the first place. (I’m going to be real, y’all. I would not have made it this far in my academic career if it was not for God).

(9 hours later)

As I write this second paragraph, I am back on the train heading home after work and breathing a sigh of relief because I turned my Discussion post in at 11:57pm tonight when it was due, as you remember, at 11:59pm. I’m not saying that you should procrastinate majorly and turn all your homework and projects in at the last minute because that is irresponsible and not recommended. However, I am saying that God had my back tonight and I would just like to shout Him out for that. In fact, I would like to shout out the countless times He has had my back. Every time I slipped, tripped, and straight up fell on my face, He was there watching my back and catching me before I hit the pavement. The days that I let fly by without praying a word to Him or even cracking my Bible, He never left my side. He is always ready to listen to me even when I don’t take the time to listen to Him. I don’t deserve Him, and yet, He is still around. He says He is always going to be around and I believe Him because He has yet to fail me (and never will). I hope you take great comfort in the fact that no matter how bad you mess up, you will never be alone, my friend. When your earthly friends abandon you, He won’t. When you royally screw up and just want to curl up in a corner and cry, He uncurls you and sends His Holy Spirit to help you work out the problem. I could honestly go on about how much He does for us on a daily basis that we are not even aware of, but just know that He loves you. He loves you, He loves you, He loves you! And He’s always got your back.

Jamilah Felix

About Jamilah Felix

I am a Communications major at Nyack College's Manhattan campus. I love reading, eating, watching movies, and then eating some more. I'm excited to be a light to those around me using the gifts God has given me.
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