Follow #NyackGlobal and See How Our Students Study Overseas

How many hashtags can promise to take you to another land?  Or can promise to show you life as a student overseas or can just show you the simple beauty of the Italian countryside?

This January, we invite you to join the adventures of our Nyack College students as they travel overseas during Winterim.  These young students will be headed to Mexico, Italy, and Israel and sharing their pictures and thoughts via the hashtag #NyackGlobal.  Follow their course work and service on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter.  Ask them questions or just think what college would be like if you had this opportunity!

A special thanks to these #NyackGlobal students who’ve promised to share pictures with us everyday!

oscar avila

Oscar Avila @oavila120

Rachel Kunker @Kunkistadorr

Rachel Kunker @Kunkistadorr

Kristi Moua @justIab 

Kristi Moua @justIab

Kassia Khuu @KassiaKhuu 

Kassia Khuu @KassiaKhuu

Wish them safe travels for the New Year and check in on their overseas adventures in international learning! Catch them also via #IAMNYACK #NyackWinterim #NyackCollege



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Nyack College, through its undergraduate, graduate and seminary programs, pursues its historic mission of preparing men and women to ”take the whole Gospel to the whole world.”
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  1. christian says:

    I like your college very much and will like to study there

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