Fake Camping

When most people hear “camping,” they think of tents deep in the woods, fires started by hand, and sleeping on the floor. When I say that I like to camp, people are shocked and almost horrified that I would willingly subject myself to such torture. Many people enjoy the simpler, more difficult type of camping, but in my family, camping means something entirely different. We like to call it “fake camping.” While we camp we are comfortable and there are a lot of ways to have fun.

Pierce's CamperDuring our weekend or week-long camping trips we stay in a camper. Campers are trailers that attach to the back of cars and can be lived in, usually for recreational purposes. Some prefer to rough it in tents, but most of the people I encounter that like to camp prefer the comforts and luxuries of campers. Most come equipped with beds, a miniature kitchen, electricity, heat, and air conditioning. Some even come with televisions and can connect to cable. You can sleep, cook, watch movies, and play video games in a comfortable environment while being a few steps away from the beautiful nature that surrounds you. The only downside is that, for compactness’ sake, there is limited space to move around and things can easily get crowded. My family’s camper can comfortably sleep my family of five, but when a few visitors come it can become tight inside. Luckily, the outdoors are spacious and close by.

A campground is a somewhat enclosed area where campers can rent out sites to set up their tents or campers. Most campgrounds have facilities and activities that campers can enjoy. They may have a lake or pool, game room, basketball court, or playground, and they will often hold dances, game nights, competitions, and craft-making sessions for the children. While what the campground offers is fun and enjoyable, it is sometimes even better to spend your time on and around your own campsite. A campsite is usually big enough to park your camper (or tent) and two cars while still having plenty of space to move around and do activities. Most campsites have a table and a fire ring, in which you can have your campfires. The best times to be had are likely to be had around the fire; s’mores, stories, and games are commonplace. This is where you can bond and have engaging conversations with your friends and family. For me, time around the campfire is the highlight of a camping trip.

Camping is not always what people generally expect it to be. It can be comfortable and eventful. For me, it is one of my favorite modes of vacationing. Camping is an opportunity to have amazing adventures with your loved ones, even if you only go fake camping.

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I'm a Junior at Nyack College studying Bible and Theology. I love Jesus, which is why I want to be a Bible professor; my goal is to learn as much as I can about Him and teach others what I learn. My favorite teams are the Mets, Celtics, and Cowboys (don't hate me New Yorkers!). I also enjoy playing guitar and reading. Connect with Pierce on Google+
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