Fabiola Moise: Academically Excellent

This week I had the chance to explore the Nyack core value of being “Academically Excellent.”  I was given the opportunity to talk with a recent graduate of the Nursing program who just passed the NCLEX and was hired for her first job.  Here she talks about what it means to pursue excellence and how she was able to do so at Nyack, and each day as she lives her life.

Fabiola (right) worked hard so that she received nursing honors at graduation.

Fabiola (right) worked hard and received nursing honors at graduation.

-What do you think it means to be academically excellent?

  • To me, to be academically excellent means to strive for the best that you can do in terms of your learning experience. It is not only a reflection of grades but also a reflection of your passion in the subject that you are pursuing. It is going above and beyond what is expected of you because you desire to learn and master your area of study.

-Why is it important?

  • It is incredibly important because this will be reflected once you graduate and start your career. Being academically excellent will also display to others the value of your education and promote yourself as a vital addition to the workspace. Also it promotes the school from which you received your education.

-Practically, what did it take for you to pursue academic excellence at Nyack?

  • As a nursing major, academic excellence was not an option, it was a must. To pursue it, I had to make many sacrifices. I sacrificed social events, sleep and time. Most of everything I did was geared towards pursuing academic excellence. However, despite the long hours of studying, it was worth it at the end.

-What did you learn through the nursing program at Nyack that has impacted your life that you would not have learned somewhere else?

  • The most important thing that I learned in this nursing program was how to link my faith with my career. As Christians, we are all called to be missionaries and evangelists however that does not necessarily mean traveling to foreign nations. We can preach the gospel right where we are-to our patients, our co-workers and even to the family members that we encounter on the job.

-How do you think academic excellence has helped you in your life outside of college (whether it be job or just other regular life things)?

  • 1 corinthians 10:31 says “Sowhether you eat or drink or whatever you do, do it all for the glory of God”. Essentially, this is what academic excellence has taught me-that no matter what I do, I should do it to the best of my ability and wholeheartedly because at the end of it all God gets the glory.

-What are some tips you can give to other students who want to be academically excellent?

  • 1-Learn to manage your time wisely   2-Learn how to prioritize  3- Gather your strength, and keep a positive attitude because the journey is quite difficult but completely possible


Lauren Lebo

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I am a junior at Nyack College studying Nursing with a minor in Spanish. I am originally from Connecticut but am now living on the Rockland Campus. I also play lacrosse for Nyack and am very excited for the upcoming season. I love to run, play sports, cook, travel, and make everything in life an adventure!
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