Cause I am everything He says I am; If I wasn’t, then why would He say I am?

Bc what He says is always true...

Bc what He says is always true…

After two crazy, worked filled weeks, I have finally completed my first year as an Alliance Theological Seminary student!!! And in the words of my good friend Sam ” I am no longer a seminary noob.” WOOHOOOOO…

I do apologize for my week-long silence, but in the midst of papers, deadlines, and life, I needed to stay quiet in the blogging world. But I am back, free, refreshed, and with lots on my mind.

 As I witness friends both from the seminary and Nyack College undergrad, wrap up their semesters, leave campus and prepare for graduation, I can’t help but dwell on 1 truth; that no matter what has happened, or what happens next in their lives or in our lives; we are, I am, everything He says I am; if I wasn’t then, why would He say, I am?

As people, we tend to define ourselves by our grades and g.p.a’s, affiliations, past or present situations, the opinions of others and anything else you could think of. We allow so many things and people to speak into our identities, whether good or bad and we receive them as truths, even if they are wrong.

In the last month, as you have journeyed with me, you’ve read as I was hit first hand with the false perceptions I carried of myself and the beginnings of a new, God-given, vision. Well that vision is truly beginning to become the lens through which I view myself and others and in all honesty I have never walked in as much joy and peace as I have been since.

FACT: Everything that GOD says about you and me is absolute truth! YES ABSOLUTE TRUTH. There are no, ifs, ands, or buts, about that.

What He says is that, He has given us the Spirit of Adoption through which we cry out Abba Father, so we are his children!  He says we are a royal priesthood, a holy nation. He says we are his inheritance. He says we are his bride. He says we are his prized possession. He says… I think you get it.

Listen, er I mean read; When God looks at us, he sees our end from the beginning. GET THIS; HE DOES NOT SEE OUR PAST! HE DOES NOT SEE OUR JUNK. HE SEES THE PERFECTION OF HIS SON JESUS CHRIST IN US. 

His perception is eternal. Though the work is not currently finished, he sees you as the finished product. So when you define and identify yourself, do so from an eternal perspective. From the vision that God has of you, as one who is worthy to rule and reign beside him forever and ever and ever.

Because that is WHO He says YOU are, and if you weren’t then why would He say you are…?

( And if you need prayer, or encouragement through scriptures in this, please DO NOT hesitate to contact me…)

Maddy Badillo

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  1. Jose Alvarez says:

    Amen, Maddy. Congratulations on your having finished your freshman year at the college. We hope to see you in August. The trip is still in the wraps. I will fill you in later.
    Many blessings

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