Ephesians Week 8 Day 2

Ephesians 5:1-21
1. Paul encourages us to forgive one another the
same way that Christ has forgiven us. This a lot
easier said than done. Is there anyone in your life
that you struggle to forgive? What is making it so
difficult to forgive them?
2. Paul tells us to not take part in behaviors such as
coarse joking, obscenity, sexual immorality, foolish
talk or greediness. Which of these or other
behaviors not listed do you struggle with the most?
3. What do you think it means to be “sleeping”?
4. Based on this passage, being filled with the Spirit
leads to worship. Whether it be musically or not,
being filled with God leads to worshiping God.
How much of your day to day is filled with worshiping God?

Jennifer Hong

About Jennifer Hong

Jennifer Hong served as the Intern Coordinator for Spiritual Formation from 2012-2013. Isaac Watson currently serves as the intern responsible for small group ministry. Emmanuel Jean-Pierre and Kong Hang are both serving as interns with Spiritual Formation with the PAVE program.
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