Ephesians Week 4, Day 2

Ephesians 2:11-22

1. How have you gone about identifying the gifts and skills that God has given you? If you have not identified them yet think about how you might start identifying those gifts and skills.  Who can you call out the seeds the Lord has planted in you?

2. If you have already identified these gifts and skills how have you used them to further God’s kingdom? What are some new ways that you could start using your God given gifts and talents to further His kingdom?

3. Despite scripture calling us to be one, unified body, they say that Sunday 11AM is the most segregated time in America.  Why are we still so segregated when it comes to our houses of worship?

4. Paul was telling the Gentiles that despite not being a Jew, they are invited into Christ’s plan.  This would have been huge news for them. Was there a time you felt disqualified from God’s love?  What made you feel that way and what truths can you claim today to      continue to fight those lies?

Jennifer Hong

About Jennifer Hong

Jennifer Hong served as the Intern Coordinator for Spiritual Formation from 2012-2013. Isaac Watson currently serves as the intern responsible for small group ministry. Emmanuel Jean-Pierre and Kong Hang are both serving as interns with Spiritual Formation with the PAVE program.
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