So I’ve been on a bit of a personal vacation—I’ve had the past nine days off from work (Left early Friday, vacation till next Friday, vacation over the following Sunday), and I used all of the free time to hang out with my girlfriend in celebration of her birthday. We went to so many different places, including the movies, Governor’s Island, several parks, three concerts, our relatives’ houses, a museum, a restaurant, and the beach.

I would drag myself home after every night, pleased, then wake up and do it all over again. Naturally, a few things fell out of order; namely, my room, contact with a few friends, and my regularly scheduled blog posts. But I’m here to stay! I’m already back in work mode, as I woke up at 6:25 this morning. So stay tuned, there’s plenty to blog about.

Also, shout out to Team Nyack for setting up an information table at the Reach Records Man Up Tour and helping sponsor the event! I’m never surprised when I run into this crew.

Fighting Temptations (Not the Movie)

Summer reading (on the list of things to do) kicked off with “Every Young Man’s Battle,” an 18-chapter book that couldn’t have caught my interest on the library shelf at a better time. While most of you readers may have a handle on guarding your eyes in every aspect of life, I was not so fortunate. However, I determined that God’s way was worth learning how to fight lust in all forms, so I grabbed the book and took plenty of notes.

I was pleased to discover that several of the tactics I thought I made up were actually in the book; this was a nice confirmation and pat on the back. But there were plenty of riveting and motivational facts to digest. Here are a few of the things I learned while reading this book:

– We want to be able to look on at our future wives, be gratified, and desire them sexually, looking forward to nights and not seeking satisfaction elsewhere. That’s the outcome of remaining sexually pure.
– Remember that the women you look at who dress “scantily clad” are created by God, and are, or can be, His children.
– The enemy does his best to get men to have relations with their girlfriends before marriage—and to not have relations with their wives after marriage.
– Sexual purity is hard work. It takes more than just prayer, but also resolve and action.
– The less ammuniton we feed ourselves through our eye gate, the easier it will be for us to practice self control—and vice versa.
– You’re sexually pure when sexual gratification only comes from your wife.
– Use Job 31:1 as an attack verse to fight temptation: “I have made a covenant with my eyes.”
– Once you get some momentum going in the right direction, you’ll notice how much better you feel about yourself on those victorious days.

To learn about how to bounce your eyes, recognize what causes you to lust in order to set up defenses, and even fight temptation for people of the same gender, check out this book! Ladies, there’s an edition for you too. Getting yourself a copy may be a decision that will put your relationship with God from “eh” to a path to a healthy recovery.

And why go so hard for purity? Well, here’s the short version: The more you draw closer to God, the more you want to please Him. But something like completely ignoring verses like Ephesians 5:3 which says, “But among you there must not be even a hint of sexual immorality, or of any kind of impurity, or of greed, because these are improper for God’s holy people,” can be a real hindrance to that progress. “It’s impossible!” Some may say. “It’s not that serious; everyone’s giving into some form of lust, we can’t win. Might as well get comfortable,” others may say. But this book stymies all excuses, takes your hand, and helps you through the process. And trust me, the end result is greatly satisfying, although it doesn’t come overnight.

So hit up your Barnes & Nobles, your, your, or your local library, and take care of that ASAP! Put a smile on God’s face and put up a fight against lust—don’t wait for winter to help you.

Meet the President

Last week it was back to Nyack College!

A certain prospective student (ok, my girlfriend) asked me to attend last Wednesday’s Meet the President of Nyack College event at its Worth street facility. Sure, definitely, why not? We met up and went in, heard plenty of good news about the upcoming semesters, and sat with a very diverse table in all fields—especially majors.

Ok: so I the Business Admin major and my girlfriend the Early Childhood Education prospective major met Maria the Psychology major and her friend Gloria the advent Criminal Justice Major as well as Javier the Pastoral Ministries major and his guest, Isaac. Got it?

With all these different backgrounds and destinies, there was plenty to talk about—we never ran out of conversation. The food was great too! One of the most prevalent conversations was about the school; the currently enrolled students raved about its unique culture and their adventures therein, and encouraged the prospective students to enjoy their college experience at Nyack to the fullest.

If I wasn’t psyched to return after Summer Vacation is over, I sure am now! Thanks everyone for agreeing to take the picture even though it was a spur of the moment ordeal.

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