Pet Behavior

Does anyone have any pets that legitimately act like humans – that it’s scary?? This past weekend, my fiance and I went over a friend’s house to watch the show we obsess over (Once Upon A Time!!.. great show btw ;). We had the lovely opportunity to meet Sasha the golden retriever. Sasha is an older dog, very calm and mellow, but at the same time affectionate and social.

Around 10 o’clock pm, Sasha went over to my friend and waited patiently. My friend got up and left the room with Sasha following her. When she came back, she explained that everyday around 10pm Sasha will go over to her and wait to be “tucked-in” before going to sleep!! Can you believe that? A dog that wants to be tucked-in! I really found this hilarious and quite entertaining— sooooo I took a picture! (sry… it’s kind of blurry).

Labor & Delivery Unit

This week my partner and I were on the Labor & Delivery Unit. When the day started, little did we know what kind of day we were going to have!

We were super excited of the possibility to see a live birth. However, once we got there, we found out that a mother on the unit had lost her baby. We were stunned with sadness. A floor that usually celebrates life was experiencing death. Despite the circumstance, this turned into a good experience. We got to see the hospital’s policy for when a mother loses her baby – and I must say it was very impressive. The hospital puts the parents in contact with a Bereavement Counselor and gives them gifts such as: a memory box, baby stuff animal, etc. These things are used to help the family have some closure for their loss. We spoke with the Bereavement Counselor and she gave us a lot of insight on her experiences. Her work is actually fused with personal passion as she actually experienced a loss herself. I can really go on and on about this experience, but I will leave you at that. Oh wait, one more thing… the picture above is a picture of a newsletter that they publish for the parents and family of the baby. This newsletter has letters that parents write to their baby and about their baby – it really was a touching and emotional thing to read! The other pictures are other literature that the Hospital gives the family.

In addition to this experience, we were able to leave that day AFTER seeing a LIVE birth! I think I will blog about that another time because that is a whole other story in itself!

All and all, we had a great experience! We really witnessed the best of both worlds on the Labor & Delivery Floor.

Spring 2012 Semester

SO the Spring 2012 Semester has started! It just started and it already feels like I have been in it for months! The work load is A LOT, but I am managing! or at least trying! We already had 2 Clinical Rotations at Good Samaritan Hospital—- in the MATERNITY Department!

The first day we got to see an assessment done on a little new born baby boy 🙂 It was amazing! I wish I was able to show you a picture of this boy’s hair! It was so unique looking! It was long and a golden/glowing like brown. We also listened and counted for his heart rate! Can you believe a baby’s average heart rate is 120-160 beats per minute?! Listening and counting for it was a little difficult, but we did it and got a number around 115bpm. We are already learning so much—- I cannot wait for the next few weeks!

Club Expo

 [iframe_youtube video=”RL2-owVEdqQ”]

Don’t just ask what Nyack College can do for you, ask what you can do at Nyack College.

That’s the idea behind the Club Expo, an event hosted at the college campuses every semester toward the beginning of the year. Students are invited to take a look at the various clubs and consider becoming members. Sometimes the club is directly related to the student’s major, like the Business or Social Work club, but the clubs are not limited to Business or Social Work majors.

Beyond degree-oriented clubs exist hobby groups like the Chess Club, and cause groups like Students Against Hunger. Can’t find a club that suits your favorite pastime or focuses on an important cause? Make one! The Office of Student Development guides students along the process until their new club is born. In fact, there are quite a few new clubs preparing to emerge; keep an eye out for them!

Credit Cards: Approach with Caution

A few days ago I received mail in a glossy envelope, the type specifically made to prevent outsiders from knowing its contents. As usual with suspicious packaging, I held my breath as I opened the envelope to prevent the possibility of anthrax poisoning. Inside, I discovered something just as potentially lethal:

An invitation to apply for a credit card.

The main cause for America’s recession period and excessive debt is simply that the country borrows what it never was able to pay. The government has borrowed approximately $114 trillion at the moment, while the average American debt is about 7.9 thousand per household.

This deal in particular offered no interest for nine months. “Hmm,” I thought, “I have been meaning to purchase some quality speakers to make beats with, as well as a Rosetta Stone language or two—whoa! What am I saying?”

You see, credit is not exactly evil, but it definitely can threaten your fiscal wellbeing when you use it to purchase items you wouldn’t otherwise have the money for. There are few generally accepted exemptions to this rule, including purchasing a house and a car, deemed by many as neccessities worth financing.

Now that we’ve cleared up the pros and cons of credit cards, I’ll admit that this particular offer, made by Discovercard, is actually worth looking into. With their college student card, they offer 0 annual fees and no interest for nine months. Why? In order to help me build my credit, they state. A good credit history is crucial to getting great deals on everything from financing electronics to a house. With a high credit score, you can finance certain items with low or no interest charges!

“Still not sure? Ask the professionals… your parents,” suggests a small slip of paper included in the package. The message here is that Discovercard is not trying to deceive you or hit you with flagrant fees and interest, and if anyone can detect a scheme, it’s your parents with their vast years of experience. After all, how else do you think they afforded that nice minivan they shepherded you around in during your adolescent years?

Long story short, approach credit card deals with dire caution and read the fine print. If you can take advantage of a college card deal without going crazy, I would highly advise you to do so!

As for those loans, now that’s another story. If you can escape, do so!

How to Have a Good Day

Yes, I know that Nyack College New York City is on break until the 18th. Do I continue to learn throughout the year? Most definitely! One of the most important areas to develop regularly is your spirit. Recently, I learned how we can set ourselves up to have a truly happy New Year.

Isn’t it our aim when our feet hit the floor each morning to have a good day? Dr. Gary Chapman pointed out in one of his books that many of us choose to get out of bed early because we anticipate that something is worth getting out of bed for.

This Sunday, Matthew 5:3 (The Sermon on the Mount) was discussed. Jesus’ opening line, “Blessed are the poor in spirit, for theirs is the kingdom of heaven,” surely left many on that hilltop bewildered, and still confuses people today. Personally, I never really understood the verse myself until this sermon.

As you can see, I take a lot of notes. Just like college!

We discovered that “the poor in spirit” are simply those who realize that even with their many achievements (or despite any), they are still reliant on God to sustain them on a daily basis.

Here’s one easy litmus test that determines whether or not you are reliant in the morning: do you wake up choosing to read the Bible and have a conversation with God about, for instance, how your day will transpire? Or do you barrel out of bed either confident that you’ve “got this!”

The biggest lesson for me was to not wake up and automatically check my cell phone for missed calls or the internet for new emails, but to take at least few moments—even if I overslept—to get my priorities straight and thank God in advance for another good day. The more you acknowledge that certain currently-held positions, degrees, and future accomplishments are achieved beyond your own ability, and that He’s the “more to the picture” in your life, you’ll be in good shape to win.

Why? God looks down, sees an opportunity to achieve glory and touch others through your life, and says, “let’s get it.” Eureka, huh? Not to mention the blessings!

You can hear the whole message and take your own two pages worth of notes via iTunes. Remember, whether you have a GED or a Doctorates, you still need to rely on God to have a truly good year.

Thoughts this Christmas

I’m sure you’ve already had your full of discourse about Christmas, Kwanzaa, and Hanukkah already, but here’s one more opportunity to contemplate the reason for the season! Professor Bud DiFluri from Rockland campus sent a thought provoking message to students and gave me permission to reproduce it for this blog.

Full house at the Radio City Music Hall on December 23rd.

As in so many hours each day of the year, time in my “world’s messiest office” seems to take precedence over “real” life. Nearby are two houses, one fully decked with  Christmas lights, one with none, and the local gentry are each wondering how and when  “real” winter will be upon us…

Our house is warm, we have peace in our surroundings—Joan’s hip replacement operation has proven as successful as can be—and we silently praise Him for His blessings. We have comparative solitude and peace in the quietness  given to face the day.

But, we’re continually made aware of our society’s frenetic “Mall-ness”: folks rushing about, forcing themselves to revel in the continuing activity of the commercial season foisted upon us… as in past years, visiting the same subject, we’re still aware of being sold a “bill of goods” on so many levels.

Gazing into the mirror, it becomes apparent that we innately KNOW of something larger—the beauty of the continuation of friendships with shortened shadows “….ohhh it’s a long long time from May till December…” (That’s “September Song” from “Knickerbocker Holiday”)

The typical words of “our” season now come to mind through the “old” music: the “Drummer Boys,” “Silver Bells,” “I’ll Be Home For Christmas” and ”Mommy Kissing Santa Claus.”  What new is there to say?  It’s all been said hasn’t it? …Has It?

As we hear and see the “usual” music playing,  we innately wait for the message which the Season is to bring, thinking of the possibilities—the “wonders” of this Blessed Season.

But what message will you get, and what message IS  there to get?? Will you get a message that is not even remotely tied to the what-we’re-sold-as the age-old Christmas message? Will you get a message that paints a picture of the perfect family and perfect Christmas (if there IS such a thing), while millions of lives are full of chaos, struggle, grief and stress? Have we been sold a “bill of goods” on so many levels?

I still don’t think Christmas is about having still another “Hallmark moment”  message with happy endings. Sometimes there aren’t happy endings. Sometimes this thing called “life” is not sweet and syrupy and doesn’t end up with a guy in red suit flying across the face of a full moon declaring “Merry Christmas to all and to all a good night” or Jimmy Stewart proclaiming, “It’s a wonderful life.”  Sometimes we want to close our eyes and not open them until after New Years Day!

Well, God has come to be with us! He takes us by the hand, gently guiding us through the grief, stress and struggle of the season. He tenderly opens, then lifts our eyes, assuring us in the days of fake sweetness. He quietly announces His confidence in us, and the World.

You’re probably like us—not everything in your life is “Hallmark Moment” perfect and  “Happily ever after” accompanied by sweet background music.  But the GOOD NEWS is that God is with us in this imperfect life and struggling journey and He has given us the gift of an ultimate “happy ending!”

He comes into our lives! So, join us and permit Him to open, then lift our eyes—for God is with us.  Know that His “SON”, born at Christmas, is bringing brightness into every dark corner of our lives.

That is the gift of Christmas!!  That is what we celebrate!!

May you feel the presence of God gently opening YOUR eyes during this Christmas season!

With Much Love, from

The DiFluri’s

Thank you Mr. DiFluri! Everyone, until next year.

Back in Chicago

Back in Chicago again! This city is becoming a second hometown.

So just like the previous semester, I took a trip straight to Chicago the day after my last final. This time I drove back with my sister & my brother-in-law, as well as a friend they invited to their trip to NY. The plan was to spend about four days in Illinois doing life with them. So far, so great.

I’ve been meaning to get back into music making and drawing, so on Saturday, I spent nearly the entire day learning these crafts via the Internet. As a result, I improved on drawing lips and eyes. I also learned how to make drum sounds from scratch (a pretty big deal!).

My brother preached a sermon at two home churches on Sunday! This was an interesting experience for me, as I attend what people here like to call a “megachurch.” Watching everyone sit around on couches and chairs and interact with the “pastor,” asking questions and whatnot, was pretty cool.

Today we went to a house-completely-converted-into-an-industry-standard studio, where my brother made improvements to his album project… and used my beat in the intro. Let’s say the album is the equivalent of the YouVersion Bible App—100% free, but high quality with plenty invested behind the scenes for your spiritual benefit.

There are still several adventures to be had before I return to NY and return to the 9-5 life. Right now, I’m making the most of winter break, doing normal people stuff—like sleeping for 7 hours and watching football. See you after Christmas (and Kwanzaa, and Hanukkah)!

End of the Semester

It’s that time of year- not only for the Holidays but for >FINALS< and the >END OF THE SEMESTER<

Before the semester started, my fiance, JP, and I took this picture the day I moved into Nyack and the day he left for Seminary! Looking at it now really amazes me… I cannot believe how fast the semester went by! While I was going on my third year- JP was starting his first year as a Graduate student!

Now as I write this, JP is driving home from Massachusetts & I’m studying for one more final that’s tomorrow!! He is done and I’m almost done!!

I’m happy for all that I’ve been able to accomplish this semester. I am proud of my seminarian. I cannot wait for this break!

(( p.s. looking at this picture also makes me MISS summer!! lol ))


Take a look. Laid out like that, they look kind of pretty- right?
Well I’ll tell you this much: they are NOT fun to learn!

One of my goals this winter break is to brush up on my pharmacology knowledge. There is so much to know! I don’t know how Pharmacists do it! A nurse definitely doesn’t have to know as much as they do!

I am glad to be going into nursing, because in reality – we do have the Pharmacist to call when we have a question.
But it is best to know on your own the types of drugs and their classifications/adverse side effects/indications/action/patient teaching — phew, I’m getting tired just listing it all!

I pray that I am able to accomplish this goal!!

Christmas Decorations

Christmas!!! I love decorating for Christmas. There is something about choosing just the right spot for an ornament. Don’t you agree? Oh, and the experience is 10x greater, when Christmas music is playing in the background. Here is the tree I put up and decorated this year. Another favorite Christmas pastime is sitting around the tree with it’s lights on, and all others off-relaxing with a hot drink. Mmmmm I can’t wait for finals to be over, so I can go home and do this!

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