What is the Book of Womanhood?

Written by Associate Professor of Theology and Bible at Nyack College, Dr. Amy Davis-Abdallah

View More: http://andresvalenzuela.pass.us/woman2014When Wanda Velez, Wanda Walborn, and I met in the fall of 2010 to plan a rite of passage for spring, 2011, I didn’t even dream that Woman would grow to be a year-long process, produce two journal articles and The Book of Womanhood (soon to be published by Cascade Books), and form a strong community of 20 mentors, 58 alumnae, and 26 current participants.

We started small! Women that I know and respect from varied backgrounds (ethnicity, age, marital status, etc.) gathered in my attic apartment to brainstorm what a Christian woman is, and those words created our intake survey. Ten participants completed the online survey, participated in a personal interview, and chose a mentor.

woman-138And the spring semester began with our first initiation ceremony! I was very nervous because I was sharing ideas and a process extremely close to my heart, only hoping that it would be life-changing for the participants.

We only met twice between the initiation and the final crossing over ceremony. But when I saw the women in their evening attire and heard them explain their projects that defined womanhood, I was floored by their transformation. I wrote “Development and Efficacy of a Rite of Passage for Women” and it was published in Religious Education in October 2012.

View More: http://andresvalenzuelaphoto.pass.us/woman_2014-2015And so it began. The next year, the process grew from ten participants to eighteen and from four meetings total to six. They still read Lisa Mcminn’s Growing Strong Daughters, but in addition to developing their relationship with self (body image, voice, and confidence), we also discussed relationship with God and with others. We studied the actions and character of biblical women, interviewed women we respect about womanhood, and made goals for moving toward interdependent relationships. That year, I wrote another article, “A Rite of Passage: Helping Daughters Reach Their Godly Potential,” published in Priscilla Papers winter, 2013.



View More: http://andresvalenzuela.pass.us/woman2014The third year of Woman was much like the first two, with one more meeting added as well as several activities that developed each woman’s relationship to creation. The fourth year (2013-2014), however, was pivotal for several reasons. Previously, the participants had included undergraduates and graduates, but this year, the lone graduate student asked for special permission to participate. And throughout the year, the women received chapters of the Book of Womanhood as I wrote it in the four sections that comprise our identity: relationship with God, with self, with others, and with creation.


View More: http://andresvalenzuela.pass.us/woman_2013-2014When we initiated the fifth class of Woman in October of 2014, I looked out into a sea of eager faces—with 26 participants, it is our biggest class yet! As part of the initiation, the leaders, now Wanda Velez, Christina Wolfe (an alumna), and myself, always tell the story of when we “owned” the name, “woman.” This year, we invited the mentors that are Woman alumnae to tell their story, too, and their testimonies of transformation because of Woman were fulfilling for me and exciting for all witnesses. They told the new participants that being a woman is a journey that is never completed, and that Woman would grow their voice and confidence. One even stated that she wouldn’t have the career she now enjoys if it weren’t for Woman. We look forward to more testimonies of transformation this year as we continue to meet!

Graduating 24 Prisoners from Fishkill Correctional

A guest post by Les Gilbert, Director of the School of Adult and Distance Learning

On January 22nd, I was honored to attend the graduation ceremony for the Nyack College adult students who reside at the Fishkill Correctional Facility in Fishkill, NY. Twenty-four men changed their lives for the better by deciding to finish their bachelors’ degrees during their incarceration. The graduates and their family members celebrated that decision together on this special day.

fishkill graduation hudson linkThe School of Adult and Distance Education (SADE) at Nyack College has offered this program at Fishkill and other New York prisons for many years. And the results are impressive. The recidivism rate for people released from prison is a tragic 60 percent. But if an inmate earns a degree, that rate drops dramatically to a mere 1 percent. The Nyack College program is thus a major contributor to the community of New York.

It is difficult to express how inspirational these twenty-four graduates are. Nyack College President Dr. Michael Scales expressed our feelings well when he opened the ceremony by addressing the graduation class as follows: “I know you men wrote in your program that you were proud to be Nyack alumni now. But let me tell you that we, at Nyack, are the ones who are proud to be involved with you men.”

The degree completion program is a rigorous undertaking. And the core program is the same for everyone—no matter where one resides. To see the success of these inmates is not only exciting to witness but also truly matters in our world. You can see the joy on some of the faces of those in attendance here (Photos by Babita Patel).

Nyack College is privileged to work with Sean Pica and the entire team at Hudson Link, our partner and the catalyst of the program at New York correctional facilities. Nyack College plans to continue the partnership with Hudson Link and Fishkill Correctional Facility. If you would like to learn more about the program go to hudsonlink.org. If you would like to give to the program, go here.



How to become a Licensed Counselor with Christian Principles

Want to be a professional, licensed counselor? Maybe you have your own practice or are a student looking to have a Christian perspective integrated into your educational curriculum?

Our admissions director (far right) with NYC Counseling students on exam day!

Our admissions director (far right) with NYC Counseling students on exam day!

Well that’s what we’re doing here at the Alliance Graduate School of Counseling (AGSC). This innovative program was designed to allow Christians to be professional counselors with the option to work in a faith-based environment.  By joining an integrated graduate program, you will be able to work in organizations such as social service agencies, private practices, and hospitals as well as churches, church counseling centers, and Christian non-profits.

Faith and Culture at the Alliance Graduate School of Counseling

Nyack College was founded in 1882, by Dr. A.B. Simpson. He had a vision to rise up cultural leaders that would be influential throughout the world for Jesus so he planted the institution in the heart of New York City.

Exactly 100 years later, Dr. Ellison was a psychologist working in the field and teaching pastors how to counsel at Nyack’s Alliance Theological Seminary.  Our founder, Dr. Craig Ellison had a vision that no one else had at the time, and not many have had since.  He questioned why Christian counselors and professional counselors had to be on opposite sides of the spectrum. His vision was to build up professional Christian counselors that would be doing great work in the field (publishing research, being the best counselors in their specialty, etc.) all for the glory of Christ, and that’s exactly what he did. He developed not only a fantastic program, but also a Psychospiritual Model of Counseling. There are only a handful of these programs in the country that integrate the principles of psychology and theology, and I am so thankful that Nyack College’s Alliance Graduate School of Counseling is one of them.

AGSC CTA buttonSo how do you become a licensed counselor here in the tri-state area?

Once you have completed the degree at Alliance Graduate School of Counseling, you can sit for the state licensing exam.AGSC generally hosts the Counselor Preparation Comprehensive Examination (CPCE) and the National Counseling Examination (NCE) exam on campus each year.

The NCE is a state licensing test, used in about 40 states (NJ, PA, CT, OH, VT, TX, GA, NC, etc.) to certify counselors as Licensed Mental Health Counselors (LMHC) or Licensed Professional Counselors (LPC).  You will also qualify to take the National Clinical Mental Health Counseling Examination (NCMHCE) for your NY state license after graduation.  Depending on each state, you also must work in the field for a specific number of supervised hours before your permitted-license becomes your own!

The Mental Health Counseling degree specifically will allow you to work in social service agencies, hospitals, counseling centers, churches, crisis centers, Christian health care centers, residential counseling, hospice counseling, life coaching centers, as career counselors, and as private clinicians. Many times Licensed Mental Health Counselors are promoted to managers, directors, or leaders in their organization as well.

As Christians, we should be the best at what we do, and how great would it be to influence the world for Christ through our excellence as clinicians?




The First Steps Back to College After 20 Years

-A personal essay by Pamela Simpson.

Sometimes taking that first step is the hardest thing to do. Letting go of the fear of falling or failing, keeps too many of us from trying, and ultimately, from succeeding. This is very common among adults considering returning to school. But sometimes we face our fears, be it by force or simply our own choice, and like a baby…we learn to walk….we succeed.

Pamela (2nd from left) with Cohort 543 who will complete their degrees in August!

Pamela (3rd from left) cheering on Cohort 543 who will complete their degrees in August!

I was one of those adults. I thought I would’ve completed my bachelor’s degree long ago. Life got in my way, and I never did. Then, I became a casualty of the economy. I’d been laid-off, and was unable to compete in the job market without my bachelor’s degree. With my years of experience and my Associate’s degree, I couldn’t believe that I’d hit a wall in terms of attaining gainful employment.

Disbelief and anger set in first; then, the acknowledgement of the reality of it all. My anger became action. I couldn’t accept settling, so after some research, I enrolled in Nyack College’s Bachelor’s Degree Completion program. I wondered if I could succeed after being away from school for so many years, and whether I should even try.  But, I knew I had to. I jumped in, with all my fears and excitement. Before long the excitement thrived and the fear died. This is not to say that it was an easy journey; it wasn’t.

Six months after the first lay-off, I took the first job I could find (though underemployed), keeping with the thinking that it’s easier to find a job when you’re employed. It wasn’t. Without my bachelor’s degree, I was out of the running, and becoming gainfully employed seemed out of reach.

In the first six months of the 12-month degree completion program, I found myself immensely challenged and overwhelmed, working 40 hours a week, participating in my (then) 12-year old son’s schooling and extracurricular activities, the day to day tasks of family life, and now, a student myself after many years.

OM CTA buttonLosing that job six months later didn’t make things any easier. The demands of working had been lifted, but were replaced with the emotional and psychological impact of being unemployed and unable to find a job. Either my experience made me over qualified, or lack of a bachelor’s degree disqualified me.  Working, not working, taking care of my family and going to school, all were enough to make me quit, but I didn’t. Yes, it was challenging! But in the greater scheme of things, it was quick, just one night a week for one year and absolutely doable.  I’m glad I took that first step. I’m glad I dove in, and thus, graduated in 2011 (after being away from school for 20 plus years).

By making that phone call and seeing it through, I’ve opened doorways to achieving greater things. Now, I never have to say “I should finish my bachelor’s degree.” Now, I can say what’s next.  Thanks to Nyack College’s adult friendly, supportive bachelor’s degree completion program, I’ve attained personal gratification and, opened up educational and career pathways for myself. Now I’m doing something that I absolutely love.  I help inspire other adults to take that first step, to push past the fear associated with change, and to persevere. I support students along their college path so that they too can gain a sense of personal gratification through finishing their bachelor’s degree.  I tell them that they can turn “to do” into “DONE” and pave professional, educational and personal pathways for their next journey.


Not finance or banking. What experts say about the new value of an MBA

If you search for the worth of an MBA online, you won’t be too surprised to see a barrage of results saying that the MBA is dead, that it’s a waste of time and of money.  In the post-Great Recession era, many will advise students to steer clear of this once golden degree.  But experts from reliable sources have begun to look at the MBA differently.  Like many things, the degree is not dead but in fact changing to the times and evolving.

MBA article entrepreneurExperts have started to see even the most traditional business schools begin to revise their curriculum.  They’re changing leadership and concentrations within the so-called “elite” schools to accommodate a new demand and future for the MBA: entrepreneurship.

Why is entrepreneurship important in the MBA program today?

In an interview with Bloomberg Business Week, Anna Ivey discusses the shift away from finance and investment banking in business programs.  She describes an overall refocus now on developing the entrepreneurial skill set of the student.  Graduates are taught not just to work in the business sector but to lead it via their own small to medium sized businesses.  So the traditional skill set of an MBA is now broadened to enable the student to transfer these skills into his own personal goals.

On Forbes.com, George Deeb stated that there is “a seismic shift in demand for an alternative business education… One that teaches the basics in starting your own business and being your own boss.  One that is tapped into local startup ecosystems with access to venture capitalists and startup incubators.  One that marries expertise in technology development, with startup business and marketing skills.”  He supports a new type of business education that focuses on individual leadership so that graduates don’t just “work for the man” but they “are the man”.

Johnson and Johnson’s global director responsible for university recruiting, Frank Rodriguez told BusinessInsider.com that “Employees with a MBA learn valuable leadership and collaboration skills. They also understand how to work effectively with different cultures.”  He looks for graduates that come from schools with intercultural experiences on top of the basic skills offered by many business programs.

How should students get their worth out of their business degrees?

In any graduate degree program, students will get out what they put in.  These programs take commitment and the first step is choosing a school that is a good fit for you.  While Nyack College’s MBA program may not be for you, still we’d have recommended the following checklist when applying to any college:

-Consider an online MBA which allows you to manage family/personal life

-Work full time so you can begin applying what you learn right away and add your professional observations to class discussion

-Choose a concentration that will help your career the most, such as entrepreneurship

-Transfer any credits that will lighten your course load

-Ask about grants offered by your workplace or at the school

-Check the cohort size.  You don’t want anything over 20 students in a class

MBA button

Five Websites For a College Scholarship Search

Previously we’d published information on how to pay for college beyond student loans. We talked about diversifying your financial aid strategies by looking at grants and scholarships that are offered by schools like Nyack College and by private companies. So here are five websites to help you get started in your general college scholarship search. At the end of the article, read some tips about using the search engines.


Taken during photoshoot of some NYC campus students.

Taken during photoshoot of some NYC campus students.



This comprehensive website is like a catalog for students to browse colleges from across the country. Sign up for an account and inquire about the Cappex awards available to students. They’ve given away over $11 billion and offer grants for GPA and community service as well as for special birthdays and “biggest Cappex fan.”


College Board

This is a mega-listing of college scholarships and grants offered around the US. Private and public organizations are listed here and include big names such as Macy’s, Best Buy, and PBS.


Fast Web

Fast Web has been around for a long time. It’s a premiere website for grant, scholarship, and internship information.

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Sallie Mae

Sallie Mae is a leading lender of educational loans. Part of its business plan includes scholarships for college students. Click around and see which fund best fits you!


Scholarship Experts

A search engine for scholarships, this website could take up a good portion of your free time. There may be some overlap with the other sites listed above but once in a while there is a scholarship here that the others have missed.



Tips for a scholarship search: If you are an incoming freshman who needs some tips or a new student to our college, the first step is to find the right scholarship or grant for you. Think about who you are, where your come from, what you want to study, and interests that you’d like to pursue. Finding funds for college takes time and effort. Nothing is for free but these five websites will help you get started by listing available programs that help students pay for college.

Realize Who’s Opinions Matter Most

how do we love godNo matter where you go or what you do, you will eventually encounter people who do not approve of you. You have probably heard it said a thousand times that “You can’t please everyone,” but you might not realize how true and relevant this statement is. It took me a long time to realize this, but it is impossible to make everyone approve of the way you are and the things you do. Unfortunately, even after realizing this truth it is difficult to balance the desire to please with the inability to please everyone. I have found that the best way to find that balance is to figure out who’s opinions about you matter the most. I disagree with those who say that you shouldn’t care what people think; you simply shouldn’t be affected by what everyone thinks.

I find it helpful to classify the people in my life by the degree to which I allow their opinions to affect me. The first and most important group consists of the people who’s opinions can change me. These are the people that I trust and that are closest to me. They include my family, girlfriend, and closest friends. When they disapprove of the things I do, they are aiming to make me better, not tear me down. Be very, very careful about allowing people into this category. When you let the wrong people change you, you lose track of who you are in the process.

The second type of person is one whose opinion can affect my mood, but not my personality or my actions. These are people who I know and am familiar with, but they are not very close to me. When they have a negative opinion of me, there may be good or bad intentions behind it. They may upset me with their opinions, but they cannot change me. Do not let everyone who is friendly with you have the power to change you.

CTA button for Blog UGThe third and final type of person is one whose opinion cannot affect me at all. This group includes anyone I don’t know or know very little. When people like this disapprove of me, I ignore them. Negative opinions from this type of person should be brushed off and ignored. There is no reason to let someone upset you or change you when they do not know you or have your best interest in mind.

It is liberating to understand that few people’s opinions of you should really be very important to you. Enacting this concept in your life will help you to stop stressing over what people think of you, and you will expend less time and energy trying to gain their approval. Only be truly concerned with the opinions of people who have your best interest in mind; all other people’s negative opinions should mean little, if anything to you.

Serving God While I Wait

god's calling


My head is constantly full of dreams of travel, of holding orphaned children in Africa, of touching the outcasts in India with the story of Jesus, and countless other scenarios. I get it stuck in my head a lot that once I graduate and jump through all the right hoops and go to the mission field that is when I can finally and completely serve God and fulfill the calling on my life. This seems like a fair statement, but in truth it is flawed. Because of this intense focus on the future I have often lost sight of the things that are right in front of me now.

There is this song that says ‘while I’m waiting, I will serve you’ and this is the attitude we must have in life and one I continually strive towards. There are so many ways to love and serve in every stage of life. Doing God’s work looks different in every setting, but it is important to involve yourself in such thing. For me a lot of times when I’m at school that means doing stuff like studying and going to classes and even spending quality time with a friend. And right now as break has started and I spend time at home I get to rest with my family, but also volunteer to help as needed or make connections with old friends. These sometimes can seem pretty basic, but they are important as God calls us to love and serve those around us. At the same time I look forward to the plans God has for me in the future. This means farther off when one day I serve him abroad, and even as I head to another summer working at camp in a few days. I know and trust that God will use me. And, something I believe and hold as a principle in my life is that it does not matter if I am washing dishes or preaching a sermon, I am serving God and that is all that matters. I know that God has an amazing destiny for each one of us, but that destiny starts today. Whether you are a student, a parent, a pastor, a teacher, a librarian, or even a missionary trust and know that God has placed you exactly where you are meant to be. Trust that he is good and know that His hand is in your life wherever life may lead you. God calls us to love and serve so remember to focus and to love the ones who are in front of you right now in this stage of your life.

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How to Travel Between Nyack and New York City

Many people that live in New York City are comfortable staying in the five boroughs and attending college there, and the Nyack College Manhattan campus is available for them to do just that. Other residents of NYC would prefer to escape the urban atmosphere during the academic year, and the Rockland campus is the perfect place for them to be removed from the city for a small town artsy community. The problem comes when it is time to travel between Nyack and New York City at the beginning or end of a semester, or for a short trip or a weekend visit home. When transporting a lot of luggage during move-in or check-out, driving will be your best option; there are a few different routes that will bring you to Rockland County from the City. When you are staying a short while and all of your necessities can fit in a carry-on bag, public transportation will most likely suit you better than driving; there are two modes of public transportation, bus and train, that will bring you from Rockland to New York City or vice versa.

CTA button for Blog UGThere are three ways to drive between Nyack and New York City: the Palisades Parkway, the New York Thruway, and the Garden State Parkway. The Palisades Parkway is the shortest route, being about a forty-five minute drive. The Thruway and the Garden State Parkway are both a few minutes more than an hour drive. Which route you choose should depend on traffic; if one route is stopped up because of an accident or rush-hour traffic, you should choose a different route.

The bus is the cheaper of the two public transportation options. Rockland Coaches, a company that operates through Coach USA, offers bus rides into and out of the City and is in place mainly to service commuters. The coaches pick up passengers in Nyack as well as in various other locations throughout Rockland County. A one way trip between Nyack and the George Washington Bridge terminal costs just under nine dollars, and a trip between Nyack and the Port Authority terminal costs ten dollars.

If you would like to take the train, you will need to find a way across the bridge to the train station in Tarrytown, which is about fifteen minutes away from the Rockland campus. A taxi will be your most comfortable option, but taking the Tappan Zee Express from Nyack to Tarrytown will be much cheaper. The Tappan Zee Express is a bus service that runs daily and costs three dollars to ride. Once in Tarrytown, you can take the Metro North train service from the Tarrytown station to Grand Central Station for thirteen dollars one way. With both bus and train fares included, your round trip cost will be about thirty-two dollars.

Traveling between Nyack and New York City can be a hassle, but with proper planning, it should not be an issue. Transporting a lot of luggage may present problems, but as long as you or a loved one have a car that is big enough, one of the three driving routes should serve you well. If you are not carrying a lot with you, the bus or train will serve you better. However you choose to get there, I hope you have safe travels and enjoy your trip.

visit Nyack NYC

Behind the Scenes of Nyack’s New City Campus

what will new classes look like at Nyack


It’s almost time to say goodbye to Broadway.  It’s almost time to pack up the trucks and make the move downtown.

graduate programs NYC


Nyack College is igniting a new beginning in a neighborhood steeped in history.  On an afternoon stroll through Manhattan, our students will be able to visit the Freedom Tower, St. Paul’s Chapel, and even Fraunces Tavern Museum—where George Washington delivered a farewell speech to his generals after the Revolutionary War.

Nyack College Battery Park

And this will be our new home.


Outside the administrative offices, a faux wall separates sidewalk traffic from the buzz saw commotion inside.  It’s hard to imagine new offices while watching this current hum of construction.  But with a few weeks left, the furniture and fixtures are almost ready for placement.

NY Christian College




Inside the main building, men at work lay colored tiles according to the bright schematic that our new New York City classrooms will have.  I visited the orange floor where the tangerine pop of color accented doorways and hallways.  On the red floor, carpenter tools stand by freshly laid textile carpeting while workers measure and check the quality of work.

christian college New York




In Fall 2013, undergraduate and graduate classes will be held in these rooms.  But for now, the space is maximized for organization.  Artwork and breakables are designated to their own classrooms while “the command center” resembles a gallery walk through a beautiful mind.

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what will new classes look like at Nyack

Maps, plans, and checklists line the walls.  Sketches lean against each other in the corner.  Meanwhile staff and administrative personnel from our Rockland campus flip through charts and check details on laptop computers.

Battery Park college


It’s happening!


Winter is ended and spring comes with many blessings including our city campus’s move to 17 Battery Place.  The days are ticking away and a small army of workers continue to hammer, paint, and solder their way toward our big move!


In a few months, students will climb out of subway stairwells and zip up elevators.  Fall classes will commence and in the backdrop through the windows, we’ll have this view!!

college with good degrees

Great Teachers at Nyack

A good teacher is one who cares about their students as more than just students, but as unique individuals who deserve your time and love. Throughout my life I have been blessed with several teachers like this. They care about your education, but also ask about your dreams and seek to get to know you as a person outside of the school day. There are so many great teachers here at Nyack who go above and beyond their required seat hours to pour into the lives of their students. As an intercultural studies major a few of my teachers live on campus and I have had the pleasure of going over to their houses and sharing a meal with them. It was wonderful to be able to spend time in community with these teachers and other classmates as we discuss life issues and our dreams for the future. This has been a huge blessing during my time here at Nyack so far.


There is one teacher in particular who I believe was a wonderful teacher inside of the classroom as well as a person who I knew I could talk to even once I finished his class. Barry Jordan was the missionary in residence this year at Nyack College and was the teacher of my Culture and Communication’s class. He, his wife Patty, and their family have been serving in Indonesia as missionaries for many years now, but have spent their last year on furlough at Nyack. Barry has become a sort of father-figure on campus through his open-door policy and continuing friendly gestures towards all students as well as the name by which myself and many other students call him. His name on campus is ‘Bapak’ which is the word for father in the country which he serves. When I was in Bapak’s class I learned much about culture and specifically about the people of Indonesia as CTA button for Blog UGone can quickly see his love for these people. I learned much from his personally stories of different situations which he had encountered on the mission field. It was truly a wonderful class to be a part of as I gained knowledge, but also made lasting friendships with my classmates and my teacher. Even though the class ended in December I still carry on a relationship with Bapak as well as many friendships that were born and nurtured in that class. Even now I have made many visits to Bapak’s house, nestled in the center of campus, for dinner, parties, or just to show up on his front lawn to be invited in for cake and ice cream. Bapak and his family’s hospitality and love was a huge gift to this campus for the past year and he will surely be missed as he heads back to do God’s work again in Indonesia.

Finish What You’ve Started! Get to Graduation.

StudyingI have seen too many people leave college and never go back to finish their degrees. Some of my close friends were unable to come back to school after one year or less because of finances or grades. Leaving a degree unfinished negates all of the hard work and money that a student has put into school before leaving, and it makes the months or years spent at Nyack a waste of time. Friends and fun are a great part of the college experience, but they are not the most important things to have. In order to make these years worth the while, you need to make it to graduation. To all those pursuing a degree at Nyack College, and to everyone considering entering college, be sure to finish what you’ve started!

Not being able to keep up with the payments seems to be the most common reason that people drop out. Money may suddenly become scarce, or loans may become harder to come by; continuing to pay the school bills is not always easy. What  students needs to keep in mind is that the time that they have already spent in school has already cost them thousands of dollars, and not earning their degrees means that the money that they have already spent has been wasted. To make the expense worth it, make sure to always keep school in the center of your mind when making any financial decisions so that you can make the payments and stay at Nyack College. Other than the necessities, paying for school should be on the top of your list of priorities.

Bad grades can also ruin a student’s college career. Skipping class, not doing assignments, and not studying for tests are detrimental to a student’s chances of finishing school. When you do not have your priorities in order, having fun can rise above maintaining good grades in importance. Procrastination is also fatal to your grade point average. Waiting until the last minute to start your assignments yields rushed, low quality work. When your grades fall below a certain point, you run the risk of not being allowed to return to school. To avoid that, remember that school is more important than having fun, and start your work early.

College is an enormous commitment, but no matter how bleak the situation seems, it is not impossible to finish school. Stay strong and persevere, because the rewards are worth it. Make good financial decisions, and be focused and consistent with you schoolwork. Don’t waste your time or you money; finish what you’ve started!

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