Benefits of Attending the Manhattan Commuter Campus

Many people wonder what it’s like to attend a commuter campus.  They wonder what the college experience will be like if there are no dorms.  Our students at Nyack NYC see things in a different way.  They see the myriad of benefits that commuting to class provide.  Here’s a short list of what life at Nyack is like when you are a commuting NYC student.  Let us know if we missed anything.

nyack_admissionsNYC101Saving Money at Home

The biggest advantage of commuting to our Battery Park campus is of course the ability to save money while living at home.  Family support is a top factor in academic success.  But your mom and dad don’t have to sign away their life savings.  By living with them or other relatives for as long as possible, New York City students can save tens of thousands from their tuition bill.

Cool Digs with Roommates Around the City

Many students prefer living on their own with friends.  One great benefit of living off campus is that you can choose your roommates AND where you live.  New York City is an enclave of culture and choice.  Depending on your tastes and budget, you can commute to class from Harlem, Queens and Brooklyn.  We even have students attending class from New Jersey.  With friends, you can choose the lifestyle that suits you best.

Internships and Practicum are Exactly Where You Want Them

If you are a student enrolled in a program with a practicum or internship requirement, the New York City campus is the perfect launchpad.  Business students will find companies willing to take them under their wings—sometimes right in the financial heart of Manhattan.  If you’re an education student, you’ll be able to experience several types of schools from small to large, private and public.  The experience is invaluable and the connections you’ll make will help you get a job later on.

CTA button for Blog UGTime Away from Academics

In the city, you can really set your roots firmly in the urban culture because you are not tied to a campus.  Cafes, clubs, and art galleries abound all over the boroughs.  By hopping on a bus or train, you’re free to enjoy them all.

Explore the Christian Community

As an urban environment, New York City offers an intricate network of Christian churches and organization where you can volunteer and become part of the local community.  Inside these groups, you’ll find great people to connect with and future contacts for when you graduate.

On this blog, we’ve talked about how to get money to college.  We’ve discussed assistantships on campus, need-based grants and even government programs that will pay you to get your bachelor’s degree.  But one great secret to an affordable college education is to simply attend a commuter campus.  Ask us about our programs at our Manhattan Commuter Campus.

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