Beneath the Glitz and Glitter: Students Raise Awareness of Sex Trafficking During the Super Bowl

“The Super Bowl is like a movie, and the quarterback is the leading man.” -Leigh Steinberg

The Super Bowl could be described as one of the biggest nights in America. People all around the country gather around their televisions to watch two groups of men get paid millions of dollars to throw a pig skin and hit each other. Don’t get me wrong, I love watching football and have nothing against the Super Bowl, but beneath all of the glitz and glitter, a very real crime is happening. And since the Super Bowl was in Jersey this year, this crime was happening especially close to home for Nyack College students.

photo 3No Chance to Say No (an on campus campaign fighting sex trafficking during the Super Bowl) hosted a Super Bowl party in the caff where students could enjoy free food, and a place to hangout and watch the game. Not only were students given snacks, but they were also given the opportunity to learn about sex trafficking during the Super Bowl, and the ways they could do something about it.

photo (21)The day before the game, NCSN campaigners spent late morning and afternoon making home made baked goods for the party the following day.






photo 2 (3)No Chance to Say No representatives set up informational tri-fold boards amidst the sea of game-watching students in an effort to make them aware of the tremendous hike in trafficking rates in Super-Bowl-hosting cities.

photo 4

After the game, NCSN encouraged students to gather in Boon lobby for a time of worship and prayer for trafficking victims. Students came together to sing worship songs, get more informed about the issues, and pray together.


photo 5

Students even wrote out some prayers for their school asking God to give them strength to fight, and/ use them to make a difference.


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