Back from Redding, CA

Worship in Redding, CA

So I was in Redding, CA all last week for a travel class that I’m taking called Kingdom Holiness. The class was a conference being held at Risen King Community Church in Redding, CA. The conference was life changing for many of the 30 some ATS students that came. As a class we were empowered to live lives that were like Christ’s. Worship was amazing. The worship was led by Aaron Wardle, Andrew Randall, Bethel Church’s Jeremy Riddle,  and our very own Kelvin Walker. Many of us experienced a freedom in worship that we haven’t experienced before. We heard several messages that articulated what holiness is and how it is fleshed out. The tagline of the conference would sum it perfectly.

To truly walk in holiness we need to claim our positon in Christ. We are righteous because Christ has already become sin for us. In Christ we are a new creation. The old has gone and the new has come. Second, we need to commit to the process of transformation. We need to remember that holiness is continuous process and we need to stick with it. Third, we need to crave God’s love to gain sexual purity. We need to continually be filled with God’s love. It is love of God that will replace the lusts in our heart. Finally, we need to confess our need for spiritual power. There is an aspect of empowerment that every believer needs to walk out their Christian life in fullness. It might look different for everyone but it is essential. We need to continue to be filled with Holy Spirit to be empowered.

I witnessed this past week many of my fellow seminarians and myself getting empowered and set free by the Holy Spirit. We will never be the same again.

“He delivered me, because He delighted in me.” – Psalms 18:19

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