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Nyack College, through its undergraduate, graduate and seminary programs, pursues its historic mission of preparing men and women to ”take the whole Gospel to the whole world.”

Nyack College & The Annual Hunger Banquet

making change in college~A guest blog post by Nyack College student, Kassie Neumann

College students often have a reputation for holding entitlement attitudes that desire their colleges and the world to cater to their wants in life. Occasionally however, the world encounters a group of students who are quietly but firmly standing against these attitudes. These students live with gratitude and are seeking how God can work through them throughout their college years. This fall, the honors students at Nyack College ran the annual Hunger Banquet, and this year the topic of was on “The Sustainability of Earth’s Resources” and the part that fifty-two students could play in this project.

bible and sustainabilityThe evening began with students scarfing down pots of chili made with the more sustainable resources of chicken and almonds instead of ground beef. Guests were required to recycle all plates and eating utensils, even placing unwanted food in a compost bucket. Throughout dinner, students groups gave presentations on living sustainably in dorm life. Some of the student groups were the “Shower Shavers” who spoke on ways to conserve water, the “Trash Talkers” who educated us about garbage waste, and “Watt’s On” who discussed energy consumption. What struck and surprised me was how different these students’ conversations were from the discussions usually associated with “saving the earth”. The difference was that these students had a vision for larger change, but their vision was also planted in ground level solutions. That is a rare difference. This difference was evident as they offered us actions and not just words, framing their solutions into what college students would practically be able to accomplish. Jonathan speakingWe were all placed in accountability groups that were assigned specific ways to live more sustainably such as spending less time in the shower. The students will be collecting data and keeping track on our efforts throughout the coming months.

The group “Shower Savers” told us that we would save gallons of water if we just shaved two minutes off our shower time or turned the water off while brushing our teeth. They educated us about water shortages in the United States and what that could mean for us in the future. Often as citizens in the North East we take water for granted every time we turn on the facet, but this group gave us an understanding of why practicing conservation is still important even in New York.  “Watt’s nyack college sustainabilityOn” showed video interviews with students on our levels of unnecessary energy consumption such leaving lights turned on, allowing phone chargers and computers to stay plugged in when not in use, and leaving fans on all night. They had all the guests raise their hands and put down hands if they had left lights on or had left electronics plugged in that night.  That brought the topic to a personal level for us as few hands were left raised.

“Trash Talkers” cautioned us to be conscious of the levels of trash we create. They kindly but firmly convinced the group of our lack of stewardship in this area as we live as Christians in a disposable culture. This group also spoke about the spiritual significance of protecting earth’s resources, and how CTA button for Blog UGsometimes we as Christians do not concern ourselves with protecting the earth because of our future exit to heaven. However, “Trash Talkers” presented a different perspective on this by offering the understanding that when the Scriptures says that “For God so loved the world”, it means that God loves and redeems the world in the sense of people, but also that He loves and will redeem the physical earth as well. If God loves our physical planet, then perhaps we ought to love and care for it as well? What also struck me was that this group spoke on how contentment actually breaks the cycle of our cultures’ heavy consumption and disposal of goods. The Biblical call to contentment allows us to consume fewer goods, produce less garbage, and therefore propel us into a cycle of sustainability. Throughout the night it was fascinating and encouraging for me to see how living out the Biblical calls on our lives can result in a safekeeping of our world, and that such a safekeeping can start with a group as small as fifty-two.


At Nyack College, students come from around the country and the globe to be part of our community.  Between our Manhattan and Rockland campuses we can say that we have one of the most diverse student bodies on the east coast.  But one of the greatest attributes of our school is the commonality we share through our Christian beliefs and our college’s core values.

To celebrate, students can compete in our #IAMNYACK video contest!  Show how you best embody one of Nyack College’s core values and win a new Surface Pro Tablet too!

Winning is easy! Create a video that highlights how you represent one of the following:

  • Academically excellent
  • Globally engaged
  • Intentionally diverse
  • Personally transforming
  • Socially relevant

See flyer for more details!  Good luck, Warriors!


Student Video Contest Flyer-high-300

Finding (and landing!) Your Dream Internship

Landing an internship is one of the most important career moves you can make while still in college. These days, it takes more than just a diploma in hand to land THE job.  Nyack College Intern Coordinator, Bud DiFluri, says students who have an internship while in college are much more likely to get a job after graduation than their colleagues who do not have internship experience. An internship will give you the career experience, practical know-how of your future career, and much needed job references.

nyack college internshipIn preparing this blog post, I interviewed three current Nyack College students who had internships this past summer.  I will be referring to them throughout the blog:

-Fabiola Moise: Senior Nursing major, interned at Nyack Hospital

-Raquel Undheim: Senior Communications major, interned with Girlie Action, a PR firm for indie music artists.

-Graham Cory: Senior Accounting major, interned with Deloitte Tax LLP


  1. Use Current Connections
    I’m sure you’ve heard the phrase “It’s not what you know, but who you know.” This rings true in many facets of life, including internship hunting. Before you begin throwing your resume into the abyss of many job sites, first use the connections in the networks immediately around you.

    • Professors- College professors are a wealth of knowledge. Those who have been at your institution a number of years have seen multiple students come through and know internships other students have done in the past or have connections of their own. Both Moise and Cory found out about their internship through speaking with their professors.
    • College Career Center– Make an appointment with the career center at your school early in the school year. Undheim saw a posting on Nyack’s career board for open internship at Girlie Action.
    • Recent Graduates- Ask the department head in your major where graduates from your institution are working.  Cory found his connections with both business professors at Nyack College and graduates to be a key part of landing his internship at Deloitte, a Big 4 Accounting Firm.  Cory stated, “It is important to build strong relationships with people and be assertive in maintaining those relationships throughout your college nursing students internshipexperience and career”.
  1.  Become Resume Ready
  • Buzzwords- Many companies/organizations use specific “buzzwords” that align with the mission of the organization. Prior to submitting your resume or cover letter, read up on the company and incorporate some of these words into both your cover letter and resume.
  • CTA button for Blog UGHighlight applicable experience/involvement- Although that summer you spent working the French fry fryer at the McDonald’s in your hometown may not perfectly align with your career aspirations to be a copywriter, highlight the aspects of your position that do. Such as working in a fast pace environment, being customer service oriented, and interacting with various coworkers. Include any student organizations or Honor’s Societies in your school that you take part in. Cory has taken advantage of his time at Nyack College by working in the Admissions Office, Tutoring for Principles of Accounting, and being a member of the Nyack College Business Club.
  1. Interview
  • Let your passion shine through- Undheim says her “knowledge and love for music and writing” helped her most in landing her internship with the PR firm for Indie Artists, Girlie Action. If you are excited about learning and passionate about the mission of the company, this needs to be evident in your cover letter and interview.
  1. Take Advantage

Lastly, take advantage of your time at your internship. Don’t treat it just a check mark off your “College To-Do” list. For Cory, the key things that helped him have a great experience at Deloitte was “building relationships, asking questions, and being confident”. Soak in the experience and knowledge of those around you and constantly ask yourself if this is what you see yourself doing after college graduation.

Fabiola Moise described her internship as an “eye-opener” into what the world of nursing consists of. And was able to hands-on put into practice what she has been taught in her nursing courses.

Graham Cory actually accepted a full-time offer with Deloitte Tax LLP upon his graduation this upcoming May.

For Raquel Undheim, she discovered after her internship that it wasn’t the career path she wanted after all, “The beauty of an internship is that you can try something out and really find out what your interests are. I kind of realized after doing this internship that I don’t want to be in public relations and that I’d rather be making the music, which is why I found another internship for the fall as a music production intern!”

Article written by Rachel Borden, Admissions Counselor for Nyack College Rockland Campus

Meet the New Rockland Professors at the Alliance Theological Seminary

ATS facultyBy Eric Hoke~

Fall 2014 is a monumental and exciting year in the history of Alliance Theological Seminary. We welcomed five new professors onto our Nyack Campus. We are so excited to welcome their expertise and thank God for their investment into our ATS Community. We wanted to allow you the opportunity to get to know them better.

Christopher Dost is the Assistant Professor of Old Testament and Director of Online Programming.

Dr. Dost holds a B.A. in Music from Western Connecticut State University. He came to Nyack College in 1999 to take a few Bible courses. After a brief hiatus, he returned to Nyack to pursue the M.A. Old Testament degree at Alliance Theological Seminary, which he completed in 2003. Since that time, he has worked at ATS and Nyack College in varying capacities: first as a T.A., then as an adjunct, afterward as a partnering faculty member, and now as the Director of Online Programming. In that time, he has also completed M.A., M.Phil., and Ph.D. degrees (2007, 2011, 2014) in Hebrew Bible at The Jewish Theological Seminary. Dr. Dost resides in Nyack with his wife (Michelle) and four daughters (Abigail, 13; Anna, 11; Mia, 10; and Gabrielle, 6).

Dr. Dost is a Red Sox fan.

Ron Chen is the Chinese Studies Program Coordinator at Alliance Theological Seminary.

Ron lives in Plainview, NY and is currently the Associate Pastor at Queens Herald Church while getting ready to become a church planter and plant a church in Long Island. He and his wife Candice are expecting their first child in late fall.

Ron holds a B.S. in Interdisciplinary Studies (Youth Ministry and Religion) from Nyack College and an M. Div from ATS. He is currently in the D. Min program. When asked why he chose to serve at ATS, Ron responded, “I think it can be best described as a God moment. I was driving my interim Senior Pastor and his wife to take a look at Nyack College. On our way up we have an interesting conversion about my future and the next thing I know I was in the Dean’s Office and was given a job description. I went home to speak with my wife and she said I was crazy. We spent some time praying about it and felt the Lord’s peace to proceed forward.”

An interesting fact about Ron is that he was a high school dropout and joined a gang in Chinatown when he was 14.

CTA button for Blog ATSDr. Aaron Sherwood is the new Assistant Professor of New Testament

Dr. Sherwoord and his wife Lucy have two daughters, Eleanor (5) and Isabel (2). They live in Nyack and have just moved from overseas this summer.

Dr. Sherwoord earned a Ph.D. at Durham University in England, technically in New Testament but really also in Old Testament and early Jewish studies, as well. Before that, he earned an M.A. in Biblical Studies at Regent College in Vancouver, and holds a B.A. in philosophy. Dr. Sherwood and his wife have served in churches in lots of different ways over the past fifteen years, in home group, children’s ministry, prison ministry, and some preaching.

When asked why he chose to serve at ATS, Dr. Sherwoord responded, “I am very excited about the ATS aim of commissioning students to go into the world and engage in indigenous missions, whether in America or internationally and overseas, and that ATS wants those ministries to be grounded in a profound understanding and appreciation of God’s love and purpose for the world as revealed in Scripture. And so, I wanted to take up my role in equipping students by helping them with that first, fundamental step, of knowing and understanding the biblical basis for their beliefs and their pastoral vocations.”

An interesting fact about Dr. Sherwood is that he loves Miyazaki films and has a collection of stuffed animals from them in his office.

Dr. Stanley John is the new Professor of Intercultural Studies at Alliance Theological Seminary

Dr. John was born and raised in Kuwait in a south Indian family. He grew up attending the Indian Assemblies of God church in Kuwait, but for the last several years has been part of a multilingual Methodist church that worships in English, Korean and Spanish. He now attends a C&MA church in New York.

Dr. John received a B.A. in Biblical Studies at Zion Bible College in Barrington, Rhode Island, an M.A. and Ph.D. in Intercultural Studies at Asbury Theological Seminary in Wilmore, Kentucky. His dissertation is titled, Networks, Agents, and Mission: Transnational Religion of Kerala Pentecostal Churches in a Context of Temporary Economic Migration to Kuwait.

Dr. John has been an itinerant evangelist speaking at churches throughout the United States, especially among ethnic immigrant churches, such as West African, Hispanic, Slavik, Korean, and Indian churches. He also teaches annually in various seminaries overseas including the Ukrainian Evangelical Theological Seminary in Kiev, Ukraine, Faith Theological Seminary in Kerala, India and Mission India Theological Seminary in Nagpur, India.

Why attend the Allianace Theological Seminary:

When asked why he chose to serve at ATS, he responded, “I believe God has called me to serve the global church by raising leaders for church and society. I can imagine no better place to fulfill that calling than at ATS-Nyack. Let me give you three reasons. First, the location in New York provides the opportunity to serve not only locally in a very diverse context, but also globally through transnational networks. Second, a missional ethos with a long heritage in preparing and sending missionaries is central to the Seminary, the College and the C&MA denomination. Third, being housed within the larger Nyack College family, ATS has the opportunity to integrate theological and missiological studies with other disciplines such as the humanities, sciences and business so that students get well-rounded education”.

Something interesting about Dr. John is that he has quite a sweet tooth and loves trying desserts from diverse cultures. His favorites are Tres Leches and Tiramisu.


Two Great Concerts to End the Summer

representing nyack collegeConcluding the Summer: Literally going out with a BANG!

My name is Ashton Dennis and I am the newest of the Nyack College admissions counselors here at the Rockland campus! (Follow me on twitter @Nyack_Rockland)! Earlier this month, two current students, Erin Hy and Lydia Christian, accompanied me to two music festivals, Kingdom Bound and Soulfest. It was a strenuous, exhausting, life-giving and INCREDIBLE nine days.

We spent seven straight 14-hour days on our feet talking to prospective Nyack students about our school; more importantly, we talked about how God is working here at Nyack.  We started in our minivan toward Buffalo, NY and I had the opportunity to hear, cry and feel two incredible testimonies of how God is moving through students’ lives here at college.

nyack kingdom soulfest tripsKingdom Bound was full of great conversations, encouraging relationships, and intense music! Tenth Avenue North, Rend Collective, Skillet and Toby Mac all really know how to put on a solid show. The Nyack tent was located in the middle of the Darien Lakes Amusement Park, so we had the opportunity to meet SO many awesome people! It rained almost every day we were there, but that didn’t stop people from riding rides, listening to music, and still finding a resting place inside our little Nyack tent! On our table, we had t-shirts, water bottles and information on Nyack and our different degree programs. However, my favorite part of our table was the game, Connect 4. Does anyone remember this incredible game from their childhood? We played Connect 4 for hours, with ourselves at times, with siblings of prospective students, and with full-blown adults. The best conversations came from this game and even those that stopped to simply ask, “Why do you have tic-tac-toe on your table?” Those poor souls.

Each night, Kingdom Bound ended with an epic BANG. At 10:30pm, as we walked back to our hotel room, we were showered with booming fireworks and Beyoncé- pure bliss. With bags under our eyes and full hearts, we transitioned the Beyoncé into our minivan and headed east.


nyack college admissionsOn our eight-hour drive over to the Gunstock Mountain Resort in New Hampshire, we had to stop in the middle of mountainous Vermont to sleep! Just a few hours later, we continued on to Soulfest. The Soulfest music festival provided a much different feel than the Buffalo amusement park. The Nyack table was situated in the middle of a huge tent right next to the main performance stage.  We were able to worship with people like David Crowder, Kari Jobe, Tripp Lee, and Switchfoot. The warm days and the cool nights came with sweet friendships, stellar students and a little bit of controversy.

If I took one thing away from Soulfest, it definitely is how to love well. At Christian music festivals like Soulfest, you are surrounded by other colleges and vendor tables that represent different causes.  Christ’s presence was strongly felt while worshiping with David Crowder and Kari Jobe; why? Because the passion for God was present and there was raw love and awe overflowing. I was thankful that Erin, Lydia and I could talk about what Scripture commands in regards to loving well.

CTA button for Blog UGI love to travel and I love college students, so this trip was a great endeavor on behalf of Nyack College. Throughout the week, the three of us continuously talked about our Christian school and what makes it so unique. Yes, the location couldn’t be better. Yes, the professors are great. And yes, the Division II athletics are incredibly entertaining. But the attribute that strikes me most about Nyack College is its portrayal of the Kingdom of God. Nyack is a place of hope to many students because God is presently moving on this campus! We strive to be an open-armed, Gospel-centered institution that educates future leaders. We strive to keep God at the forefront of our future and of the lives of our current and future students. Who wouldn’t enjoy talking about an institution like that for nine days?

Meet Bridgett. New Student and the Best Selfie 2014 Winner!

new student to rockland campusBridgett is an incoming freshman from Upstate NY (waaay upstate). I caught up with Bridgett a couple days ago to let her know she won our #NyackNation Warrior Selfie competition (Check out her sweet entry below).


So Bridgett- how did you hear about Nyack College?

Well, God brought me to Nyack College. J All my life I was planning on going to another Bible school- but I visited and it didn’t click. I searched for other colleges in New York State and the vision of Nyack really stuck with me. I visited the campus and LOVED it!

What led you to come here and how do you see God leading you throughout your education at Nyack?

Well, I became a Christian as a teenager, and the rest of my family became Christians after me. I knew that I wanted an education in a place where I would be surrounded by believers, and have my friends also seeking after God.

college ministry trip nicaraguaI have had the opportunity to go on several ministry trips to Nicaragua and those experiences changed my life. I loved the people there, learning and sharing together.  I really enjoyed my time there, and would love to see myself returning- for short term trips, or on a long term basis.

God really has given me a heart for Marriages and Families. I want to encourage people in God’s design for the family and I am going to study psychology to help me understand it more and more. It is very important to have that foundation in faith and apply it to your career.

How have you prepared for starting at Nyack College over the summer and what still needs to be done?

Wow. I have had a busy summer- helping with VBS (Vacation Bible School) at church, taking a trip to Nicaragua, babysitting. But even in the busy-ness, one thing that I have really focused on is learning to be satisfied in the Lord and learning more about Him.

Hmmm….I still need to order some books from the bookstore. I already have my Old Testament textbook. I need to get odds and ends, like a mattress cover? I don’t know! Also, I am realizing how much STUFF I do have- I don’t really NEED anything.

What inspired you to post a picture of you with head full of curlers? That is quite the 1st impression!

best selfie winner nyack collegeI love doing myself up! I also sell Mary Kay so this is part of my life, getting ready and drinking coffee J I believe that when you take pride in your appearances, you put your best foot forward. And I love embracing my girly side!


Anything else you want to leave us with before we see you on Sunday?!

At this point, I am so satisfied in Christ and I know that when the waves rise, I can trust in the Lord. It is not dependent on circumstances, but a sweet place of surrender.


What an impressive young woman!

Bridgett, it is really evident how much you desire to seek after the Lord, and use your natural gifts to grow and help others. I look forward to seeing how God will continue to direct you in the psychology department- and you will learn more about yourself and how God has made you.

Welcome Miss Bridgett! Nyack is truly blessed to have you.

Tips for Nursing Students: From First Semester to Exam Time

nursing program nyack collegeBy Yee Yang, Admissions Counselor~

August is known to be one of the most hectic months for nursing students who are entering into college.  It is a time of transition and change for most people, whether they are coming right out of high school or transferring from one school to Nyack College. Nevertheless, there are a few things that students can do to help make this transition a little easier and less stressful.

Five Tips for Incoming Nursing Students

  1. Make sure you have started to work on your chemistry homework for the summer.  Engaging in the ALEKS program will help you to excel in class.
  2. Purchase your books for classes now and start looking at the chapters to get ahead.  Find your text books here:  www.nyack.edu/books
  3. Take a look at the nursing curriculum plan and make sure that you are enrolled in the proper classes for the fall. If you are not sure, contact your admissions counselor ASAP.  Here is the link to the nursing curriculum plan.
  4. Incoming transfer nursing students are encouraged to look over their transcript evaluations and class schedules for the fall semester. If you have completed all of your pre-requisite courses, the date for our next Kaplan Nursing Entrance Exam is November 7th, 2014.
  5. Take a look at the Fall JUMP Orientation Schedule that has been posted on nyack.edu and plan accordingly.

nursing program international clinicalsI encourage all nursing students to not procrastinate and to be in consistent communication with your professors and academic advisor.  By keeping this concept, you will be able to better manage your activities and school work throughout your time in the program.

More on the Nursing Program: Accreditations & Clinicals

Moving along, I want to clarify that the Cheryl Phenicie School of Nursing baccalaureate program has been accredited by the Commission on Collegiate Nursing Education (CCNE) since April 2013. Our nursing students participate in clinical courses locally and overseas. We have clinicals in Rockland County, Westchester County, Long Island Jewish Center, and at the multiple HHC hospitals throughout New York City.  Furthermore, our nursing students have had opportunities to complete their clinicals through Global Service Learning trips. They have been to India, Haiti, and the Dominican Republic several times.  In fact, a team of our students, led by our Associate Professor Rexi Thomas, just left for India at the beginning of August. They will be there for 3 weeks doing clinical and will have a very cool opportunity to join a wedding ceremony during their last weekend in India! These Global Service Learning trips are designed so the students can actively engage with the locals and gain tons of hands on experience. Each student can also earn up to 60 clinical hours towards graduation.

Preparing for Exams

CTA button for Blog UGSpeaking of graduation, throughout the 2 ½ years of clinical, students will be working through Kaplan exams and N-CLEX prep questions to prepare them for their boards post-graduation. Many of our graduates have passed the N-CLEX exam and have gone on to be Registered Nurses.  We offer N-CLEX prep to our graduates up until they pass the exam. I am proud to say that our graduates are now working at several different hospitals throughout the area. We have graduates working in White Plains Hospital, Nyack Hospital, and Phelps Memorial Hospital.

For more information about the nursing program, feel free to contact me: Yee.Yang@nyack.edu and follow me on Twitter @NyackNursing.

Alumni Spotlight: Justin Thornton ’07, Pastoral Ministry

Thornton family nyack alumniA 2007 graduate from Nyack College, Justin Thornton knew that by studying pastoral ministry he wanted to plant churches.  He knew he wanted to be a pastor and he knew that “youth ministry was the first option [he had] to learn how to love people.”

Currently, he resides in Michigan with his wife and family.  There, he is the lead pastor at Jericho Road Church as well as the Church Planting Coach for the Great Lakes District.  Holding two distinct positions may seem like a huge feat but Justin stated that though the time seems split “it all flows together.”

Over the phone, we asked about his life’s work and his past experiences at Nyack College. 

nyack alumni working in ministry

What core program are you working on right now?

The Multiplication Center.

As an option for pastoral ministry students, this church planting program functions as an internship experience where participants can have a chance to lead, preach, train, and teach with peers inside a community.  After the internship’s completion, they are prepared to plant within Michigan or to set out on their own.  As he stated, “the culture of multiplication” is a new concept and almost like an incubator experience.  Outside of an associate’s position at a church or within youth ministry, new college graduates may find their career options limited.  But Justin invites undergrad students into the internship program where they can receive leadership development and expand on their true potential.

In the past he has welcomed Nyack College students to the Multiplication Center and he continues to encourage our community to experience the incubator for themselves.

What Advice would you Give Current Nyack Students?

CTA button for Blog UGDon’t stress the small stuff.  Just enjoy the community.

Justin explained that at Nyack College, he was “surrounded by—for the first time—young men and women who loved Jesus and were relatable.”  He found true brothers in Christ.  They didn’t want the college keg parties or the senseless waste of undergrad time. Instead, he and his friends enjoyed depth of true friendship and observation of God in their lives.  They “kicked it” like any other college kids and had fun but at Nyack there was something more meaningful brewing.  Pointedly, he remarked, “I don’t think I’d get that at many other places.”

He added that students should take advantage of the leadership opportunities on campus.  Good leaders lead from a young age and in college, Justin served as a resident assistant, the captain of the soccer team and as a chaplain.  These experiences honed his leadership potential and paved a path to where he is in life now.  They should also just enjoy.  Enjoy travel, enjoy worship, enjoy life now because everything just speeds up after graduation.  “Let the word of God pour into you everyday.”


youth ministry post nyackMore on his Work at Jericho Road Church

Justin Thornton’s community at Jericho Road Church is all about outreach and radical love.  Their “missional communities” are small groups that build intentional relationships with neighbors and beyond.  Their goal is to become disciples and make disciples.  By studying the bible, laughing, praying and serving together, these groups serve the greater good.

On every twelfth Sunday, church services are observed differently.  Instead of going to church, Justin’s community goes out to “be the church.”  Partnering with a neighborhood, they share meals, construct “garden socks” and pray.  At the core of these church days, they believe that “we don’t have all the answers but we do have love and we do have a Savior.  These are things worth sharing, not just talking about.”

Thank you to Justin for sharing his alumni story with our Nyack College community!




Why College Students Should Get onto LinkedIn NOW

The school year for many college students may not have started, but there is no better time to think of graduation and job hunting.  Back in the day, young grads could send out a legion of resumes to corporations around the country, confident that the fine-quality paper and title of baccalaureate was enough to clinch an offer letter.

Times change.

Instagram and Snapchat have ensured that young people are online, chatting with their peers and sharing their life stories.  But few of these millenials engage on the one online social site that could change their lives: LinkedIn.

nyack collegeWhy is LinkedIn Important?

Business used to be about boardrooms and black-tie cocktail parties.  But with the age of digital social networking, these conversations and introductions can happen online.  Your friend’s uncle (whom you’ve known since kindergarten) may be just the person to introduce you to an internship opportunity.  Or a colleague of a colleague may be leaving a position—that you would be perfect to fill.

News travels fast on LinkedIn.  People share industry-standard articles.  Relatives post about their professional lives and alumni from your college update their profiles often.

How to get started on LinkedIn?

First, get your resume online and use a great title or tagline for your profile.  Instead of saying “student”, you should type in your area of study such as “Digital Marketing, student”.   Keep it updated and write out your experiences.  Don’t just bullet point your life.  Show recruiters how you are special and how you’ve done great things.


  1. Join groups that relate to your field of interest.
  2. Follow companies that are the industry leaders within this field of interest
  3. Follow the individual decision makers within this field.  You’re not going to spam anybody.  Instead, you’ll comment on their articles and begin to engage in meaningful conversation.  In an interview, if you can quote or refer to a recent article of the CEO of XYZ, that makes your application memorable.
  4. Get recommendations from your past jobs.  Email links to your boss or supervisor and ask for a quick review of your work.  The blurb becomes attached to your profile so recruiters can find you.
  5. Find your personal friends and build your network.  Invite people to join your network.  Tweet and post on Facebook that you’re on LinkedIn.
  6. Use the Jobs feature to research keywords to use in your resume and openings in your area

A New Look Into Evangelism

A personal essay by Daniel Ortiz, Admissions Counselor

When I was told that part of the International Leadership Summit would be street evangelism and outreach, I immediately felt a knot in the pit of my stomach. It was the first week of a terribly harsh Winter season. I was ecstatic to see an email from the Christian organization, Envision, who was hosting the International Leadership Summit in Paris. My mentor, Dr. Martin Sanders, told me about this summit and how beneficial it would be for me as I am looking for my next steps into ministry and seeking to refine my skills and talents for kingdom change. I was very excited to see this email, until I saw the dreaded words, “street evangelism.” Just the thought of stopping people from their rhythms of life to tell them how lost they are, how they need to do what I say and read a tract made me extremely anxious, but what could I do? I was already committed to this trip and I agreed to participate in all activities “being open minded”. Little did I know, my conception of sharing the gospel was about to be restored

I grew up in an era of evangelism filled with rambunctious claims of the second coming of Christ, the fiery judgment that is soon to come and illustrious tracks that would give a visual aid to all the hollering and yelling in the streets of the Bronx. This was how sharing the gospel was taught to me and many other young Christians and frankly, it made me feel quite uncomfortable. I didn’t feel right about telling people that they are “wrong” or “condemned” especially because I didn’t know them. I didn’t know their life stories; if they have ever heard the gospel or what problems they might be facing. I was just supposed to assume that because they weren’t doing what I was doing, they were lost and I needed to give them a 4×6 booklet that would give them the key to the pearly gates and some wicked pictures of what happens if you throw the tract away and don’t listen to what is taught.

CTA button for Blog UGThe first day in Paris was such a whirlwind. After our six hour flight and four hour amazing race around the city, we were finally able to sit down and enjoy some Parisian pizza in one of the conference rooms at the American Church of Paris. Ben Stewart, the director of Envision, took this time to brief us on part of the schedule for the week. He referenced the time of street evangelism and ministry with a quote by St. Francis of Assisi. “Preach the gospel at all times and if necessary, use words.” This quote shook my core. I have never heard such an approach for sharing the gospel but it made so much sense to me. We can talk until our faces turn blue, but actions will always speak louder than words. I thought deeply about this quote for a moment, and then I began to think how it’s not about remaining silent about our faith, but the quality of the words we use. We were taught to evangelize, not with tools of condemnation and forced persuasion, but with love and relationship. We were taught to live our lives, enjoy ourselves and simply enjoy the people and culture of Paris, and letting the spirit speak through our life and actions.

street evangelism ParisNow let me explain something. Just because the approach of evangelism may not include very direct questions and statements regarding one faith and spiritual life does not mean it cannot be intentional. Our time for ministry and street evangelism was extremely intentional, just with a different approach than we might be used to. We spent a lot of time prayer walking. We were told about some key locations, either local churches that Envision was affiliated with or just areas that were known to be darker and holding some spiritual bondages. We were instructed to pray over these places and keep eyes and ears open for what the spirit had to say. We were also told to be in community, talk to people, and enjoy their culture. Talking to people without an agenda will give the spirit freedom to become known in any part of the conversation. Talking to people in love, just to get to know them or share a joke or just a bit of life demonstrates the kind of relationship our father wants us to have with each other. For some, that can be the best form of evangelizing.

I experienced this through the outreach done at Genesis, which is an art gallery and open mic held by one of the local churches. The international workers in residence use this place to share common interests with the people of Paris, as they have an artsy and talented culture. As I simply listened to many people share their talents at the open mic, I struck a conversation with a local student who is originally from Venezuela. I heard him speak in Spanish and decided to just join in with some Spanish slang to bring some familiarity to a foreign setting. We spoke for about an hour, just about our backgrounds, sports and eventually why we were at that place at that time. We did not have a conversion experience, nor did I share bible verses on why he needs to become a Christian, rather I just became a friend to him. I know that God was able to use that conversation to plant a seed, a seed that I might never see grow with my own eyes but I have faith that the seed planted will lead to something; a thought or a moment of curiousity as to why these Americans were so happy? Why did they want to know who I was and just talk to me? We just plant the seed, the spirit is the true gardener.

Another example of the evangelism we experienced was through an ESL project that some of our Nyack college students participated in. I briefly interviewed Maria Verano and Kari Nehlson, two current students at Nyack who were able to go to a foster home right outside of Paris. Most of the children at the foster home have been removed from their families because of drug addiction and abuse in their homes. Our students were able to work with 5th and 6th graders who were practicing their musical talents to travel to Florida and perform with a group of American students. Our students played games with the children, and taught them basic conversation such as introductions and traveling terms. Their evangelism focused on the tangible needs of the people, learning basic English and just having some people to talk to and play games; a brief escape from their harsh situations. This was a little different than the other outreach that was done, however it was equally as effective and necessary. Why just pray for the needs of people if there are things we know can be done for them. Evangelism should not be passive, rather a very active experience; reaching people where they are and helping their needs. That was how we shared the gospel of Christ.

Our responsibility as followers of Christ is to emulate what Jesus did while he walked this earth. He would go to those in need and those needs, allowing the spirit to use every conversation and every moment. I not only had the opportunity to finally understand what this meant through scripture, but I was now able to put in into practice with other fellow Nyackers  the tools we learned in a completely different culture! It was one of the best experiences of our trip to Paris.


Our Bloggers Write and Make a Difference in the World

A Letter from the Editor~ Melissa Ruttanai

I’ve worked with many writers and bloggers in the past in a variety of fields and industries.  But this summer at Nyack College, I have been impressed.  I’ve been moved and inspired by the genuine passion of three of our veteran bloggers at Life at Nyack.  Almost two years ago, we sat together as a staff and talked about the ins and outs of blogging.  They discussed their degree majors and hobbies.  I thought I was imparting all the information to them—about the world of online publishing and storytelling.  But now, these three bloggers are teaching me.  Through their posts, they’re showing the difference in the world that they are creating and our college blog has benefitted greatly from it.

If you have not read the stories from Madelyn Badillo, Jennifer Cook or Erin Fox now’s the time to become inspired.  These young women have gone out into the world beyond the college classroom.  They are changing lives everyday.

Center Do RecifeMaddy: Our Missionary Blogger in Brazil

In her second time in Brazil, Maddy has set her scope to help the local community in Recife.  With the backdrop and drama of the World Cup at her door, she continues to reach out to help those in need.  She’s brought prayer and hope to orphans, prostitutes, and those in need of Christ.  Maddy’s top posts for the summer include her stories about faithfulness through the little things, the joy of God’s presence in her work as well as her daily tasks at the Shores of Grace Ministries in Brazil.


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Jennifer: Our Youth Intern in the USA

A business major with a heart for non-profit organizations, Jennifer is spending some time at home in Pennsylvania but that doesn’t mean she is a homebody.  Instead, she’s busy working with her church and internship leading youth groups around the US east coast.  She’s even had time to give a PA welcome to old friends from a 2011 mission she did in Mexico.  Her work with young Americans is amazing.



a17Erin: Our Internship Blogger in Thailand

Having always wanted to be a missionary, Erin has ventured out of her comfort zone to spend the summer in Thailand.  As part of the “Remember Nhu” internship, she is learning how to reach out in the community and fight child sex slavery.  No easy feet for an undergrad.  But she takes it all in stride and her stories reveal the real world of international missions.  From food to culture to the local communities, Erin is writing it all down for her column.  It takes guts to leave everything for another country, especially for the heat of Southeast Asia!

The Importance of Building Relationships with Your Professors


One of the unique benefits of a small liberal arts college like Nyack is the opportunity to get to know your professor outside of the classroom. You’re probably asking yourself why it’s important, and how do I go about getting to know my professor.
Professors are more than researchers and lecturers; they each have real life experiences to share. Your college professors can be one of your biggest assets. They can help you succeed academically and prepare you for life after college. There are various studies that have shown that college students, who make an effort to engage their professors outside of the classroom setting, are more likely to succeed in college. Below are some reasons why you should build a relationship with your professors:

–       You will see that they are really captivating

–       Once you create a great impression, your professor is more likely to help you with a question or later request

–       They can help answer any questions and or concerns you may have for upcoming exams

–       They can also clarify what was discussed during the class discussions and lectures

–       They can be helpful to you when considering career plans or graduate school

–       They can write a letter of recommendation for jobs and internships as well as for graduate school

–       They can also serve as your mentor or help assist you in finding career and internship opportunities

Many students feel intimidated when it comes to approaching their professors. Your professors want to see you succeed as a student, but they can only help if you take the initiative. It is important to understand that they are very interested in talking with you and getting to know you. Below are some tips on how to take the initiative in building a relationship with your professors:

–       Introduce yourself at the end of your first class

–       Address your professor based on their preference: Is it by their first name? Or is it “Professor” or “Doctor”?

–       Attend class regularly

–       Don’t be late!!

–       If an emergency arises that causes you to miss class, be sure that you are able to get notes from a classmate

–       Always come to class prepared!

–       Sit toward the front of the class

CTA button for Blog UGAnother great way to start building a relationship with your professor is by going to their office hours. Yes, your professor may be extremely busy but professors are required to have set hours each week to meet with students. You should definitely take advantage of this!  Surviving college especially as a freshman or as a transfer can seem insurmountable. But don’t worry, read our tips for success in college.

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