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My Hospital ID!

Hey everyone! For those of you who don’t really know me, I thought I’d give you a little back ground on myself and my thoughts on the Nyack School of Nursing. 🙂 My name is Tahira Abdullah. I am 21 years old, and I grew up here in Rockland County with my parents and two brothers. I am a junior in the Nursing program, making me part of the first graduating class of Cheryl Phenience School of Nursing.

To be honest—I initially had some reservations about studying nursing here.  I felt nervous knowing that it is a new program and that I am one of the “guinea pigs-” so to say. However, I must say that I do not regret my decision at all. I say this because; I believe that the best thing about Nyack is the integration of faith in Jesus Christ into the study of future professional careers. At Nyack College, I am learning how to be Jesus in the field of Nursing. I have been challenged to analyze my own walk with Christ – so that I can better serve others and be a true representation of Jesus. Earlier this year, I went to Boston for an interview at Massachusetts General Hospital. This interview was for the Carol A Gilhoni Nursing Oncology Fellowship. During my interview, they asked me about Nyack College. As I explained to them that it is a Private Christian College that just started a Nursing Program – they were very intrigued. They were very interested in hearing about a place that incorporated faith into Nursing. Furthermore, I was recently hired at Nyack Hospital as a Patient Care Associate (a nurse’s assistant). I later learned that another Nyack Nursing Student, Angelica Perez, and I were the only two PCA’s that were hired this month to go through training. I know that this is God leading our steps. He is already starting to open the doors for us to go into the community – and apply the principles we have learned here- at Nyack College. In the future, I imagine myself as a nurse in the Maternity Department or Pediatrics. When I get there – I know I will be bringing the mark of Christ to my work place – to my ministry.

Pet Behavior

Does anyone have any pets that legitimately act like humans – that it’s scary?? This past weekend, my fiance and I went over a friend’s house to watch the show we obsess over (Once Upon A Time!!.. great show btw ;). We had the lovely opportunity to meet Sasha the golden retriever. Sasha is an older dog, very calm and mellow, but at the same time affectionate and social.

Around 10 o’clock pm, Sasha went over to my friend and waited patiently. My friend got up and left the room with Sasha following her. When she came back, she explained that everyday around 10pm Sasha will go over to her and wait to be “tucked-in” before going to sleep!! Can you believe that? A dog that wants to be tucked-in! I really found this hilarious and quite entertaining— sooooo I took a picture! (sry… it’s kind of blurry).

Labor & Delivery Unit

This week my partner and I were on the Labor & Delivery Unit. When the day started, little did we know what kind of day we were going to have!

We were super excited of the possibility to see a live birth. However, once we got there, we found out that a mother on the unit had lost her baby. We were stunned with sadness. A floor that usually celebrates life was experiencing death. Despite the circumstance, this turned into a good experience. We got to see the hospital’s policy for when a mother loses her baby – and I must say it was very impressive. The hospital puts the parents in contact with a Bereavement Counselor and gives them gifts such as: a memory box, baby stuff animal, etc. These things are used to help the family have some closure for their loss. We spoke with the Bereavement Counselor and she gave us a lot of insight on her experiences. Her work is actually fused with personal passion as she actually experienced a loss herself. I can really go on and on about this experience, but I will leave you at that. Oh wait, one more thing… the picture above is a picture of a newsletter that they publish for the parents and family of the baby. This newsletter has letters that parents write to their baby and about their baby – it really was a touching and emotional thing to read! The other pictures are other literature that the Hospital gives the family.

In addition to this experience, we were able to leave that day AFTER seeing a LIVE birth! I think I will blog about that another time because that is a whole other story in itself!

All and all, we had a great experience! We really witnessed the best of both worlds on the Labor & Delivery Floor.

Spring 2012 Semester

SO the Spring 2012 Semester has started! It just started and it already feels like I have been in it for months! The work load is A LOT, but I am managing! or at least trying! We already had 2 Clinical Rotations at Good Samaritan Hospital—- in the MATERNITY Department!

The first day we got to see an assessment done on a little new born baby boy 🙂 It was amazing! I wish I was able to show you a picture of this boy’s hair! It was so unique looking! It was long and a golden/glowing like brown. We also listened and counted for his heart rate! Can you believe a baby’s average heart rate is 120-160 beats per minute?! Listening and counting for it was a little difficult, but we did it and got a number around 115bpm. We are already learning so much—- I cannot wait for the next few weeks!

End of the Semester

It’s that time of year- not only for the Holidays but for >FINALS< and the >END OF THE SEMESTER<

Before the semester started, my fiance, JP, and I took this picture the day I moved into Nyack and the day he left for Seminary! Looking at it now really amazes me… I cannot believe how fast the semester went by! While I was going on my third year- JP was starting his first year as a Graduate student!

Now as I write this, JP is driving home from Massachusetts & I’m studying for one more final that’s tomorrow!! He is done and I’m almost done!!

I’m happy for all that I’ve been able to accomplish this semester. I am proud of my seminarian. I cannot wait for this break!

(( p.s. looking at this picture also makes me MISS summer!! lol ))


Take a look. Laid out like that, they look kind of pretty- right?
Well I’ll tell you this much: they are NOT fun to learn!

One of my goals this winter break is to brush up on my pharmacology knowledge. There is so much to know! I don’t know how Pharmacists do it! A nurse definitely doesn’t have to know as much as they do!

I am glad to be going into nursing, because in reality – we do have the Pharmacist to call when we have a question.
But it is best to know on your own the types of drugs and their classifications/adverse side effects/indications/action/patient teaching — phew, I’m getting tired just listing it all!

I pray that I am able to accomplish this goal!!

Christmas Decorations

Christmas!!! I love decorating for Christmas. There is something about choosing just the right spot for an ornament. Don’t you agree? Oh, and the experience is 10x greater, when Christmas music is playing in the background. Here is the tree I put up and decorated this year. Another favorite Christmas pastime is sitting around the tree with it’s lights on, and all others off-relaxing with a hot drink. Mmmmm I can’t wait for finals to be over, so I can go home and do this!

Relationships Taken Seriously

You are foolish to give up a relationship because the other person annoys you- bothers you- or even hurts you. If you do this then you can be sure that you’ll end up alone. Because at the end of the day, friendship is about confronting the person that annoys you, bothers you, and hurts you. Relationships require us to Talk things through, Commit to do doing things better & most of all Love Uncondi…tionally. These are the kinds of relationships that are well worth it- not only for your benefit, but for each others. Ask yourself what relationships are worth the fight and don’t have self-serving motives. Just some thoughts. So thankful to have growing friendships & be engaged to the BEST GUY in the world (even though I never thought I’d be engaged this long… hahaa lol). Till we’re hitched and death does us part 😉 I love you J.p. Ilarraza!!

Hillsong NYC Church

Today, I had the privilege to visit the Hillsong NYC Church in Manhattan! The excursion happened with a friend, my lovely fiance, and future sister in-law. Although traffic made us a bit late- it was all well worth it. The place was packed! Especially, since it was the third service of the day. The service lasted about 2 hours— and when we were leaving there was a long line of people waiting outside for the next service. It was really great to see how many people are getting involved! It definitely won’t be my last time 😀

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