Not finance or banking. What experts say about the new value of an MBA

If you search for the worth of an MBA online, you won’t be too surprised to see a barrage of results saying that the MBA is dead, that it’s a waste of time and of money.  In the post-Great Recession era, many will advise students to steer clear of this once golden degree.  But experts from reliable sources have begun to look at the MBA differently.  Like many things, the degree is not dead but in fact changing to the times and evolving.

MBA article entrepreneurExperts have started to see even the most traditional business schools begin to revise their curriculum.  They’re changing leadership and concentrations within the so-called “elite” schools to accommodate a new demand and future for the MBA: entrepreneurship.

Why is entrepreneurship important in the MBA program today?

In an interview with Bloomberg Business Week, Anna Ivey discusses the shift away from finance and investment banking in business programs.  She describes an overall refocus now on developing the entrepreneurial skill set of the student.  Graduates are taught not just to work in the business sector but to lead it via their own small to medium sized businesses.  So the traditional skill set of an MBA is now broadened to enable the student to transfer these skills into his own personal goals.

On, George Deeb stated that there is “a seismic shift in demand for an alternative business education… One that teaches the basics in starting your own business and being your own boss.  One that is tapped into local startup ecosystems with access to venture capitalists and startup incubators.  One that marries expertise in technology development, with startup business and marketing skills.”  He supports a new type of business education that focuses on individual leadership so that graduates don’t just “work for the man” but they “are the man”.

Johnson and Johnson’s global director responsible for university recruiting, Frank Rodriguez told that “Employees with a MBA learn valuable leadership and collaboration skills. They also understand how to work effectively with different cultures.”  He looks for graduates that come from schools with intercultural experiences on top of the basic skills offered by many business programs.

How should students get their worth out of their business degrees?

In any graduate degree program, students will get out what they put in.  These programs take commitment and the first step is choosing a school that is a good fit for you.  While Nyack College’s MBA program may not be for you, still we’d have recommended the following checklist when applying to any college:

-Consider an online MBA which allows you to manage family/personal life

-Work full time so you can begin applying what you learn right away and add your professional observations to class discussion

-Choose a concentration that will help your career the most, such as entrepreneurship

-Transfer any credits that will lighten your course load

-Ask about grants offered by your workplace or at the school

-Check the cohort size.  You don’t want anything over 20 students in a class

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How College Students Can Stay Relevant to the Job Marketplace

How can you stay sellable in an uncertain job market? Remember the 2008 market

Explore programs at Nyack College, such as music and communications

Explore programs at Nyack College, such as music and communications

crash? That wasn’t so long ago. People lost their homes, established companies went bankrupt, and the government seemed at a loss of ideas while hundreds of thousands of people lost their jobs. Can this happen again? What can you do to secure a roof over your head (for most New Yorkers it’s a ceiling) and bread and butter?

How savvy are you on a Mac?

How savvy are you on a Mac?

One of the ways to stay competitive is by procuring an undergraduate degree as a high school diploma’s value is increasingly diminished. Employers are skeptical about the quality of the high school education attained by graduates. The average lifetime earnings for a high school graduate is $1,531,400 in comparison to bachelor’s degree nearly $3 million (Fastweb, 2009). That’s a differential of nearly 2 million dollars! Is it really worth investing in a bachelor’s degree? The astronomical cost of an education in the United States is mind boggling. We can show you how to acquire a quality education at an affordable cost while integrating faith and learning.

Resources to get you started on the right career path.

Resources to get you started on the right career path.

Nyack College is keeping its students on the cutting edge by launching accounting, computer science, communication, nursing and biology as majors at the New York City Campus.  These hands on degrees offer a specialization to equip you with intentional skills to solve specific programs.  Higher order skills in the areas of critical thinking, technological competency, written and oral communication, scientific and quantitative reasoning and information literacy will also be developed.

But our NYC campus is also about quiet reflection and some time looking over Battery Park

But our NYC campus is also about quiet reflection and some time looking over Battery Park

The 21st century is an exciting time for computer scientists!  At Nyack College, the Computer Science major is creatively designed for students interested in technology related fields, particularly focusing in the areas of Information Technology and Web Science, Cyber Security, and Computer Animation and Game Design.

Our communications students are passionate about the arts and are motivated to become relevant in the world around them. Through three concentrations–Emerging Technology, Mass Communications and Dramatics Arts–our students are prepared for careers in fields of broadcast production, public relations, sales and advertising, acting, producing, directing, and more.

CTA button for Blog UGOur faculty’s expertise permeates with an overwhelming measure of real-world experience. Their wealth of experience will be channeled to make learning pragmatic and socially relevant. This is accessible through our small and interactive student to faculty ratio of 13 to 1; which fosters an environment that is conducive to learning.

We do not have control over the invisible hand of the market with timely and effective government interventions. You, however have complete control over the money you make and the job you get to keep. With a degree from Nyack you will be positioned in a dimension above the normal college graduate with the spiritual impetus to excel.

The Movie Son of God Says it All

What a great evening watching the “Son of God” movie at a private screening at the Palisades Mall last Thursday.   Big thanks to the Nyack College administration for renting the theatre for this unique opportunity. We had a full house filled with Nyack College students, staff, alumni, as well as a few local youth groups including the Fraternidad Cristiana fellowship from Spring Valley and Living Christ church of Nyack. It was a “live” atmosphere as we gathered to celebrate the greatest story ever told on the “Big Screen”. We even had a surprise visitor, our own former president; Dr.Thomas Bailey was on sight to preview this great film. The night was one to remember.

Pres and Dan Bailey

Former Nyack College president Dr. Thomas Bailey with the Rockland campus admissions director, Dan Bailey

Executive producer Mark Burnett and his wife Roma Downey knew that their audience was ready for more than just the series as portrayed on the History channel. If this preview was any indicator, they were right. It has now been almost ten years since the Passion of Christ exploded in the box office and I would be surprised if this movie doesn’t have a similar impact. It’s that good. While in one sense the story sells itself, the movie is simply well done in all aspects. The story comes to life before your eyes and touches the deepest of emotions. Throughout the evening I switched between laughter, tears and applause.  I wasn’t the only one either. It’s a rare experience when an entire theatre of people is collectively moved with emotion. This was one of those times.

Our student activities office made it extra fun by giving away prizes and gifts to the audience after the show. I didn’t win anything but it was fun for me to interact with old friends, the currents students and people of like faith from surrounding churches. Many alums made mention in person and via social network how proud they were of Nyack for taking the lead and providing such a great experience for our student body and community.

As a former student and current employee of Nyack College I was proud to be associated with such a great film and thankful for our president Dr. Michael Scales who seized the moment to make this prescreening a reality. It was the perfect venue for the “heart” of Nyack College to be expressed.

The Good news of Gods reconciliation with mankind was first announced from the night sky over 2000 years ago. The audience then was only a few shepherds.  The audience has grown since then; the interest is much wider now. People still need to hear and that’s why Nyack College exists to prepare each person to carry the message into the workplace all over the world. Each life is Gods letter to the world and we take that very seriously.

The “Son of God” movie says it all and reminds us why we are here, simply to point to the one who sets the captive free.  It really is Good News.

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