Advice for Incoming Freshmen from a Current Freshman

Sarah and her friends in the Honors Program take a trip to Lincoln Center, NYC

Sarah and her friends in the Honors Program take a trip to Lincoln Center, NYC

Dear incoming freshmen,

I know how you are feeling right now because not too long ago I was in the same position. I get it — you are a mix of feelings ranging from excitement to nervousness to abhorring the bittersweet goodbyes you know you will need to make. In other words, you are a mess, but in the best way possible. You have a new future ahead.

However, I don’t know your individual situation. Here’s mine: I couldn’t wait to graduate high school. By the beginning of my junior year, I yearned for the adult life that comes with college, and frankly I was ready for a change. Yet, my senior year prepared me for college in ways I couldn’t be more thankful for. I learned how to make sacrifices for other people, but I also learned what was important in my life and what my priorities were.

My advice to you? Enjoy your last months before college and be thankful for your high school years. Spend time with your family and friends. Above all, embrace your future. College will challenge and change you, but don’t let this intimidate you because it is a good thing.

I believe that it is in God’s plan for my life to be at Nyack College. From the very beginning, I had peace and was not afraid. I hope that during your time before college, you will also have peace.

I also encourage you to have an open mind. Do not go into college with an abundance of expectations, but instead approach college with goals, like what do you want out of college? Or, what do you want to accomplish during college? Know that goals can and will change because you are growing and learning. Don’t be afraid of your dreams because dreams are intended to be big. You need to have something to reach for.  Be confident, and do not doubt yourself. Be brave.

I have heard it said that college is an in-between period of adolescence and adulthood, in which you decide what you really want for yourself and life. There may be truth in this statement, but I believe that college and life is what you make it. Don’t put yourself in the confines of a box, but instead break the box. (Keep in mind that as I am writing to you, I am also writing to myself.)

Lastly, I do not know if college will be what many people call “the best four years of your life,” but I do know that so far for me it has been one of the greatest/craziest times in my life and that is a good thing.

With much love,

Sarah Dunlap, a Current Freshman

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I am a Pittsburgh native and an English major and Communications minor at Nyack College Rockland Campus. I am a devoted dancer, avid reader, and an aspiring writer. "Let me live, love and say it well in good sentences." - Sylvia Plath
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