Adult Students: Surrendering to the process could be your key to success

As adults we seldom want someone to tell us what to do. As adult degree seekers, it may be precisely what we need.

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The last twenty years have seen adults head back into classrooms at an impressive rate.  Many return after a decade or more of being in the workforce, raising families, serving in the military and other pursuits that exercise the skills we build doing the things adults do. You know—AUTONOMY! We juggle the plans and make the decisions and determinations that make us masters of our own destinies! Enter adult education, and some of that might have to change—at least for a little while.


Years ago, adult students came back to institutions that didn’t really know what to do with this odd lot that had full-time careers, families to care for, soccer games to keep track of  and very little downtime! Fortunately, good colleges have become adept at serving the non-traditional student population with degree formats, timelines and pacing strategies that make adult education goals achievable to students who are willing to sacrifice a little bit of control and let the process be their guide.


Nyack College offers Adult Degree Completion Programs and graduate degrees in Organizational Leadership (MSOL) and Business Administration (MBA) with the adult student in mind.  The authors of these thoughtfully constructed programs strive to deliver quality content while considering the time frame students have to process it and incorporate it into a durable skill set that will serve them far beyond graduation.


Program deans, directors, professors and mentors have an eye for student success. They are also keenly aware of the stumbling blocks students can encounter if they, like the Y-Wing flier in Star Wars, running the gauntlet to the Death Star reactor, fail to STAY ON TARGET! STAY ON TARGET!—Okay, that was a little dramatic, but students will find that program leaders have a keen focus on staying on track. It’s part of the process. Surrender to it!


The plain truth is, programs geared for adults are often delivered in an accelerated format with non-traditional schedules (evenings, weekends) and even the most organized and self-directed professional may need some guidance while adjusting to a daily regimen that now includes homework—not their kid’s— but their own!


Nyack’s program leaders engage students in frank discussions about goal setting, time management and prioritizing.  This way, degree seekers don’t make the mistake of assuming that adult education is a watered down, Cliff Notes version of smarter, longer and more rigorous traditional programs. That is a misconception that causes some eager, but unprepared adults to go into the process with a faulty perception of the quality and quantity of work they’ll need to produce in order to succeed at earning their degree.


If you’re in a program that’s worthy of your time, effort and money, you should feel pushed to succeed. Just remember, your hard work and sacrifice will be for now, but your degree—your accomplishment, will be forever!


Traci Piescki


Nyack College

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