A Tale of Procrastination

We only have a few more weeks left in the semester. The deadlines for so many papers and projects are staring us in the face, and for Education Majors the creation and formatting of lesson plans is certainly on our minds. It might be tempting to push everything to the last minute, to start, work on, and complete that fifteen page research paper the night before it’s due. However, do you really want this? I want to explain what happens when you procrastinate like that…


What Happens When You Wait Until the Night Before….

  1. When you try to raise your hands in chapel the next day, you can’t because they’re cramped from typing that fifteen page, a hundred source paper…last night.
  2. At this point any minor computer malfunction becomes a life and death issue. Christie wifi going out makes you look up that verse about Jesus weeping.
  3. You end up angering your once pleasant roommate who now has to listen to you rustling bags of chips, opening cans of Monster, and loudly typing…at one in the morning.
  4. (You angered your roommate prior to this by stealing her chips and Monster. You get into a debate about situational ethics…at three in the morning).
  5. The building gets very quiet and very creepy at night when you’re the only one up to hear it.
  6. You feel absolutely defeated because you know this paper is lousy. You’re too tired to try, reach for that grade, or much less learn anything.
  7. The song lyrics from your earbuds start mixing with your paper. Why does Plato have one less problem without you?
  8. You actually see the sunrise, wait, it actually does that? You remember why you like sunsets.
  9. You run out of highlighter ink. You run out of printer ink. You run out of energy. You run out of time.
  10. You fall asleep and have to wipe drool off your computer.
  11. You feel embarrassed about turning this thing into class tomorrow. You feel like a mess, the paper looks like a mess. Let’s be real, it is a mess.
  12. You have zero time to proofread or make drafts of this paper.
  13. You embarrassingly turn in this sad, sad paper. You walk away exhausted, realizing that you may have missed the point of learning anything, and the thought occurs to you that the level of stress it took to write this paper was not worth it.

Friends, don’t do this to yourselves. Not only is it a miserable experience, but it makes the process of learning so painful. Learning should never be painful. Work smart. Pace out your assignments. Figure out when your paper is due, assign time slots for an hour or two a day, and work on your paper. Create drafts. Edit. Revise. Get feedback. Enjoy the process. Enjoy the gift of being able to discover ideas, information, and write about them. I’m speaking to myself as well as everyone reading this post. Let’s end this semester well, but let’s avoid the procrastination.

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Midwest native and Adolescent English Education Major at Nyack College. I thrive on poetry, mentoring, deep conversations, and really loud laughter. I believe that Christ, community, and cups of tea can restore the world. Wonder and mystery are two of my favorite words.
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