A Preview of the Kingdom of God

Well, I’ve got to admit. Post-grad has not been easy. But when has transition every been easy? I’ve decided to take advantage of the time that I have an invest in something that I’ve been wanting to do since the summer. My church.


I go to New Life Fellowship Church in Queens and I love it. (You have got to check out the video on the home page from the link above). I have grown so much from what God has done in me there and it is amazing how lives are changed there everyday. Not just in small groups and Sunday services, but also with the CDC (community development center). I had limited knowledge about what the CDC did for the neighborhood of Elmhurst but I had been wanting to know more. I spoke to Redd, the person who runs the whole operation, and he showed me all the things available to people. ESL classes, Food and Clothing Pantry, Young Governors, a health center, club scouts, and so many other things for children, youth and adults. The idea is that the church shows the world what the kingdom of God looks like, and quite frankly I love it!

I spoke to Redd at the end of my tour and we talked about how what I want to do with my career and how I could use all this stuff I learned at Nyack towards helping the CDC. We came up with a plan! I love to hear people’s stories. Everyone has one and I feel like It’s my responsibility to share them with others so that it can encourage someone who may be feeling like they’re alone. So, thus begins my endeavor. I will be listening to the stories of volunteers and people who use NewLife’s services and I will be having the privilege of sharing those stories. I am so excited!! I’m still looking for jobs, but my brothers have been super supportive and understanding of this transition. My family rocks :)

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