Abraham: Man of Faith

Abraham is often referred to as the ‘father of faith’, but was his faith always so strong? Like every person bad or good they are all flawed. Even Abraham, The father of all nations had highs and lows of the faith journey. We are able to learn so much from the examples of Abraham and ultimately find that though we mess up and doubt at times, God can and will still use us for his plan.

God promises Abraham that he will begin a great nation and all the people of the world will be blessed because of him and his family, but Abraham had no sons to continue his family line. Abraham had many times of doubt that God would provide for him. First of all his wife could not bear children also they were both very old and still had no children. Even when God sent a messenger to Abraham to tell him Sarah would have a son she laughs at the thought.

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God does come through on his promise though and they have a son and name him Isaac. God was faithful, but now it was Abraham’s turn to prove himself as faithful to God above all else. In Genesis 22 God told Abraham to give a burnt offering to him and that he needed to offer Isaac to him. Believing that God would come through for him Abraham set up the offering and was about to kill Isaac when God spoke to him and said he had proven his faith and did not need to kill his son. This is the climax of the story of Abraham’s great faith in God. We see a great maturation in Abraham as we see him go from the man who doubts to the man with great faith in an almighty God.

Even with his downfalls Abraham is still listed in the great hall of faith in Hebrews 11. In this chapter of the Bible all the greatest warriors of the faith are listed and Abraham is listed amongst them. It is incredible how God can change a man of such great doubt into a man of such great faith, so much faith that he is written about as this man of faith so many years later. Abraham’s journey goes to show that God can and will use anyone, regardless of there faults, to do his will

Much can be learned from the life of Abraham about how God can use imperfect people for great portrayals of faith. Everyone has times in their life when they doubt that God is powerful enough to come through for them and provide for them. But, God uses imperfect people to do extraordinary things. Like Abraham, even if you have screwed up time and time again in life, God can and will use you to do amazing things for Him and His kingdom.

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Hey! I'm Erin Fox and I am a junior at Nyack College. I'm just a Midwest girl who made the move to the East coast and loves every minute of it. My major is Inter-cultural studies with a minor in Spanish and Bible. After college I plan on moving to the mission field and sharing the love of Jesus while helping and loving his people all along the way. I love Nyack and know that with each day it is equipping me more and more to do God's work throughout the world.
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