A Day in NYC! (How to Get There and What to Do)

Having been at Nyack for two years, I’ve traveled into the city several times. I’ve taken several modes of transportation in, and explored different parts of the city itself (needless to say, some trips have been more fun than others). But, nonetheless, here’s some of the things I’ve learned!city12

My favorite way to get to the city is driving. If you go during a low traffic time, you can take the Palisades Parkway to the George Washington Bridge, and get into Manhattan within 25 minutes. Once in the city, finding parking can be a nightmare. As long as it’s not close to Christmas or other crowded days of the year, your best bet is to drive up to 105th and parallel park. Parking in this area is free, and though you might have to dive around a little, it’s not impossible to find a spot.

If you find yourself in the city with nothing to do, here’s what I suggest:

city10Assuming you parked at 105th (or got the subway to 96th street), walk southwest to Central Park. On the west side of the park at 81st street, is the Museum of Natural History (where Night at the Museum takes place). You can get in the lobby for free, but have to pay to see the exhibits.



Next, cross the park to the east side, and on your way, you might pass by a bridge with this lovely view:



Once on the east side of Central Park, you’ll find the Met at 81st or so. The Met is suggested donation, so even though it lists a price for students, you can give them a dollar and still get in. There are so many cool things to see in the Met, so if you want the full experience, block out a good amount of time to explore.




By this point in the day, you’ll probably hungry. I suggest checking out Serefina’s. Serafina’s is an adorable and delicious Italian restaurant on the corner of 79th and Madison. it’s a little pricey, but the Margarita pizza and lentil soup is to die for!




Next up: the best view of NYC. If you’ve got the energy, I strongly suggest a walk down to 61st street where you’ll find the Roosevelt Island Air Tram Station. For $2.5o, the air tram will take you over the city and the river to the teeny-tiny Roosevelt Island. city6city4

It’s a beautiful and well-hidden spot to explore. Remember, you have to pay $2.50 to get back to Manhattan ;).


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