7 Things Incoming Freshmen Should Consider Doing This Summer

Some of you thought that you wouldn’t have made it through high school but you did! As you say farewell to high school it’s time to get ready to embark on a new chapter! We know that you want to celebrate and have fun all summer before you head off to college. We, here at Nyack College, want you to know that the summer before college is very important! Below you will find a few things that we think incoming freshman students should consider doing this summer:

1. Secure summer employment

Making extra money is always a good thing! By getting summer employment you can begin to build up your resume and gain work experience. Not only will you make money and gain experience but you will also gain valuable skills. Some of these skills are time management, responsibility, as well as enhancing your critical thinking and leadership skills.

2. Learn to manage your money

We feel that this is one of the most important lessons you will learn in college. If you can get a head start on budgeting that would be great! In college, you will now be spending money on food, transportation, entertainment as well various things for your dorm. – It can all get a little pricey!

3. Take a summer course

Your first year of college can be one of the most difficult! You are learning new material on a higher level and at a different pace than in high school. You are also adjusting to college life, making new friends, and becoming independent. Start college with a few credits under your belt and even lessen your course load. You can take classes at a community college them transfer them to Nyack.

4. Reach out to your roommates

Once you receive information from your college on whom your roommate or roommates will be, use the contact information provided or look them up on Facebook to arrange a meet-up. When you reach out to them you should discuss what dorm room supplies you will each purchase so you can avoid buying duplicate items.

5. Attend events and activities for incoming students

You should make it a priority to attend your college’s orientation, events organized by student development, or any activities that are put together for incoming students. At these events this is where you can meet/make new friends, familiarize yourself with the campus, and check out the surrounding areas.

6. Be pro-active-from the start

Birds are not going to come from the sky and bring you “manna”. Once you start, the best strategy you should implement is to make connections with everybody. Once classes begin (or even before they do if you are on campus or have time to go by and visit), get name/s, email/s telephone number/s of the people in every department throughout (i.e. Admissions, registrar’s, bursar’s, and the department secretary of your major-if you have declared one). This shows great initiative and enthusiasm which separates you from the pack. Trust that this strategy will be very helpful once the ball starts rolling.

7. Make time to get in shape or stay in shape

So you are already active and play sports, great. If you don’t do any type of exercise, sports, now more than ever, is a good time to start. Exercise has too many benefits to list here, but one of the top reasons is that your self-esteem will shoot through the roof. It is simply just good for you. Go ahead and buy those cool running Nike shoes. Planet fitness, o.k. or better yet, your school’s gym is free for you to use, check out open-community use hours.

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