5 Reasons to Study Nursing at Nyack


1. The program is people-focused. First, the professors focus the program on the students, striving to invest in us as both future nurses and as individuals. Second, the professors teach us to be patient advocates, focused first on our patients’ needs. We are taught to prioritize quality patient care in which the person is cared for more than the sickness.

2. Students have the ability to create change.

When the students speak, the professors take our opinion into consideration. Without compromising the quality of the program, the professors will listen to suggestions to help enhance the program or help the students learn better.

CTA button for Blog UG3. You are given the opportunity to study Nursing in diverse settings.
The Nursing program extends so much further outside the walls of the classroom. We have clinical experience to apply the principals we learn in the classroom: experience in hospitals, clinics, schools, nursing homes, and individual homes. On top of this, students have had the ability to travel overseas to places like Haiti, Cameroon, and India. Here they are able to see the ways that Nursing can be integrated into other cultures and how the role of a nurse transcends national boundaries.

4. You are able to learn about Nursing from a Christian perspective.
This factor is often overlooked because it is easy to take for granted the blessing of learning about healthcare through the lens of a biblical worldview. Not only are we allowed to discuss ethical issues based on what the Bible says, we are also taught how to confront difficult situations and perform competent care without compromising our values.

5. Your classmates are your biggest advocates. 

No matter what, you know your peers will have your back. They will fight hard with you for that extra point, help explain to you the concept you can’t seem to grasp and bring you coffee on that morning it seems like you won’t be able to stay awake for class.  Your classmates know that you need each other to survive and a true Nursing community is established because of this.

The Nursing program at Nyack is unique. You will not find all of these things in other Nursing programs. Finding a program in which both the professors and students truly care about your learning and your life is hard to do. But here at Nyack you are given the opportunity to learn lots, study more than you would ever imagine, and ultimately create change as you go out into the world of healthcare.

Lauren Lebo

About Lauren Lebo

I am a junior at Nyack College studying Nursing with a minor in Spanish. I am originally from Connecticut but am now living on the Rockland Campus. I also play lacrosse for Nyack and am very excited for the upcoming season. I love to run, play sports, cook, travel, and make everything in life an adventure!
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2 Responses to 5 Reasons to Study Nursing at Nyack

  1. Lakisha Bennett-MSW says:

    The nursing program is new to Nyack. Hopefully you will be able to save lives. I’m glad to see that Nyack is adding health to the academic agenda.

  2. Kyosaba Maureen says:

    I fell in love with this school the first time i came to the campus. Am hoping to Join this fall of 2016 or spring of 2017 God’s willing.

    Am praying for God’s provision for my BSN .
    Blessings to all who work hard to see that there is need of spiritual ministry in the lives of students.

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