10 Reasons You Should Check Out the Education Program at Nyack

education program at nyack collegeI wanted to make a list for you guys this week. Lists such as“Five Steps For Fantastic Eyebrows” or “Six Steps for Speed Reading War and Peace” are all over the internet, but today I wanted to share one of my lists with you: 10 Reasons You Should Check Out the Education Program at Nyack College

#1 The Professors, the Professors, the Professors

They’re amazing people. They want you to succeed, and will remember your name. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve had to drop off a form or something at one of their offices, and they ended up encouraging me. They’re rooting for us to succeed both spiritually and professionally.           

#2 The Education Program Lab

We have a building dedicated to Ed. Majors at Nyack. There’s  teaching supplies we can use for projects, a computer lab, and even a laminator. They even have copies of kid’s books that you can borrow for projects.

#3 The Class Discussions

My Education classes have had some of the best class discussions. We’re all passionate about teaching. We’re also a group of fighters, you have to be to pass the State tests. As a result, we have fiery, thought-provoking, and challenging discussions. Iron sharpens iron.

#4 The Fitness Center

If you’re an Education Major you will have most of your classes in the building closest to the Fitness Center. You can pack your gym bag and go work out after class.

#5 Field Experience

New York State requires all Education Majors to complete one hundred hours of observations in classrooms, and Nyack’s education program works really hard to show you all different kinds of teaching contexts. You might end up doing hours at a private school with international students, a charter school in the city, or at a middle school in town.

#6 The Master’s Program

If you’re a Childhood Education Major you can apply to the Master’s program which gets you both an undergraduate and graduate degree in five years. Check it out.

#7 Online Classes

Almost all of your program will be in person, but depending on your program there are classes available online. People have different opinions about online classes, but when it’s your Senior year and you’re scrambling for time…being able to do class at 2am is a plus.

#8 Job Opportunities

When I said that the Education Department wants you to succeed, I meant that. They’re always sending out emails about opportunities for teaching positions. These jobs might be in New Jersey or in Uganda (seriously, one time they sent out an email about a Ugandan school that needed a middle school English teacher).

#9 Donuts

Occasionally…people bring donuts to Ed. Lab for sugar starved students.

#10 Christ is Here

And lastly, the most important reason is that the Education Department believes that teaching is just another way to serve Christ. This belief permeates the entire Education Department at Nyack College.


Kassie Neumann

About Kassie Neumann

Midwest native and Adolescent English Education Major at Nyack College. I thrive on poetry, mentoring, deep conversations, and really loud laughter. I believe that Christ, community, and cups of tea can restore the world. Wonder and mystery are two of my favorite words.
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