Students in the Graduate School of Counseling Get More Than They Bargained For

AGSC two women with brochure

“I’m a different person than I was when I came here!”  As I walked the halls of the graduate campus, showing a perspective student our campus and introducing her to some of our current students, it struck me how each student I saw, commented on a similar theme.   Each student came here to study counseling.  What they received became so much more than just earning a degree.   It changed their lives. Don’t get me wrong.  Alliance Graduate School of Counseling does a great job with their master’s in Mental Health Counseling and Marriage and Family Therapy.  But what God does … Continue reading

Internship in Thailand: God is Funny

erin thailand

  Well, if you are just tuning in, I’m currently a week into my internship in the amazing country of Thailand. I am constantly living in awe of this place, the people, and still shocked that this is my home for the next two months. This week has consisted of meeting tons of new people, learning many cultural norms, and eating lots and lots of rice. If you have ever traveled, you may know about culture shock and its different forms. For me, this week has been all about wonder and excitement over the many new ways of life I … Continue reading

Soak in the Lord’s Presence Like You Soak in the Summer Sun

nyack college prayer

We all desire to be closer to God and experience loving fellowship with Him, but we don’t always put in the effort we’d like to. We can get so caught up with getting to work on time, getting assignments done, the latest episode of Pretty Little Liars (or maybe that’s just me), and the general rush of life that we neglect to spend time with the one for whom our time was created. Usually unbeknownst to us, the effects of being disconnected from our life source start to take a toll. Last Wednesday I walked into Nyack feeling irritated and … Continue reading

Harlem’s Work Ethic and My Own

NYC Nyack

Diversity—it’s the spice of life. Diversity is what helps to make this world so interesting. Culture, tradition, history, and perspectives are aspects of diversity which enhance the colors of our world.  As a student in New York City, I know that these aspects of diversity enhance my studies of the environment in which I live. The cultural diversity of my neighborhood alone has taught me that hard work pays off. Most if not all of my neighbors come from Latin America. The businesses and professions found in my neighborhood here in NYC are varied. What I have noticed especially amongst … Continue reading

What I Learned from Middle School Students

church summer internship

As some of you may know, I have a summer internship at a church in Pennsylvania. I work with the youth group, and this experience has been one of the best of my life. This week was the week of middle school service projects. For four days from 8am-3pm, middle school students met at the church and departed to various places in the area to do service for those in need. Day one was spent doing weeding and mulching for a school for troubled kids, day two was spent at the church baking cookies and making cards for kids in … Continue reading

Why I Chose Social Work at Nyack College Manhattan

I arrived new and from out of town, early on a wintery January morning to New York City. My belongings were heavy, but consolidated into just a few pieces of luggage. I had left my home, a familiar place with loved ones just hours before. Seven hours to be exact. I called a taxi company to pick me up from the airport and take me to my new home.  Where was I headed? Harlem, NYC. My home away from home. My new roommate greeted me curbside and offered to help pull my belongings upstairs to the fourth floor of our apartment building. I … Continue reading

The School, the Girl, and the God Who Put Them Together

student government NYC

If you were to take a time machine back to 2008 and tell a 16 year old me that one day, I would be the Student Government President at Nyack College Manhattan Campus, you probably would have been punched in the face for speaking such nonsense. The 16 year old Tryphena didn’t even plan to go to college, let alone be a leader at one. Crazy how God works, right? In high school I was that kid: the kid who hung out in the lunchroom when she should have been in English; the kid who missed first period and came … Continue reading

The Power of the Global Church: Mexico Comes to Pennsylvania!


Way back in 2011, I went on a missions trip with my youth group to Merida, Mexico on the Yucatan Peninsula. We went for two weeks, and it was a life-changing experience. I stepped out of my comfort zone on a daily basis, had complete culture shock, and bonded with my teammates in a way that I will never forget. This summer, a family from Merida came to my part of Pennsylvania to live at a camp and learn about Christian camp ministry. So, this week, the leader of the 2011 trip to Mexico organized a barbecue so that we … Continue reading

My Internship: Ending Child Sex Slavery through Prevention

summer internship Thailand

Ending child sex slavery through prevention. These six words hold power and serve as the leading force behind the dreams of an entire organization. My “Remember Nhu”  internship has taken extraordinary steps to take this popular fad in social justice and actually do something about sex trafficking around the world. I feel incredibly blessed to be heading to Thailand in a few days to do my internship with these people. I am coming to the end of a week long training in preparation to head overseas and serve at a children’s home. While my experiences in serving at non-profits is … Continue reading

Is Nyack College Right for YOU


You may ask yourself if Nyack College is right for you.  You might wonder what it is like to attend a Christian college.  Or you may wonder about the benefits of a small liberal arts college in New York.  But really you have to ask yourself if Nyack and you are a good fit.  90% of our freshmen say that their experience here was good and excellent.  But before they even came to Nyack, they had to think honestly about what our college is and who they are as well. We’re a Christian College Schools like Dominican or Houghton may come … Continue reading

Ministry is Being Faithful in the Little Things

” … You’re not looking for the big things, you’re looking for the day after day. You’re not looking for the flashy but the faithful ones…” Chris Burns, Faithful  Many times we confuse ministry for the stages, the big events, the packed out meetings, the music, the messages, etc. While these are sometimes a part of ministry, they in and of themselves are not the ministry the Lord has called us too. Here in Brasil, God is teaching me that ministry is being faithful in the little things, in the day after day living.  Serving isn’t teaching a lesson, leading a … Continue reading

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