Lessons in Leadership: Teamwork


When I was elected President of the Student Government Association here at Nyack College NYC Campus, I came in thinking that I’d been preparing for this role my entire life. I’m the eldest of four children; I’m used to responsibility, accountability, guiding others, and most of all, work. I figured that this leadership role couldn’t be much different than the one I held at home. I forgot that in my role as a team leader, I have one crucial thing that I lack as a sibling: a team. So I began to do all the work all by myself: I … Continue reading

Lessons in Leadership: Finding the Vision

DSC_0009 (2)

Over the summer I began doing some preliminary work as President of the Student Government Association here on the Nyack NYC Campus. I created an agenda, I held meetings, I planned events, I strategized, all with the mind that I was doing exactly what a good leader should do. Then the semester began, and suddenly I was losing my mind. As I was walking to school last Friday I began to feel overwhelmed by the responsibility of my job. I realized that there was so much to do in so little time, and I started questioning the worth of all … Continue reading

Setting Graduation Goals and Remembering Good Lessons in My Final Semester

erin with elephant senior year

Today, I am heading back to New York to complete my final semester at Nyack College. It is crazy to think how time has flown by and also how much I have learned over the past three years. I think about the freshmen who will be moving in this week and how different I was when I was in their shoes. I was anxious and excited for this new adventure called college. I have grown up a lot in these past years and attribute much of that to my experiences at Nyack. I came in as a freshman wanting to change … Continue reading

Beautiful Moments in Ministry: This is What I Live For


This Sunday was the annual Salem Bible Church picnic and baptism. One Sunday every summer, the congregation of Salem gathers at Pastor Schultz’s farm for a huge picnic and baptism service after church. This year, people of many different ages and stages in their walk participated in the testimony of baptism. A few of these brave individuals were my students. One student in particular, Emily, made me extremely proud. On our senior high beach retreat, Emily pulled me aside to talk. I did not know her very well at all, but for some reason, she chose me to share her struggles … Continue reading

Jehovah-Jireh: God Provides

MultiCultural Day at Nyack College Manhattan Campus: another of the many times I saw God provide what I needed.

I walked into Nyack College one day sure of two things: I was really hungry and really broke. I had a long day of work ahead of me with nothing to reenergize me during my lunch break. I decided not to sweat it until I had no choice. 3:00pm came and still I was without food or money. Just as I started calculating the possible nutritional value of my book bag, I felt a tap on my shoulder. “Hey,” a worker from another department said. “We have some leftover food from the meeting we just had with our students. Grab … Continue reading

Exercise: Why It is Important and Different Exercise Options

Run or Dye, a fun race I did this summer where you get paint thrown at you while  you run a 5K.

With the start of a new school year, everyone is always thinking about how they can study harder, earn better grades, and be more successful. Although exercise might not be the first thing to come to mind as a way to make you more successful in college, I cannot even begin to stress how important it is. Exercise clears your mind, allows you to focus better, and allows you to remember what you’ve studied. Even when you feel like you have a million things to do and a hard test the next day, it is worth it to put the … Continue reading

Must-Have Phone Apps for College Students

photo (1) - Copy

Technology is often accused of being unnecessary, distracting, and time-consuming. While in some contexts, these accusations are all too true, we all know technology has great benefits. As an owner of an iPhone, I’m always looking for great apps that can help me save time, and make daily tasks easier to accomplish. Here are a few great apps I know of which are must-haves for college students: Waze: Waze is a great GPS app. It allows you to save destinations in a short-cuts menu, and also alerts you of cops, stopped vehicles, accidents, and road work. My favorite feature of … Continue reading

Meet the New Rockland Professors at the Alliance Theological Seminary

ATS faculty

By Eric Hoke~ Fall 2014 is a monumental and exciting year in the history of Alliance Theological Seminary. We welcomed five new professors onto our Nyack Campus. We are so excited to welcome their expertise and thank God for their investment into our ATS Community. We wanted to allow you the opportunity to get to know them better. Christopher Dost is the Assistant Professor of Old Testament and Director of Online Programming. Dr. Dost holds a B.A. in Music from Western Connecticut State University. He came to Nyack College in 1999 to take a few Bible courses. After a brief hiatus, he … Continue reading

Learning about Leadership through the Book of Titus

thailand cultural center

To be honest, I was less than thrilled when my summer director told me we would be going through the book of Titus my first month in Thailand. My first thought went to the books author: the famous Paul. I know most of you out there revere and adore this man for his many writings and contributions to the various books of the New Testament. But, I will admit I was part of the small group of those who struggle to adore him.  Instead I tend to think that he’s just this big religious guy who traveled around telling women to … Continue reading

What Makes a Good Friend, Especially in College

erin with friends in college

College is a time of great change, and I have learned that even friendship is a part of that. You gain new friends, keep some old, and sometimes you move in different directions. Most of the time those friendships start to look very different as they readjust to fit busy schedules and the miles in between. Nyack College has given me some of the closest relationships of my entire life. I feel blessed to have met some of the best people in the world while here at school. Other people may take a lot more effort to stay in contact … Continue reading

Nyack Chapel’s Theme 2014: Make Room

Last Wednesday, hundreds of Nyack College students, faculty, and staff gathered in Bowman Gym for the first chapel service of the Fall semester. The worship band welcomed students and led them in an exciting and heartfelt time of worship. Wanda Walborn introduced the speaker, Wanda Velez, who was met with deafening applause and a standing ovation. Mrs. Velez went on to talk about her experience of committing her life to Christ and how Nyack College played a big part in that. Despite a tough home life, getting kicked out of college, and other circumstances, Wanda made the hard choice to make room … Continue reading

Jumping into a New Semester

Being on a team is hard work but always worth it in the end.

Within 24 hours of arriving on campus this month, I had not only set up my room and been reunited with all my friends but I had also taken an exam, been given more assignments that I could count, and got hired for a new job. The school year is already flying by even though it has only just begun. I think it’s safe to say that this is going to be a busy year. It’s easy to be so focused on what homework I need to complete, when I have to get to my job, how I’m going to … Continue reading

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