Six Great Tips to Ace the GREs

Just a few of the many GRE review books.

If you’re a senior and thinking about Grad School, then you’ve probably heard about the GREs- the test you have to take to get into most grad schools. Basically, it’s an SAT for a grad degree. As you get ready for your senior year and think about applying to schools, you are probably also thinking about signing up to take this test. Since this test is long, expensive, and, let’s face it, not something you are probably going to enjoy doing, the goal is to take it the least amount of times possible to get the highest score you can. … Continue reading

Surviving a Commitment-phobic Society

Listen, fellow twenty-somethings, we have a serious problem. There is something I have seen happening around me for several years now. There is something corrupting our society from the inside out. It contributes to the failure of churches, marriages, and relationships alike. Let’s talk about commitment. Have you ever tried to organize a hangout with friends only to have people not respond? Or, even worse, have you had friends respond with the dreaded “maybe”? I’ll admit, I’m guilty of this as well, but I also admit that I hate myself for it. The impersonal nature of our modern society enables … Continue reading

When Making Time for God Gets Hard


“You ready to go home?” “No. You?” “No. Not at all.” With virtually no light pollution, the stars in central California were shining brighter than these east coast souls had ever seen. The night air was cool and dry, and a group of 20-somethings and 30-somethings were lined up in the backyard, necks craned to the sky. Everyone was caught up in conversation. Some shared their favorite parts of the past week— hiking, swimming, long car rides, and inside jokes. Others discussed deeper topics such as the misconceptions their generation has about marriage. While gazing up at the brilliant stars, … Continue reading

A Summer Beyond Sleep and Netflix

One of the things I am most thankful to be able to do over the summer is spend time with my family.

4 months of doing nothing.  4 months of getting 12 hours of sleep a day.  4 months of re-watching your favorite TV shows… yes, all 8 seasons.  4 months of laying out in the sun and tanning all day.  That sounds pretty nice to me right now.  But what if, instead of thinking of summer as a time to just relax, we thought of it as a break to grow and learn- outside of the classroom and textbooks? I find myself easily becoming complacent and lacking discipline over the summer because I think that after working hard all year, I … Continue reading

10 Must-Know Tips for Air Travel


I recently took a trip to California and did a significant amount of the travel myself. Sitting in the airport, I thought of all the things I had learned from traveling often. If you find yourself needing to fly in the near future, here are 10 tips for safe and easy travel from start to finish. Get the app. Prior to your trip to the airport, figure out which airline you’re flying with. If you have a smart phone, get the airline’s app. This way, you can check in from home, and get a mobile boarding pass leaving one less … Continue reading

5 Great Student Deals


Being in college often comes with many expenses and a small income. I know few college students who aren’t strapped for cash and looking for a way to find a deal. Thankfully, there are lots of deals out there to help give college students a break.  The trick is just finding them. Here are some of the deals I’ve come across. Travel deals- Want to find cheap hotels and flights? How about deals on tours or activities to do while you are traveling? Check out STA travel, a website just for students to help them have the opportunity to travel … Continue reading

Service that Defeats Selfishness

Being in college is often a time where everything is about ourselves. We become independent, but along with that independence comes the privilege of being responsible only for ourselves. At college I study to get MY nursing degree, work out to keep MYSELF in shape, go to the cafeteria when I want to, work to make money for ME, and spend my time the way I want. Even though we spend time working towards good things, like a college degree, and we aren’t intentionally selfish, most things do revolve around ourselves. Our days become so busy, that we don’t have time … Continue reading

What Makes Nyack College Special?

Admissions CA Make the Day

From the thoughts and Facebook profile of Dan Bailey, Admissions Director for Rockland Campus: I could tell you in a variety of ways but I will settle on this one story. It pretty much says it all. [In June] several student employees within our Admissions office were working late, making phone calls and emailing prospective students. A potential incoming student called saying she could not make her interview appointment for the next morning. She lived in Brooklyn and did not have any means of transportation. Her family did not have a car and according to the bus and train schedules, she … Continue reading

Living with Less: Learning to Love Living Simply


Ever notice how many things are considered “necessities” in the US? Ever wish you could find a way to live a more simple life with less “things?” Ever realize the enormous quantity and variety of items you can find on one of your shelves, in one of your drawers, or in one of your closets? And have you ever thought that maybe you could live with less? Coming back from Cameroon has made me realize just how much I own, a lot of which I don’t need, or things that others could use much more than me. In the U.S. … Continue reading

Reflection on My Trip to Cameroon

Lauren in Cameroon

It’s very hard to put into words a trip like I just had to Cameroon. It’s difficult to describe the people, the places, and the experiences without having someone there to actually see it for themselves. Pen and paper can’t fully capture the beauty, the struggle, the learning, and the growing. But I will try and share just a few of my experiences and some of the biggest things I learned. 1. Generosity has no limits. The people here in Cameroon are some of the most generous people I have met in my entire life. No matter how little they … Continue reading

Love Beyond Your Neighborhood with these Nonprofits


If your friend didn’t have any food, would you feed him? If your mother didn’t have shoes, would you give her a pair? If your co-worker was no good at their job, would you help him out? If your child didn’t have access to education, would you help build a school? I would guess that your answers to these questions are all the same: an enthusiastic “yes, of course!” Jesus calls us to love everyone. We’re very good at loving the people in our lives, and there’s nothing wrong with that. God’s heart is filled with joy when he sees … Continue reading

My Favorite Places in Cameroon

best places to see in cameroon

As I have been working with the Life Abundant Program in Cameroon this past month, I have had the opportunity to visit many different villages, go many different places, and do so many different things. The entire country of Cameroon is so beautiful and no matter where you are, there are breathtaking views and incredible people all around you. So far during my time here, I have not been to a single place I would not want to return to. Although it is hard to choose my favorite places because I have loved everywhere I have been, these places have … Continue reading

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