Meet Dr. Nichols


Hello Everyone, I’d like you to meet someone who has been a big part of my life at Nyack. Meet Dr. Nichols. He’s the Chair of the Adolescent Education Department at Nyack College, and if you’re an Adolescent Education Major, chances are you’ll find yourself in some of his classes, wind-up in his office for advisement, and you’ll also get to hear some interesting stories from his years of experience in our field. Meet Dr. Nichols: How Did You Come to Work at Nyack College? I had just retired from working for thirty years in the public school system, and … Continue reading

A Valedictorian’s 10 Tips for a 4.0 GPA

Rachel with Co-Valedictorian, Tehilla Eskelund, and Provost, Dr. Turk

Maintaining a 4.0 for four years of college is a very impressive feat. It takes lots of hard work, dedication, and talent. Although it seems near impossible, our co-valedictorian, Rachel Kunker, a double major in ICS and English, was able to do it. Here are some tips from Rachel about how to have success in college. Be prepared. Rachel says it is important to be prepared by doing your reading, completing assignments, and making study guides for tests. This allows you to really know the material and be able to perform well on tests. Be proactive. This means thinking ahead … Continue reading

Encouragement Amidst of “Much”: The School of Education Dinner


The end of the semester is full of… so much. Assignments are due. That senior paper on that obscure topic is looming over your existence. Those group projects happen where everything that can possibly go wrong does. You wake up one day and realize that you totally spaced, and forgot to submit that project that also happens to be 25% of your grade. Panic and stress are often your constant companions, and then on top of everything there are all these end of the semester events…because everything is ending at the same time. There are hall meetings in the dorms, … Continue reading

5 Steps to Choosing a Major You Will Love

There are only a few more days left of the semester, and perhaps you are wondering if you chose the right major. It is okay to question and wonder if you made the right choice. College is the time to learn not only the skills you need for your future, but to grow as a person and learn about and develop your passions. Choosing or changing majors can lead you to where you need to be, and the process can teach you skills for making bigger decisions in your future. I changed my major and made my previous major my … Continue reading

Three Lessons I Learned about Worship

senior talks about chapel

Between chapels and small groups over the past four years, I’ve probably been involved in corporate worship here at Nyack about 400 times. There are several things I’ve learned from chapel speakers, my fellow students, and worship leaders, but Nyack College as a community has taught me so much about worship. There’s no one way. Worshipping God is so much more than singing worship songs. I’ve always loved attending creative arts chapel because I believe it’s a glimpse into heaven. The dance and step teams do routines, students do special music numbers, and there’s often works of art being created during … Continue reading

Three Business Lessons

In my time at Nyack, I’ve spent over 2,000 hours in class. Yeah, really. When I graduate, I will have accumulated 128 credits. The amount of credits you get per class reflects the number of hours you spend in the classroom during the week. There are about 16 weeks in each semester, so I’ve spent over 2,000 hours in class over the past four years. Since Nyack is a liberal arts college, those 2,000 hours combine history, english, Bible, and other general education courses. Those definitely taught me a lot, but the lessons I learned in my business classes are … Continue reading

Using Global Media to be Globally Engaged


As you may know, one of Nyack College’s core values is being Globally Engaged. Because I’m a Communications major, this value means a lot to me and I think it’s important we educate ourselves on the world’s affairs as well as know how to properly engage in them. When I think of being Globally Engaged, I think of missions trips, Global Service-Learning trips (who just released their 2017 trip schedule!), and the influx of nationalities that attend Nyack every year. However, we can also be Globally Engaged from right where we are sitting, and the first step is educating ourselves … Continue reading

Christian Music You Don’t Hear on the Radio

Faith and Music

Friends, The day is warm. Sunlight sifts over us as we travel between classes, almost-goodbyes with friends, treks downtown for coffee, quests for sunlight, library days, and midnight diner visits for cinnamon milkshakes. We hold all of these things close as the semester draws to a close. Soon we can drive with our windows down amidst the sun and wind of the highway. Soon we’ll stuff our highlighted textbooks and dirty laundry into a car, and drive to wherever we call home. Music tends to be a big part of that trek, scanning the radio dial, loading songs onto your … Continue reading

How to Find God’s Peace Part 2


So we need to have an inner calm and a supernatural peace in the middle of this craziness we call the end of the semester, but how do we do it? It’s not even physically possible when I have a test in every class, two PowerPoint projects to present, and 3 papers all over 5 pages all due this week *insert sweaty nervous laughing emoji.* Well never fear, the Holy Spirit is here! He is the only, and I repeat the only One who is going to keep you sane. Coffee is wonderful. In fact, it’s a gift from above, … Continue reading

Keeping Friends and Schoolwork in Balance

I’m smiling a little as I write, because this is a topic I’ve had to learn through tested disaster. It’s something I began to figure out as I started to grasp what my priorities were in college. The reason I’m in college is to study, to gather an education that not only gives me information, but also transforms and challenges my personal thoughts. The two departments that have become my life here at Nyack College, the Education and English Departments, have a real understanding of how to teach students in a personally challenging way. Through all of this, it is … Continue reading

Advice for Incoming Freshmen from a Current Freshman

Sarah and her friends in the Honors Program take a trip to Lincoln Center, NYC

Dear incoming freshmen, I know how you are feeling right now because not too long ago I was in the same position. I get it — you are a mix of feelings ranging from excitement to nervousness to abhorring the bittersweet goodbyes you know you will need to make. In other words, you are a mess, but in the best way possible. You have a new future ahead. However, I don’t know your individual situation. Here’s mine: I couldn’t wait to graduate high school. By the beginning of my junior year, I yearned for the adult life that comes with … Continue reading

5 Things Only a Team can Teach


Being a part of sports teams my whole life, and being a part of the lacrosse team for four years at Nyack has taught me many lessons I don’t know that I would have learned otherwise. There is something about pouring all of your blood, sweat, and tears into something bigger than yourself with a group of people all dedicated to a common purpose. It’s scary, it’s difficult, it’s rewarding, and it’s worth it. You can’t be a part of a team and not grow. Dedicating all of your energy- both physically and mentally- to a team, is something that … Continue reading

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