Lessons in Leadership: Be a Leader, Don’t Be In Charge

Paying homage to the former President of SGA, Rolando Rosales, who continuously submitted himself before God.

There’s a lot of pressure that comes with being the head of any organization. It’s one thing to be a leader under the authority of another leader; it’s another thing to be that leader in authority. Everyone looks to you for guidance; everything rides on your shoulders. You call the shots; you set the pace. Nothing gets done unless you set it in motion. Yeah, no pressure. Such were the thoughts that ran through my head when I first became the President of the Student Government Association (SGA) here at Nyack Manhattan Campus. I knew that I was the one … Continue reading

Why College Students Should Get onto LinkedIn NOW


The school year for many college students may not have started, but there is no better time to think of graduation and job hunting.  Back in the day, young grads could send out a legion of resumes to corporations around the country, confident that the fine-quality paper and title of baccalaureate was enough to clinch an offer letter. Times change. Instagram and Snapchat have ensured that young people are online, chatting with their peers and sharing their life stories.  But few of these millenials engage on the one online social site that could change their lives: LinkedIn. Why is LinkedIn Important? Business … Continue reading

After One Month in Thailand

erin on elephant

This week during my internship in Thailand has been full of culture and fun. I was so blessed to have a fellow Nyack student come out with a team from her church and to spend time with them throughout the week. Along with the day to day tasks I was also able to go along on several cultural events with her and her group. I rode an elephant, went to a cultural dinner, and shopped a special Sunday night market. But, even apart from these touristy attractions this week was all about falling in love with Thailand. I would look out the … Continue reading

How the Father’s Love Set Me Free: Amor do Pai


  “How deep the Father’s love for us How vast beyond all measure That He should give His only Son And make a wretch His treasure…” “Amor do Pai”;  the Father’s love here in Brazil has set me free from me. I have fought, struggled, faced tough decisions to let go of me and say yes to fully being alive in Him. I’ve made mistakes, I’ve been corrected, rebuked with words of love and been given an amazing opportunity to grow into the likeness of the son, Jesus Christ. In a place where I have been literally surrounded by grace, the … Continue reading

Internship: Thailand Pictures

thailand internship

It has been another exciting week in Thailand! I am living at one of the girl’s homes for Remember Nhu along with the 60 girls here. They are all in school so my week days consist of teaching English to the Thai house parents and other helpers from the home along with the two boy’s homes down the road. When I’m not teaching, I get to plan games for the kids, clean up around the house, do my laundry, or from time to time go and work on a new boy’s home they are building. The girls are all home from … Continue reading

7 Reasons Why Nyack is #MyTopCollege

nyc campus nyack

In light of the Forbes national search for the top colleges in the United States, I decided to give you some of the reasons why I love Nyack so much especially the Manhattan Campus! 1. Prayer is a lifestyle. We pray before our classes begin (especially on test days). We pray in the hallways. I’ve even seen prayer circles in the bathroom. We pray with each other. Then we pray for each other some more. It’s just the norm at Nyack.               2.  My professors know me. I am not just a nameless face to … Continue reading

Why My Job in Ministry is Worth It… Even though I’m Exhausted

One of my favorite de-stressing activities

I don’t know about you, but if I had to describe my summer in one word, it would be “busy”. Having a job in ministry, even part time ministry, leaves little free time to relax. Though my job is insanely fun, (I mean, come on, I get to hangout with teenagers all day, everyday) it is incredibly exhausting. Something my job has that a desk job doesn’t is total exhaustion– I’m talking physically, emotionally, and spiritually. Last week’s post, for example, gave you a snap shot of my week at the beach with high school students. While it was fun … Continue reading

A New Look Into Evangelism

street evangelism Paris

A personal essay by Daniel Ortiz, Admissions Counselor When I was told that part of the International Leadership Summit would be street evangelism and outreach, I immediately felt a knot in the pit of my stomach. It was the first week of a terribly harsh Winter season. I was ecstatic to see an email from the Christian organization, Envision, who was hosting the International Leadership Summit in Paris. My mentor, Dr. Martin Sanders, told me about this summit and how beneficial it would be for me as I am looking for my next steps into ministry and seeking to refine … Continue reading

Get Over Your “self”


” You need to get over yourself.” Were the tough yet loving words I needed to hear. We think about ourselves like A LOT. Like all of the time, a lot. Like more than we think about anything or anyone else; there is a constant ” me, me, me; I, I, I” track playing in our minds. “I have no friends here, I can’t have deep conversations here like I do at home, I feel alone, no one will like me, people don’t see me or my gifts, I am not known, I can do better, ( insert your own self-track here_________) …” If … Continue reading

Our Bloggers Write and Make a Difference in the World

jenn cook

A Letter from the Editor~ Melissa Ruttanai I’ve worked with many writers and bloggers in the past in a variety of fields and industries.  But this summer at Nyack College, I have been impressed.  I’ve been moved and inspired by the genuine passion of three of our veteran bloggers at Life at Nyack.  Almost two years ago, we sat together as a staff and talked about the ins and outs of blogging.  They discussed their degree majors and hobbies.  I thought I was imparting all the information to them—about the world of online publishing and storytelling.  But now, these three … Continue reading

PICTURES: Harvey Cedars Bible Conference Teen Week

Salem senior high students

This past week, the youth group I work with took our high schoolers to Harvey Cedars Bible Conference in New Jersey for their Senior High week. Harvey Cedars Bible Conference is a Christian organization which hosts Bible camps for people of all ages. My church took our senior high students there for a week of fellowship with other Christians, worship, learning, and fun! This was my second year at Harvey Cedars as a leader and it’s my favorite week of the year. Though I don’t have a part in organizing the week, I did have an opportunity to lead small … Continue reading

5 Things to Remember When Registering for Classes

Screenshot (2)

With summer here, it’s time to start thinking about the classes you’ll be taking next semester (actually, it’s a little past that time, but that’s irrelevant). By now returning students and new freshmen have probably realized that choosing classes in college is a bit different from high school: you can create your own schedule, fine-tune it to your preferences and convenience. While this is obviously a big plus to college life, there are some things you should keep in mind when you’re creating your schedule for next semester. Check the Catalogue for Classes Review the courses catalogue to see what classes are … Continue reading

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