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At Nyack College, students come from around the country and the globe to be part of our community.  Between our Manhattan and Rockland campuses we can say that we have one of the most diverse student bodies on the east coast.  But one of the greatest attributes of our school is the commonality we share through our Christian beliefs and our college’s core values. To celebrate, students can compete in our #IAMNYACK video contest!  Show how you best embody one of Nyack College’s core values and win a new Surface Pro Tablet too! Winning is easy! Create a video that … Continue reading

Giving Thanks at Thanksgiving

Some of the people I am most thankful for are my family!

When I first hear the word “Thanksgiving,” my immediate reaction is to think about the break I will be getting from school and the delicious food I will get to eat at home. But when I really think about why we have a break from school and why we eat such a big meal, I am reminded of why we really celebrate this holiday. Beyond the football, food, family, and fun, this day is a time to remember what we are thankful for. With the busy lives we have as college students, sometimes it is difficult to take the time … Continue reading

Business Majors: It’s all about who you know!

business school nyack

About a year ago, I was blessed to have an interview for an internship at a thriving boutique in downtown Nyack. I sat down with the owner, discussed my interests, passions, and experience, and a week later, I had the job! Working at Maria Luisa Boutique and it’s sister store, ML by Maria Luisa, has been one of the most educational experiences I’ve had during my college career. When I think back to how I got the interview for the job, I realize it was all because of people I had connections with here at Nyack College. One day, one … Continue reading

What Happens When I Skip a Meal and Go to Chapel

worship at nyack college

On Tuesday I went to chapel after a long day of work. I was tired and grumpy and just wanted to go home. I was expecting chapel to be pretty similar to a church service: worship, sermon, prayer, leave. Instead, chapel at Manhattan Campus took the untraditional route and was led by Nyack College students. To my surprise, our Student Government Treasurer, Jessica Leclere, went up to the front to perform a worship dance. The song and dance together were so beautiful (“Wonder” from Bethel—put it on your playlist!) that it took everything I had to not fall flat on the … Continue reading

What in the World is the Student Government Association?

student government

Whenever I tell Nyack students that I’m the president of SGA, I usually get the same response: “The president of what?” To make a long story short, the Student Government Association (SGA) is a group of students who represent the entire student body to the administration of Nyack College. Our main goal: serve students. We aim to make students’ lives at college as smooth and as fun as possible. In the past, we’ve helped build and advertise clubs, get discounts for students at various eateries in the neighborhood, get summer school 50% off for all Nyack students, and more. But enough … Continue reading

Working in a Health Clinic in Costa Rica

nursing at nyack college

This summer I had a really incredible opportunity to travel to Costa Rica and work in a health clinic there. In the community of La Carpio, where I worked, there are over 35,000 people living in a quarter of a square mile. Needless to say, it’s a little crowded. Most people there immigrated from Nicaragua and many still have family living there. It was very interesting to see the mix of the two cultures and learn both about Costa Rican heritage and Nicaraguan. A typical day there would start with taking the bus in the morning from the house where … Continue reading

Envision is Raising up a Generation for Kingdom Change.


This fall, Nyack College invited Ben Stewart, director of Envision, to speak in chapel. Ben talked about the mission of Envision, recapped past mission trips, advertised upcoming ones, and challenged the student body to take our faith seriously, and tell others about it. Envision is a CMA organization committed to raising up the millennial generation for kingdom change. Ben made the point that in not too many years, the world will be led by us– college students. Within 15 years, we will be in leadership positions in the church and secular communities across the globe. Envision has decided to train … Continue reading

Finding (and landing!) Your Dream Internship

Landing an internship is one of the most important career moves you can make while still in college. These days, it takes more than just a diploma in hand to land THE job.  Nyack College Intern Coordinator, Bud DiFluri, says students who have an internship while in college are much more likely to get a job after graduation than their colleagues who do not have internship experience. An internship will give you the career experience, practical know-how of your future career, and much needed job references. In preparing this blog post, I interviewed three current Nyack College students who had internships … Continue reading

Homecoming! Alumni are Evidence of God’s Work at Nyack

photo (7) - Copy

It’s homecoming weekend! Tents cover the parking lot near Moseley field, and campus is crawling with graduates back to catch up and see what’s changed. Unfortunately, I missed out on most of this year’s homecoming activities because of work. When I walked into Boon Center after work on Saturday evening, I sat on one of the couches in the lobby, closed my eyes, and took a few deep breaths. My mind wandered to all the things I had to get done in the remaining hours of my day. Emails, homework, tests, and work the next day all demanded my attention. … Continue reading

Fun and Games at Nyack College Homecoming 2014


Despite the rain this weekend, homecoming turned out to be an event not to miss. Saturday morning started out with the Warrior 5k run/3k walk. Faculty, alumni, and students all took part in this race and enjoyed the fun competition. The race was held in honor of Mr. David McCain, father of a former Nyack College softball player. He suffers from ALS, so half of the proceeds of the race went to help raise money for a special car for him.  He was honored by the gift and overjoyed to be at the race. After the race, the big white … Continue reading

Almost Done with College: Life’s Crossroads

summer internship Thailand

As the days run out for my time at Nyack, my mind is trapped thinking about the future. And, as my mind races wild my heart is caught between Thailand, America, and wherever I’m headed next. It’s a crazy realization to wake up one morning and realize all the plans you have made for your life are simultaneously ending and only beginning. My goals in life include college and a life overseas. At the end of the year, the college chapter will end forcing me to take the next step into my dreams. I feel like many friends I’ve talked … Continue reading

A Thursday Set Up by God

Met with this awesome group of student leaders. But first, let's take a selfie!

Ever had one of those days that you knew came straight from heaven, where it felt as if God set up a bunch of events that would show off his awesomeness in 24 hours? Last Thursday was definitely such a day for me. I woke up on Thursday ready to go back to sleep. Between Student Government Association meetings, work, and class, I’d been averaging 18 hour days all week (without coffee!). By Thursday I felt like the walking dead and wanted nothing more than for the day to be over so I could crawl back into bed. If only … Continue reading

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