Education Alumni Spotlight: Rebecca Collins

Rebecca Collins graduated from Nyack’s School of Education in 2011 with a degree in Early Childhood/Childhood Education, and then again in 2013 with a Master’s of Childhood Special Education. Since graduating, Rebecca has taken a job at a large public school district in Arizona, where she is a K-3 resource teacher. She is also the team lead for the special education program at the elementary school and the regional resource leader, supporting resource teachers at 7 elementary schools within the district. At home, Rebecca is a wife and foster mother to a 22 month old little boy named Jesse, who … Continue reading

Video: Meet Professor Dana Talley, School of Music

As a professor at Nyack College’s School of Music, what are you passionate about? The School of Music is about learning to communicate—learning to share, whether it be written, spoken, and especially, since it’s in music, singing or playing. How much can we give away to others the gifts that we have? That’s what I’m passionate about. Trying to teach people that it’s not about the talent they have, but how they give their talent to others that matters. What is the most important part about studying at Nyack College’s School of Music? We gather every week in something called … Continue reading

50th Anniversary Interview: Dr. Schepens

Dr. Bennett Schepens has been working at Nyack College since 1995, when he started as the Dean of the College of Education, Head of the Division of Education, and Dept. Chair of Secondary Education. In 2007, he became the Assistant Provost and Dean for Graduate and Professional Programs, and he has remained in those positions ever since. If you’re a part of the SoE, or if you follow my blogs, you are familiar with the SALT conceptual framework. What you might not know, however, if who created it. Dr. Schepens was one of the people that invented the SALT model, … Continue reading

50th Anniversary Interview: Professor Miriam Velez

Professor Miriam Velez of the School of Education has been working at Nyack College since 2000, when she began as the Director for Academic Development. She has also served as the Student Teacher Coordinator for the Manhattan Undergraduate Program for the last sixteen years and has been the director for Masters in Inclusive and Bilingual Education for the last three years. Here, in this series of stories about the 50th Anniversary of the School, she discusses the most important part of her work as an educator of educators. To Professor Velez, the SALT model at the School of Education is … Continue reading

Video: Meet Professor Carlos Velez, Pastoral Ministry

The Nyack College Pastoral Ministry department equips men and women to successfully serve the church and not-for-profit organizations locally and globally. We also prepare students to be ministers in the workplace in any professional context. We focus on the well-rounded development of our students in the areas of attitude, knowledge, and skill so that they graduate equipped with the following: an understanding of their unique calling and gifting; the ability to lead with a servant’s heart; a deep understanding of the Bible; healthy emotional, physical, and relational habits; spiritual maturity and passion; and the desire to apply biblical principles to every area … Continue reading

50th Anniversary Interview: Dr. Christine Buel

Dr. Christine Buel is the director of the Master’s degree for Childhood and Special Education. She has worked at Nyack College for 30 years and has served as an Academic Development Specialist HEOP and an Assistant Professor of Childhood Education. For those of you that don’t know, part of the School of Education’s mission involves following their SALT model (Service, Academics, Leadership, and Teaching) to prepare future educators, as well as to further develop current ones. The SALT model involves the whole person, not only when the individual is in the classroom. (To learn more about the SALT model, click … Continue reading

Video: The Most Important Part of Music Performance

As the Associate Dean of the School of Music NYC, Dr. Sue Talley believes that the most important thing students can do in music performance is to communicate. Music is communication. It’s a language… whether they are playing or singing. How are School of Music students trained at Nyack College? One of the things we try to do in training our students in music performance is giving them a feeling of confidence. And also assuring them that the most important thing they do in performing is communicate. Music is communication. It’s a language, of course, as people always say. But … Continue reading

Video: A Degree in Social Work Right for You?

Is a degree in social work right for you? There are many colleges that offer this degree. At Nyack College, see how we’re different. See how, if you come here, you’ll be much more than a number or even just another student in the classroom. As a candidate for a master’s degree in social work, you will be cared for as you pursue your profession. Meet Assistant Professor James Long of the School of Social Work. Learn about what it’s like to get an education at Nyack College NYC. What is something you love about the School of Social Work … Continue reading

Video: Pastor Charles Galbreath on Community Engagement

Nyack College and Alliance Theological Seminary are proud of the work our alumni do. Here, we introduce Pastor Charles Galbreath of Clarendon Road Church. He is a graduate of our seminary and works closely with his Brooklyn community. Pastor Charles Galbreath, Master of Divinity from Alliance Theological Seminary: I really do feel as though I was a missionary. I don’t come from New York. I’m not familiar with Brooklyn. I’m not connected here, so I’m coming in as an outsider. And so I’m asking the question: How can I as an outsider be able to connect with those who are … Continue reading

On The School of Education and its 50th Anniversary: An Interview with Professor Kristen Luba

     For those of you that don’t know, this year marks 50 years since the opening of the School of Education here at Nyack College. In honor of such, I have interviewed several of our School of Ed’s faculty and gotten their insight and perspective on the college, what changes they have witnessed in the School of Ed, and what being a part of the School of Education means to them. I hope you will join me these next weeks as we take a look back on where we came from and where we are headed as an institution. … Continue reading

Four Things I Wish I Knew as A Freshman

Welcome to Nyack, where your walk to class is uphill both ways. I hope you brought some decent shoes. — It seems like just yesterday I was preparing for my freshman year. Not of college, but of high school. I blinked, and then I was packing up the car and journeying across the midwest to get to Nyack for my freshman orientation. Now I’m preparing for my sophomore year of college. People are not kidding when they tell you that time flies. As I approach my sophomore year and reflect on my freshman year, there are things I wish people … Continue reading

10 Reasons to Consider a Remote Internship

This summer, I interned remotely at The Borgen Project, a non-profit based in Seattle, Washington. Working remotely has its benefits, including no geographical limitations and increased accountability. It has also helped me determine how I work best and how to work smart and efficiently. Benefits to a remote internship: No Geographical Limitations You can choose to intern anywhere in or outside your state without the travel. If opportunities in your field (or your dream job) are not near where you live or are limited, you can intern elsewhere without leaving home or having the expense of travel. Flexibility Most remote … Continue reading

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