Learning to Value Rest

When is the last time you took time to do nothing? Like just sat. And took deep breaths. And let your brain relax. If you’re like me, those moments come sparingly during my week. And that is really bad. Really, really bad. “Stop the glorification of busy.” “You are not a robot — you are not built to be ‘on’ all the time.” What a concept, huh? Because America values success and money, something has to fall to the bottom of the totem pole: emotional, spiritual, and physical health. It’s funny because the latter should be the foundation of all that … Continue reading

Spring is Coming: Be Kind to Yourself


As I sat down to write my blog this week, a thousand thoughts swarmed around in my head. Thoughts of spring, lessons I’ve been learning, blogs I’ve been planning to write for a long time… None lacked direction, but all seemed to point in a different one. The trouble was that they all felt of equal importance and fought for my attention. Long story short, as I sat with my thoughts, one began to bleed into the next. Suddenly, my ideas linked arms, became friends, and began to walk in a similar direction which is this: Spring is coming, and with … Continue reading

Clearing Mosley Field our own Way


When we woke up on Saturday morning, scheduled to play a game against Caldwell, we found our field covered in snow.     Although our game was postponed, we needed to have the field clear for practice and to play our games this upcoming week.  Since we don’t have a way to plow the field, we came up with our own way to clear it of snow. We were able to roll the snow off the field like giant hay bales.  Here are they results: And with so many balls of snow, we had to build a snowman. Here’s the … Continue reading

Tips on How We Learn and How We Best Learn from a Teacher in Training

Junior year is known for being the most grueling course load for Education majors at Nyack College. Big changes happen or start to happen: you start your Methods courses, you have an increased amount of student observation hours required, and you take more certification tests. This is really the year you learn to be a teacher. It’s a fast-paced, exciting time in the program that is practical to our development as future educators. Even better than that, what we learn extends to all different areas of life. And while I’ve been learning how to teach, I’ve also understood how to learn. It … Continue reading

Why trust a pilot but not God?


To be trusted is a greater compliment than being loved. -George MacDonald Recently, on a flight from Atlanta to Philadelphia, I found myself thinking about trust. I’ve flown several times in my life and rarely get nervous on flights. They’ve become a part of my life, a necessity to travel, and I don’t find myself being made tense by turbulence or takeoffs. I’m perfectly comfortable flying because I trust that the pilot knows how to fly. On this particular flight to Philly, it was incredibly foggy and rainy. As I thought about how terrified I would be in the pilot’s … Continue reading

10 Things to Do on a RoadTrip with Teammates


This spring break my lacrosse team is taking a trip to North Carolina and West Virginia. We had games, fun activities, and a pretty sweet hotel waiting for us when we got there, but what stood in between us and all that fun was a seven hour road trip in school vans. As much as we all love each other, seven hours squished together in vans can be rough. But we are finding ways to make it enjoyable and make the drive part of the fun. Here are 10 things we thought of doing to help pass the time: Bring … Continue reading

I am Woman

the ladies woman

I was 24 years old going into my senior year. A college girl who needed to get her act together quickly in order to step into her womanhood. There were many obstacles to over come and accomplishments to be had in order to deserve the title “Woman”. I needed to find a husband, buy a home, bear a couple of children and then maybe I could embrace what being a woman was all about. This is the lie that many young women of my generation and those following us believe; being a woman doesn’t begin until one is a wife, a … Continue reading

What One Student Thinks About On Spring Break

I am very lucky. I have been spending my Spring Break in Myrtle Beach with 10 of my closest friends. It has been a trip full of laughter, bonding, family dinners, sunsets & sunrises, collecting shells on the beach, walking to get cheaply priced (but high quality) milkshakes, and late night deep talks on our balcony looking over the ocean. It feels like a dream. My favorite conversation so far happened yesterday with my best friend as we floated through the in-door lazy river. She was sharing a life-changing experience she had in PSF (Personal Spiritual Formation class) last week … Continue reading

Why I Joined the Program: Woman

View More: http://andresvalenzuela.pass.us/woman2014

A guest post by Emmaline Kempf, Senior at Nyack College, School of Music Two years ago Dr. Amy Davis Abdallah asked me to participate in her program called Woman for that coming year. Unfortunately I was only a sophomore that year and the program was only designed for seniors. But I knew that it was something I wanted to do my senior year here at Nyack College. Now I am a senior participating in the Woman program and I am so grateful for this experience! The outline of the program studies different aspects in a woman’s relationship with God, herself, … Continue reading

VIDEO: Meet the Woman’s Lacrosse Team

Strength comes from working hard in the small things and working together.

With the Nyack College lacrosse season finally underway, it’s exciting to be playing games and watching our long hours of preparation finally be put to the test. This season we have a whole new team, combining freshmen, transfers, and returners. We are playing smarter, stronger, and harder, working to come together and make history this season. Each and every individual is an essential part of the team and we are led by two incredible coaches who push us each day to play to our potential. As the season kicks off, we are ready to do things never done before in lacrosse. … Continue reading

6 Websites That College Students Need To Know


“The United States spent 121 billion minutes on social media sites in July 2012 alone, according to Nielsen’s annual Social Media report. That’s 388 minutes — or 6-1/2 hours — per person (if every person in the U.S. used social media). Altogether, that’s 230,060 years we spent staring into the glaring screen of so-called sharing, instead of going outside and playing with our friends, like we’re supposed to do in July!” – Helen A.S. Popkin, NBC News. Just take a moment to let that sink in. 121 billion minutes. In one month. 6.5 hours per person 230,060 years spent staring … Continue reading

“There is No God.” Are You Ready for That Conversation?


Picture this: A man comes onto the Nyack College campus and starts defending child slavery. He stands in Boon lobby yelling, “Children don’t deserve to be treated with dignity, only adults do! Child slavery leads to lower production costs and therefore lower prices for the consumer! Support child slavery!” I have a feeling that many of us would stop in our tracks. As Christians, we find people to be valuable– children and adults, slave and free. If someone came to a prevalent place of faith and preached these ideas, I don’t doubt that people would stand up to him. Alright, … Continue reading

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