“There is No God.” Are You Ready for That Conversation?


Picture this: A man comes onto the Nyack College campus and starts defending child slavery. He stands in Boon lobby yelling, “Children don’t deserve to be treated with dignity, only adults do! Child slavery leads to lower production costs and therefore lower prices for the consumer! Support child slavery!” I have a feeling that many of us would stop in our tracks. As Christians, we find people to be valuable– children and adults, slave and free. If someone came to a prevalent place of faith and preached these ideas, I don’t doubt that people would stand up to him. Alright, … Continue reading

What is the Book of Womanhood?


Written by Associate Professor of Theology and Bible at Nyack College, Dr. Amy Davis-Abdallah When Wanda Velez, Wanda Walborn, and I met in the fall of 2010 to plan a rite of passage for spring, 2011, I didn’t even dream that Woman would grow to be a year-long process, produce two journal articles and The Book of Womanhood (soon to be published by Cascade Books), and form a strong community of 20 mentors, 58 alumnae, and 26 current participants. We started small! Women that I know and respect from varied backgrounds (ethnicity, age, marital status, etc.) gathered in my attic apartment … Continue reading

What it Means to be a Student-Athlete at Nyack College


Going to college and getting a degree can be a big task to complete–and so is playing a college sport. It can often be hard to balance both and be successful both on the field and in the classroom. But here at Nyack College, we are given support so that we can succeed in our education and in our sport. Many people don’t understand the hard work, long hours, and dedication that stand behind the title “Student-Athlete.” Athletes are just known as the people who walk around campus all day in sweats. But when you are an Student-Athlete at Nyack, … Continue reading

The Fire: A Small Group Reaching Across Age Boundaries.

photo 2

Don’t let anyone look down on you because you’re young, but set an example for believers in speech, in conduct, in love, in faith, and in purity. -1 Timothy 4:12 Having grown up in Christian school, I have always been familiar with this verse. 1 Timothy 4:12 was posted on the walls of Sunday school classrooms, preached from the youth group pulpit, and the favorite verse of many of my young classmates. I recently re-read this verse and realized that I was very familiar with the first part of the verse, but not the second. This verse is two-fold; not … Continue reading

Preparation: Why it Matters

Strength comes from working hard in the small things and working together.

     As my lacrosse team closes out preseason and prepares for our first game this coming Saturday, I have been taking the time to think about all the hard work that has gone into preparation for this moment.  With over a month of practices, lifts, and runs at all hours of the day and in all different weather, our team has gone through a lot to get ready for this season.  Although everyone might not be preparing for lacrosse season, everyone has something they are working towards.  Here are some things that I think will help you prepare successfully for … Continue reading

5 Tips to Boost Motivation and Creativity

As the semester sets in and we start to feel the weight of all that’s on our plates, motivation quickly begins to waver. College students have so many elements pushing up against them; there’s a reason the graduation rate isn’t 100%, we deal with some heavy stuff! But we’re not done with that. Just because something is hard does not mean we should immediately back down from it just yet. You might be able to empower yourself to handle even more than you once thought. I recently read an article written by Time Magazine that scientifically studied motivation and poses … Continue reading

CityServe: Sharing the Whole Gospel with the Whole World

Andrew Palau (second to right on the top) and the team from Nyack College NYC

In a sermon last semester, I shared my desire for Nyack College to share the gospel throughout New York City (you can read more about that nervous breakdown here). Jesus gave us one final command before leaving this earth: go and make disciples of all nations. And honestly? We’re having a hard time following that. New York City holds 80 million people representing every country in the world (speaking of all nations) in its boundaries. Forbes magazine calls New York City the most influential city in the entire world, and it just so happens that God placed a Christian college … Continue reading

Reaching the Local Community Through Lacrosse

girls lacrosse

Playing college lacrosse has given me such an incredible opportunity to not only influence people at Nyack College, but also to reach out to the community. The past two weekends, my team has been able to host youth clinics to teach kids, from elementary school all the way up to high school, how to play lacrosse. Through these clinics we have been able to not only help these kids develop their skills, but also teach them what it looks like to play with diligence and character. So many kids these days are taught how to play sports with skill, but … Continue reading

Lots of Love: Valentine’s Day Advice from Christian and Secular Sources

Need a fun spot to hangout with friends or your bae? Check out the Art Cafe downtown!

Valentine’s Day… cue the cheesiness, the weeping girls, the chick flick movie nights, and the countless articles about whether you’re dating a boy or a man. Pass the roses at the grocery store and get butterflies if you know there will be some on your doorstep, and grab a tissue if you’re quite sure there won’t be. This is the Valentine’s Day atmosphere the media has created and, unfortunately, too many of us buy into it (literally and figuratively). But, I’m here to tell you that I’m a lover of Valentine’s Day, whether single or not. We love because Christ … Continue reading

5 Top Tips to Prepare for the NYS Teacher Certification Tests


“College will be hard” – this phrase is something every high school senior has heard time after time. But in reality, no student understands the difficulty of college until you’re sitting in Dunkin Donuts at 4 AM trying to finish a paper, still recovering from the atomic bomb of stress that hit you the week prior. Yes, college is hard. But as Christians, we know that difficult experiences are something that Jesus promises. And there is a purpose in every promise he breathes to life. James 1 says it beautifully, “Dear brothers and sisters, when troubles of any kind come … Continue reading

5 Tips for Staying Healthy this Season!

getting sick in winter

Time is precious, am I right? As college students, we must choose 2 of the 3 “S’s”: Sleep, Studies, and Social Life. Will you have no friends but ace every test? Do well in school, have tons of friends, but never sleep? Finding a balance between these 3 things is definitely possible, but one thing is for sure, we all wish we had more time. Time is the one thing we cannot afford to waste. In my opinion, getting sick is a big waste of time, and I’ll do everything I can to avoid it. Here are some tips for … Continue reading

Run with Perseverance

how to be a winner

Perseverance. Just that one word is enough to make me cringe, give me hope, and help me push harder than I ever thought possible all at the same time. With the start of a new semester, perseverance is something that I am going to need a lot of. Between early morning practices for lacrosse, long lectures for nursing, all-day clinicals, and work, I have a lot to do this semester. There will be joy, there will be pain, there will be struggles, and there will be successes: the only way to get through it all will be with perseverance. Not … Continue reading

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