“Don’t Miss it ’till it’s Gone”

This weekend, I had the opportunity to be the returning worship leader at my home church’s youth beach retreat. This was a retreat I had been on as a high school student, and last year as a worship leader. I was excited to be invited back, but even more excited to work with the speaker– my brother, Patrick. Patrick and I grew up in this youth group together and have even gone on this same retreat together. It was so cool to work alongside my brother this weekend and experience this awesome retreat in a totally different way. Instead of staying … Continue reading

The Blessing of Not Knowing

Imagine, for a moment, what it must have been like to be one of the first humans on earth. The God of the universe saw it fit to create you, give you everything you ever needed, and take walks with you in a beautiful garden. You exist perfectly and confidently in who you are. You don’t know what it’s like to feel shame. You have all you could ever need both physically and spiritually, without a need to look elsewhere for anything. Then, all of a sudden, everything you know changes completely. Suddenly, you make a choice that completely alters … Continue reading

Serving and Volunteering in Cameroon as a Nursing Student


As I took a walk down the dark red dirt roads this afternoon, I thought about the journey it took to get me here, in Banso, Cameroon. First, a 7 hour flight from Boston to Paris. Then, a 2 hour layover, 60 minute delay, shuttle bus to a new plane because the one we were supposed to fly on broke down, another hour wait on the plane, and finally takeoff for a 5 hour flight to Douala, Cameroon. After getting through customs and security in Douala, there was finally a time to rest at a guest house for the night. … Continue reading

6 Tips to Help you get through Finals Week


With finals this week it is easy to become overwhelmed with all the studying, papers, and projects that need to be done before you can officially say you are on summer break. Even though the semester will be over in less than 7 days, it feels as though there is a month’s worth of work standing between you and handing in that final exam. Although these next few days will be stressful and a lot of work, here are some things that can help you make it through: Find a quiet place to study= Whether it be the library, Starbucks, … Continue reading

Nyack College’s 2015 Valedictorian: From Guyana to Morgan Stanley

Roxanne Caleb Valedictorian

Nyack College is proud to announce our 2015 Valedictorian: Roxanne Caleb of Queens Village, New York.  She has worked at Morgan Stanley for over 28 years and this is her story: I was born on September 22, 1958 in Georgetown, Guyana. I attended Bishops’ High School (the leading girls’ school) and graduated in 1976. In 1984, I immigrated to the United States of America. On July 14,1986, I joined Morgan Stanley (then Dean Witter) where I have worked for the past 28 years and 9 months. I worked in three departments, Data Entry, Margins and finally Legal and Compliance division where … Continue reading

Pursuing your Passions like you Need to Breathe


I recently heard a motivational video about what would happen if we lived life needing to succeed as much as we need to breathe. It talked about how we will do anything we can to breathe because in order to live, we need to breathe. When we are struggling to breathe, it becomes our only focus, and we will sacrifice anything else to allow us to take in that next breath of air. It suggested that if we lived life prioritizing success as much as we prioritize breathing, nothing would be able to stop us from achieving success. Although I … Continue reading

7 Prime Study Spots for Finals Weeks

nyack lib

I hate to say this, but finals is slowly creeping towards us with no avail. If you’re ever at the Rockland Campus, the frenzy has begun. Packed study areas, limited sanity, and coffee. Lots of coffee. I love to study, but I have found it hard to continue the routine in a monotonous setting. One can only take so much of sitting in the library all semester! So I’ve compiled a list for all you faithful study-ers out there who need a change of scenery in the midst of this crazy time. 1. Panera – Right behind the Palisades Mall … Continue reading

Life is Made Up of Puzzle Pieces

photo (42)

Life is a puzzle made up of thousands of different pieces. Some pieces look like love. Love pieces are those relationships we form with people who become like family to us– those people we couldn’t imagine life without. Love pieces are also middle school crushes and high school flings– those things that taught us what love is not. Love pieces are experiences you’ll never forget, songs you’ll always know every word of, and places you’ll always know every corner of. Some pieces reek of loss. Loss pieces are made when you really thought he was the one, but he didn’t seem to agree. … Continue reading

5 Great Places to Run in Nyack


As the weather gets warmer, you no longer have the excuse that it’s too cold to run outside. It’s about time to break out those sneakers and hit the road. But it can get boring running the same loops around campus over and over or having to constantly watch your back for cars when running on the road. Here’s some spots to check out that will change up the scenery and give you a nice run: -Rockland Lake: If you follow 9W past Nyack Hospital, you will eventually find Rockland State Park. This park contains a 3.1 mile (5k) loop … Continue reading

Education Across the Disciplines: 4th Annual Student Research Conference


On March 26th, 2015, Nyack College held the Fourth Annual Student Research Conference. Boasting of over a hundred student entries this year, it was a definite success. The purpose of this conference is to train students in professional development, master communication skills, engage with professors and colleagues, and learn how to showcase research. A few fellow Education majors took part in the Conference and were able to share ideas and data gathered that explored “Visions for Tomorrow,” the theme for this year. I stopped by the Conference to see what the student body had produced — and it was awesome! Bowman Gymnasium … Continue reading

Nyack’s Day of Service: What Jesus Would Do


In my last blog, I spoke about the Luis Palau Association’s CityServe movement, which seeks to proclaim the gospel throughout our great New York City with one simple task: service. We as Christians have gotten very creative in our attempts to share the good news of Christ with others. We have outdoor crusades to draw crowds, preach to subway passengers during the morning commute, slip tracts through our neighbor’s fences (and in the candy bags on Halloween—you know you’ve seen it happen), and integrate ourselves into mainstream media in the hopes that the world will pay attention. And while our … Continue reading

Nyack Street Fair in Pictures!


Several times throughout the year, there is a street fair in downtown Nyack. Businesses and local artists set up tents up and down Main Street and Broadway. Local restaurants cook and serve outdoors, and people from all over congregate to experience it. The Nyack Street Fair has always been one of my favorite things about living in this part of New York. Just a short walk from Nyack’s Rockland campus, the Street Fair doesn’t disappoint.

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