My Last Week in Thailand: The Confusion in Leaving

erin last week in thailand

This is my last week in Thailand. It is shocking to me to think that I have already been an intern here for seven weeks. Those weeks have taught me many new lessons, drawn me closer to the Lord, and given me many precious friendships. I have learned more about myself and about God and the amazing ways he works in our lives. And, above all I have seen the unique ways that love can be expressed. The people here, who I have had the pleasure of working with, live lives which express the most selfless form of sacrificial love. I … Continue reading

Take Chances: God Will Make You The Person He Wants You to Be

summer break travel

With only weeks left before returning to my studies at Nyack College, this past weekend, my sister and I traveled to Washington DC! We took the train in, rented an apartment in the city and spent time eating delicious food, visiting national monuments and museums, and experiencing new things together. If there’s one thing I’ve learned throughout my college years, it’s that I love to travel, and how much I enjoyed this trip was evident of that. Someday, I hope to have kids and I want to be able to tell them about the places I saw, the people I met, and … Continue reading

Tips for Nursing Students: From First Semester to Exam Time

nursing program nyack college

By Yee Yang, Admissions Counselor~ August is known to be one of the most hectic months for nursing students who are entering into college.  It is a time of transition and change for most people, whether they are coming right out of high school or transferring from one school to Nyack College. Nevertheless, there are a few things that students can do to help make this transition a little easier and less stressful. Five Tips for Incoming Nursing Students Make sure you have started to work on your chemistry homework for the summer.  Engaging in the ALEKS program will help … Continue reading

Alumni Spotlight: Justin Thornton ’07, Pastoral Ministry

Thornton family nyack alumni

A 2007 graduate from Nyack College, Justin Thornton knew that by studying pastoral ministry he wanted to plant churches.  He knew he wanted to be a pastor and he knew that “youth ministry was the first option [he had] to learn how to love people.” Currently, he resides in Michigan with his wife and family.  There, he is the lead pastor at Jericho Road Church as well as the Church Planting Coach for the Great Lakes District.  Holding two distinct positions may seem like a huge feat but Justin stated that though the time seems split “it all flows together.” Over … Continue reading

Majoring in Psychology at Nyack: More Than You Thought It Was

psychology major at nyack college

I would love to say that I chose to major in psychology because I have always had a burning desire to study the human mind, but to be honest,  I did it because my high school wouldn’t allow me to take a psychology course with my bad grades. Choosing to study psychology at Nyack College was my way of sticking my tongue out at them. It was an on-the-spot, bratty decision, and yet it was one of the best choices I’ve ever made. Whenever I tell people that I’m a psychology major, I usually get one of a few responses: “Oh, … Continue reading

Thailand Internship: Running out of Time but Staying Strong with Love

thailand internship

There is this horrible and wonderful thing that happens when you travel: you fall in love. Somehow you look past the heat, bugs, and strange food to see the incredible beauty of a place. I’ve been away from home and everything I know and love for six weeks now. Those weeks here in Thailand have held laughs, adventures, tears, friendship and so much change. I have experienced many new and amazing things, but have also experienced days of culture shock and confusion. But, this week I felt so connected to this culture and its people that I truly did fall in … Continue reading

Sometimes My Time in Brazil is Like a Dark Night of the Soul

Beach Day

” Through the dark night of the soul there is still a bride coming forth…” – Rick Pino  I arrived to Brazil filled with uncertainties. I had no idea what to expect. I knew in the depths of my soul I was meant to be here and I knew there was something God needed to do in me during my time at Shores of Grace. Before coming I ordered a book from Amazon titled “Mansions of the Heart”. I’d heard a lot about this book from one of my professors and mentors at Nyack College: Dr. Rob Reimer. My first … Continue reading

Meet the New NYC Coordinator of Student Activities

No work is complete without a hot cup of tea in Cezanne's office

Ever wondered who comes up with all the awesome events we have on the Nyack College Manhattan Campus?  Well now you’ll know!   Meet Cezanne Perez, our new Coordinator of Student Activities! Cezanne has been working with us since January of 2014 and has been nothing but a blessing to the entire campus. I’ve had the privilege of getting to know her in these last few months and I absolutely love her.  Her warmth and bubbly personality brightens the lower level of the school, and her enthusiasm for Nyack College students is evident through the many events she coordinates, all … Continue reading

How My Mom’s Solid Foundation Helped Build Mine

photo (33)

The other day, as I was waiting for the microwave to finish cooking my food, I looked above the microwave to a mounted shelf. This shelf has held books of my mother‘s for as long as I can remember. However, I’ve never really given this shelf more than a passing glance until the other day. First, The American Woman’s Cook Book, well worn with tattered binding and doggy-eared pages. Next, Heloise’s Housekeeping Hints: a classic book with tips on entertaining, cleaning, and staying sane through it all. These books were followed by homemade cook books, guides on food ingredients and nutritional information, … Continue reading

PHOTOS: The Only Intern Left But Still Moving Forward With Work

internship with boys orphanage

  Change. For many, it is the most annoying, yet inevitable thing about life. This week has held a lot of change here for me in Thailand. And, while I am usually not the biggest fan of new things however I have come to realize not only its necessity, but that not all change is bad. It brings about newness and can provide fresh beginnings with new adventures. This week Remember Nhu, here in Thailand said goodbye to some beloved interns as the term ended for a few and one moved to a new house. We also just got a … Continue reading

Teaching Sunday School Through James Chapter 1

teaching sunday school

Part of my job as a youth intern is teaching youth group Sunday school. Today, I finished a three week series on the topic of faith and works. The first week was very topical, and the last two weeks were spent going through and discussing the first chapter of James verse by verse. In going through the text, I had a lot of good discussion with students about interpretation and application. Above all, I learned a ton in my preparation for these lessons, as I read through James and tried to understand as much of it as deeply as I … Continue reading

Lessons in Leadership: Be a Leader, Don’t Be In Charge

Paying homage to the former President of SGA, Rolando Rosales, who continuously submitted himself before God.

There’s a lot of pressure that comes with being the head of any organization. It’s one thing to be a leader under the authority of another leader; it’s another thing to be that leader in authority. Everyone looks to you for guidance; everything rides on your shoulders. You call the shots; you set the pace. Nothing gets done unless you set it in motion. Yeah, no pressure. Such were the thoughts that ran through my head when I first became the President of the Student Government Association (SGA) here at Nyack Manhattan Campus. I knew that I was the one … Continue reading

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