Things to Do in New York City over the Summer Part 1


As many of you are probably aware, in addition to its Rockland campus located in upstate New York, Nyack College has a New York City location in lower Manhattan. The Manhattan site is a commuter campus, so most of the students that attend it live in the New York City area. However, a lot of Rockland students are from the New York City area as well. Now that school is out they are back, and both Rockland and New York City students have the opportunity to enjoy all the city has to offer this summer. Besides, we live in one … Continue reading

We Change and We Learn

what you learn freshman year

Freshman year for me, and most college freshmen, was about experiences. Everything was new, but eventually the excitement faded away and routine settled in. As soon as I left for the summer, I began to miss the routine – my friends, classes, and the many faces I had seen everyday around campus. When I returned home, I realized how quiet the world can actually be. I remember laughing when my voice echoed when I called my dog’s name in my backyard. I would have never thought twice about it before. I can honestly say that today I thought of the … Continue reading

How to Survive Your 8 a.m. Class

As someone who is not a morning person, I understand your struggle. I know that you study, work, stay up late, and try to keep a social life intact. It is difficult, and yes, it is an endless cycle. Sleep inevitably, at one point or the other, falls by the wayside. I had my first 8 a.m. class last semester. Despite having days when it was indeed a struggle, I eventually began to enjoy having a class in the morning. It gave me an early start to my day. It helped me make the most out of my time, especially … Continue reading

How to Choose the Best Summer Reading List

We’re at the point in the summer when you may need a change of pace. Whatever your summer plans are they’re probably set, and you’re either trudging through them, sleeping through them, or running wild through them. I don’t know where you are, but reading during the summer months has been a source of strength–and often needed conviction for me, depending on what I’m reading. It’s one of the best rituals of the summer to finish school, visit the public library, and bring home a stack of books.Sometimes, though, you have a problem. You get lost in having too many … Continue reading

10 Reasons You Should Check Out the Education Program at Nyack

I wanted to make a list for you guys this week. Lists such as“Five Steps For Fantastic Eyebrows” or “Six Steps for Speed Reading War and Peace” are all over the internet, but today I wanted to share one of my lists with you: 10 Reasons You Should Check Out the Education Program at Nyack College #1 The Professors, the Professors, the Professors They’re amazing people. They want you to succeed, and will remember your name. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve had to drop off a form or something at one of their offices, and they ended up … Continue reading

Pink Lemonade and Christ’s Love

I am reminded and I am convicted. What I’m doing this summer is just as valuable as the summer of someone’s else fabulous summer doing fabulous things. If I live this summer in love, my service remains because of that love. Dear readers, whether you are working in an orphanage or serving pink lemonade live your life through Christ’s love. It’s June already. I can’t believe that. A few weeks ago I just wrote about making the trek back home to Indiana. The summer is here. Summer days filled with work: rushing glasses of lemonade to customers and taking pizza … Continue reading

Intern Your Life Away

Last summer when I was looking for a job, my friend told me about an internship with NBC Universal. The internship was emailed to her by her old school and she read the description and noticed its media/Communications elements would match my Communications major and sent it to me. I love it because I thought it would match what I was studying perfectly, but had to put off applying because they required a Sophomore or above status during the time of the internship – I was just starting my Freshman year. Less than a year later, I was talking with … Continue reading

Dear Freshmen: May You Ask

A world without questions… I’m sitting at my kitchen counter thinking about that, “What would a world look like without questions?” The answer slowly overcomes me. Without questions there are no answers. Friends, Whether you’ve been enrolled at Nyack for five semesters or are reading this blog because you’re nervous/thrilled/excited about being a freshman this Fall, I offer you this: ask questions. I don’t offer you this so you can neatly fold it into your pocket, like a napkin from yesterday’s lunch. I offer you this thought in order that you may indeed begin to ask questions. I implore you … Continue reading

4 Summer Tips to Stay in Tune with God

For many students, Nyack is one of the few places where they can immerse themselves in all things Christ-like. Other places might be their church or Bible studies. Sometimes work and home environments are not conducive to feeding your Spirit the right things and you can subsequently get out of tune with God. Because of this, spending 4 months away from a school that has an environment that is conducive to staying in tune with God might be a challenge for some students. So to help ease that struggle this summer, here are a few ways to keep your Spirit appropriately … Continue reading

The Class I Didn’t Want to Take

I’m going to be a little honest here.  There was a class I really didn’t want to take. I know what you’re thinking, don’t we all have classes like that? Well, this class I extra didn’t want to take. I remember finding out about this class. It was a game changer. What happened was our department used to require us to take a two-credit freshman seminar on Education. However, the requirements changed and those two credits were moved to a two-semester seminar during junior year. I groaned, probably out loud. One extra credit may not sound like a big deal, … Continue reading

How to Make the Most Out of Your College Years

After a year on campus, I have learned from friends and upperclassmen what has made the greatest impact on the college experience. Here are tips that will help you make endless memories and enjoy these four years of your life. Live on Campus When you live on campus, the proximity to campus events, other students, and local activities means you will be more likely to be involved in your school and make friends more easily. Living in the dorms will help you create community on campus with other students who are both similar to and different from you. Study Abroad … Continue reading

NYC Nyackers Go Global during the Summer

It’s no secret that due to its long history of international immigration, New York City is home to hundreds of nationalities. Many people of these nationalities have found their way to Nyack College. Dominican Republic, China, Jamaica, Guyana, Mexico, Ecuador, Haiti, Trinidad and Tobago (yay!), the Bahamas, the Virgin Islands, Colombia, Puerto Rico, and Nigeria are the countries that are represented in this school that I can think of off the top of my head. Of course there are many more. It’s like a mini United Nations. All these countries coming together under one roof to earn a faith-based higher education … Continue reading

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