Loving Selflessly– The Challenge of Taming the Tongue


“…For out of the overflow of the heart, the mouth speaks.” Luke 6:45 All of us remember a moment like that. A moment when someone spoke out against us. Maybe you lashed out, maybe you tried to laugh it off, but it damaged you in one way or another. That’s what words do. James says that the tongue is “a restless evil full of deadly poison” (James 3:8). A restless evil- an evil avert to remaining at rest. Taming our tongues is one of the biggest and most important challenges that faces every one of us on a daily basis. Sadly, I … Continue reading

Winter Sports at Nyack


With all this snow outside, it is finally starting to feel like winter. And with winter, comes one of everyone’s favorite sports to watch…basketball! The season is coming near to the end, and you don’t want to miss out on some of the key games coming up soon. Not only do you get to watch high-level, Division II basketball, you also get a chance to enter different halftime competitions and win different awesome prizes. And if you come out and cheer loud enough, maybe you will help our teams make it to the playoffs! Check out the schedules below with … Continue reading

The Petrified Preacher

student government president

As SGA President, I have a lot of responsibilities that I’m expected to fulfill. I need to meet the needs of the student body, equip my team to serve in their positions, conduct meetings, plan events, fill out paperwork… And preach. It’s tradition on the Nyack NYC Campus that once a semester, the Student Government Association takes over one chapel service, during which the SGA President gives the word. While I was prepared for almost all of the duties of the Student Government President, it was that last one that nagged at me before I even took on the role. … Continue reading

Why I Love Being an Education Major

meeting at McDonald's to tackle a tough end-of-the-semester project with my fellow Ed majors.

We all sat there in a building that would soon be our second home on campus, eagerly awaiting the informal initiation into the School of Education (SOE): Freshman Seminar taught by the illustrious and light-hearted Dr. Harrigan. He glanced around at us, his glasses sitting customarily a little low on his nose, paired with his accustomed wide grin. “Welcome to class!” he said with his energetic & immediately recognizable voice. I knew my semester was off to a good start. While it isn’t offered as a course anymore, Freshman Seminar in Education was a turning point for me and my … Continue reading

Why There’s So Much to Be Thankful for at the Alliance Theological Seminary

Ron Walborn

It was finals week when Life at Nyack caught up with Ron Walborn, the Dean of the Alliance Theological Seminary.  He was relaxed and cheerful, not because his stack of grading was coming to an end.  He was cheerful because there was much to be thankful for and look forward to at Nyack’s ATS. At the national seminary of the Christian and Missionary Alliance, Ron says there is “a vision to minister across denominational boundaries” and he is excited to celebrate many things in the New Year.  So what events are making Ron so happy?   Celebrating the continued growth … Continue reading

Why You Must Job Shadow

job shadowing for a better job

          This past week I had the opportunity to go to the Emergency Department in one of the local hospitals in my area. I was able to shadow a doctor, physician assistant, and nurse practitioner. This experience gave me the chance to see how an Emergency Department is run and learn what the role of each of the healthcare providers was. I was able to observe procedures, patient interaction, diagnoses, and treatment plans. I left with a better idea of what career options I will have after graduation and a better feel for what type of job I think … Continue reading

When I Couldn’t Pray for Myself

prayer at nyack college

It’s been a while since I’ve posted anything. Not too long after my last blog was published, my life, in the words of Will Smith, got flipped-turned upside down. The sudden death of my aunt and the ensuing custody battle for her 16 year old daughter rocked my entire family’s world and threw our lives into chaos. School and work were thrust to the back of my mind as I attempted to help my family (emotionally and in court) and devastated cousin in any way I could. Regularly scheduled life was put on hold as I struggled with this tragedy. … Continue reading

Where to Buy Textbooks

selling textbooks

There’s less than two weeks left in break, and that means that it’s time to start thinking about buying books. College is already very expensive and many students are putting all of their income towards paying off their tuition. When you think about buying books on top of everything else you are paying for, it can be stressful. College textbooks cost a lot, and when you finally are done purchasing everything you need for a class, you have often spent hundreds of dollars. It is important to have all the resources you need for classes, but how do you do … Continue reading

How to Write a Resume and Nail an Interview!

interview tips

Happy 2015! Here’s to a fresh start, and intentional resolutions. Speaking of resolutions, did you make one this year? A good resolution for any college student is to do more job searching.  I know, it seems scary, and many of us feel unqualified or under-prepared, but the only way to overcome these insecurities is to practice. I can promise you one thing, you will be turned down. As bright and beautiful as you are, there will be people that don’t seem to think you’re “the right fit”, but let me tell you, rejection yields growth…trust me. Here are two tips for … Continue reading

National Movie Premiere by Nyack Alumnus: Ryan Walters

going through the motions

On Tuesday, January 13, 2015, Nyack graduate Ryan Walters premieres his short film Going through the Motions which tackles the persistence of lukewarm Christianity.  After months of planning and prayer, the film releases to the public along with kits and materials to help churches and youth groups grapple with the idea that some Christians don’t truly and actively engage with what it means to be a follower of Christ.  Walters stated that he has a “holy discontent for lukewarm Christianity” and even though he hated writing, this passion “made it a favorite hobby.’  The hobby became a driving force in … Continue reading

Nursing School Classes

Nursing is a profession that combines many different fields including science, math, psychology, communications, and even a little writing. The job will require you to think critically, act quickly, and always be prepared. That being said, the Nursing curriculum at Nyack College is one of the most diverse, yet rigid, curricula out there. You need to take a large variety of classes and apply all of them in your profession. Aside from the basic liberal arts requirements, you will need to take classes in three main content areas: psychology, science, and nursing. Psychology: -General Psychology=This class gives you an overview … Continue reading

How to Get a Nursing Internship


Over winter break there is a lot of free time to relax and hang out with friends. Break is also a great time to start looking for and apply to internships. Since I am junior nursing student, I have been researching nursing internships a lot lately and have found many different opportunities for this summer. Internships not only give you a way to make some money over the summer, they also give you an opportunity to practice your nursing skills. They will help you to become accustomed to a hospital and often you will be paired with one nurse so … Continue reading

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