What Makes a Good Friend, Especially in College

erin with friends in college

College is a time of great change, and I have learned that even friendship is a part of that. You gain new friends, keep some old, and sometimes you move in different directions. Most of the time those friendships start to look very different as they readjust to fit busy schedules and the miles in between. Nyack College has given me some of the closest relationships of my entire life. I feel blessed to have met some of the best people in the world while here at school. Other people may take a lot more effort to stay in contact … Continue reading

Nyack Chapel’s Theme 2014: Make Room

Last Wednesday, hundreds of Nyack College students, faculty, and staff gathered in Bowman Gym for the first chapel service of the Fall semester. The worship band welcomed students and led them in an exciting and heartfelt time of worship. Wanda Walborn introduced the speaker, Wanda Velez, who was met with deafening applause and a standing ovation. Mrs. Velez went on to talk about her experience of committing her life to Christ and how Nyack College played a big part in that. Despite a tough home life, getting kicked out of college, and other circumstances, Wanda made the hard choice to make room … Continue reading

Jumping into a New Semester

Being on a team is hard work but always worth it in the end.

Within 24 hours of arriving on campus this month, I had not only set up my room and been reunited with all my friends but I had also taken an exam, been given more assignments that I could count, and got hired for a new job. The school year is already flying by even though it has only just begun. I think it’s safe to say that this is going to be a busy year. It’s easy to be so focused on what homework I need to complete, when I have to get to my job, how I’m going to … Continue reading

Dorm Decorating and Organizing Tips!


Classes have begun! While it can be exciting to take new classes and get into the swing of things, it can also be exhausting. On those long, tiring days filled with work and classes, there’s nothing nicer than coming back to an organized, homey dorm room. I have done several blogs about dorm decorating and organization because each semester that I dorm at Nyack College I learn different tricks that help me make my dorm room a more lovely place to live. Here are a few things I have learned this semester! These first two decorating tips came from my … Continue reading

Let the Fun Begin: Upcoming Events on the NYC Campus


Let’s face it, the back to school season doesn’t exactly elicit shouts of praise and leaps of joy from most of us. No one looks forward to exams, mounds of papers, sleepless nights, the necessity of double espresso shots and the overall stress of college life. Fortunately, we have some events coming up on the Nyack College Manhattan Campus that you can look forward to this semester. 1. Welcome Back Party When: Monday, September 8th from 12:30pm-4:00pm Where: Student Development Suite/Lower Level What better way to kick off the semester than with some fun! If you’re on campus, come down … Continue reading

Finding Peace and Guidance in Life


  In my recent quiet time with God, I have been learning a lot about what’s important. Let me rephrase that: what should be important. I’ve read many verses over the past month that talk about God’s promises and what He will give to us if we honor Him. For example… “Since we have these promises, let us purify ourselves from everything that contaminates body and spirit, perfecting holiness out of reverence to God.” -2 Corinthians 7:1 “Whoever has the Son has life; whoever does not have the Son of God does not have life.” -1 John 5:12 “He who did not … Continue reading

Photo Blog: The Last Month in Thailand


Well my time in Thailand as an intern has come to an end. I am flying back to America in a couple days to spend two days at home then head to school for my final semester at Nyack College. My time in Thailand has been an amazing trip filled with many beautiful people. I wish everyone could experience this place along with me, but for now with these pictures I hope you can see a little of that beauty.

Two Great Concerts to End the Summer

representing nyack college

Concluding the Summer: Literally going out with a BANG! My name is Ashton Dennis and I am the newest of the Nyack College admissions counselors here at the Rockland campus! (Follow me on twitter @Nyack_Rockland)! Earlier this month, two current students, Erin Hy and Lydia Christian, accompanied me to two music festivals, Kingdom Bound and Soulfest. It was a strenuous, exhausting, life-giving and INCREDIBLE nine days. We spent seven straight 14-hour days on our feet talking to prospective Nyack students about our school; more importantly, we talked about how God is working here at Nyack.  We started in our minivan … Continue reading

Meet Bridgett. New Student and the Best Selfie 2014 Winner!

best selfie winner nyack college

Bridgett is an incoming freshman from Upstate NY (waaay upstate). I caught up with Bridgett a couple days ago to let her know she won our #NyackNation Warrior Selfie competition (Check out her sweet entry below).   So Bridgett- how did you hear about Nyack College? Well, God brought me to Nyack College. J All my life I was planning on going to another Bible school- but I visited and it didn’t click. I searched for other colleges in New York State and the vision of Nyack really stuck with me. I visited the campus and LOVED it! What led … Continue reading

#ThrowbackTuesday: My New Student Orientation

A shot from the New Student Orientation 2010.  Too bad I wasn't in any of the photos.

With New Student Orientation at Nyack College Manhattan Campus just around the corner (August 28), my mind began to wander back to September 2010, back to my own New Student Orientation in New York City. The Fearful Freshman I don’t believe there was a single moment of that day that my palms weren’t sweating or my heart wasn’t racing. It had nothing to do with the summer heat; I was terrified of college. I had spent most of my life as a terrible student (check my very first blog for more on that)—I was lazy, irresponsible, a procrastinator, and one … Continue reading

Let’s Get Packing!

photo 3 (7)

It’s that time! Time to start packing for school! I’ll be a junior this year, and I feel like I have finally gotten a handle on what to pack. When I look back to being a freshman at Nyack College, I remember how hard it was to know what to bring. So, if you’re new to living at school, or you just need some packing tips, here are a few words of wisdom: 1. Don’t over-prepare: This might seem like awful advice and exactly opposite of what your mom has been telling you all these years, but allow me to … Continue reading

Why She Said: “God Led Me to Nyack”

Geziell Nash (left), shown here performing at Nyack's Got Talent, firmly believes that God led her to Nyack College.

At Nyack College, not only am I a student, but I also work as a consultant in the Writing Center and serve as the President of the Student Government Association. With all those positions comes the opportunity to meet a lot of students and hear their stories. After listening to so many of these stories, I began to see a common theme. A few days ago I was working with a student in the Writing Center. We were talking about the upcoming semester and registering for classes and such, when in the middle of the conversation she says, “…but I … Continue reading

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