What You can do for Paris


This week we all heard the shocking news about the ISIS shootings and taking of hostages in Paris. Hearing news like this can be difficult and we often wonder how to react to it.  It can be hard to be here, and feel like there is nothing we can do about it. Although the ways we can help might feel limited, here are a few ways I have found that we can do something. 1. Donate- By giving money to organizations like the Red Cross Emergency Disaster Fund, Doctors without Borders, the French Red Cross, Restaurants du Coeur, Secours Populaire Francais, … Continue reading

World Changers of Nyack: Tyrone Taylor

world changers at nyack college

Teachers alike have an understanding that storytelling is one of the most powerful tools used in a classroom. As I finished my first nine-week student teach placement in 4th grade, I was frequently reminded that stories always captivate, always resonate, and always inspire. So when you’re stuck, share a story – whether fact or fiction. A specific genre of stories that I love to listen to are the personal narratives of people I encounter in daily life. Someone’s story is a looking-glass into their soul, an intimate gaze upon their humanity, what drives them, and what keeps them going through … Continue reading

My Mental Health Nursing Experience

mental health internship

Call it field experience or internship or just work.  When you’re out of the classroom and applying skills you’ve learned from your teachers, that is the moment things get real, when what you do as a professional transforms lives, starting with your own.  Mental health can be a scary field when you are exposed to people who you would not usually interact with. It can be difficult to figure out how to communicate with patients like this because they might seem different, extreme, or hard to handle. When someone’s mind is different than ours, it makes us afraid to try and … Continue reading

3 Ways to Guarantee Graduating on Time

how to graduate on time

Let’s face it, people always talk about how college is expensive. But few actually think about how being a super-senior is even more expensive.  It’s great to live with your friends, learn new things, and participate in college clubs and sports, but all that fun is not worth the money of staying an extra year. Graduating on time is a priority for most college students, but far too many assume it will just happen. The last thing you want is to get caught off guard in your senior year with more… or less credits than you expected. As a senior in college, … Continue reading

Why Double Majoring is a Good Idea

double majoring at Nyack College

Recently, I’ve been appreciating the friends I have here at Nyack College. Though we have a lot in common, my friends all have their unique interests and perspectives. As upperclassmen, we’ve had some time to develop our majors, passions, and direction. For the next few weeks, I’ll be interviewing my friends and asking about the majors they’ve chosen and where they see their studies taking them in the years to come. This week, I talked to Katie O’Sullivan about her choice to be a double major. Here’s what she had to say: Q: What are your majors? Have you always … Continue reading

Be the Change You Wish to See in the World

nyack college chapel message

If anyone was in chapel the other day, then you heard when the speaker told the story about an audience who was asked to raise their hands if they wanted to see change in this world. The whole audience raised their hands. Next, the audience was asked if they wanted to change themselves. No one raised their hand. We all have lots of changes we wish for- in our families, classes, on teams, and among our friends. The problem is, we rarely are willing to be the first to make a change. We want others to change for us, but … Continue reading

5 Things This Book Got Right About Nursing School


     If you are studying Nursing and haven’t read the ebook “Passing Nursing School,” by Professor Maureen Kroning of the Cheryl Phenicie School of Nursing, it is something you definitely want to get your hands on. She gives 10 tips on how to pass nursing school as well as emphasizing what makes a good nurse and why you would choose nursing. Here are five things that she covers in the book that I think are key to being a successful nurse and passing nursing school. 1. The importance of knowing why you chose nursing.      The book gives … Continue reading

The Life of an ICS Major: Flexibility is a Skill

intercultural studies major

This week, I talked to my good friend, Rachel Kunker, about her experiences about being an Intercultural Studies (ICS) major at Nyack College. This is what she said. Q: Why did you choose to be an ICS major? A: I chose to be an ICS major because I really want to serve God with my life. As a freshman, I did not know what area to focus in specifically and knew I wanted to be a missionary. Studying ICS seemed the best option for me to be able to get a good overall idea of missions. Since I love other … Continue reading

Building a Legacy that Lasts in College


As I am getting ready to graduate this spring and leave the place that has become a second home to me, I have been challenged to think about what I want to be known for and what lasting impact I want to leave at Nyack College. It can be tempting to focus on individual accomplishments, like how many goals I can score in lacrosse, how high of a GPA I can obtain, or how much money I can make. But, when I think back to the legacy-builders that stand out in my mind, I realize that it is never the people … Continue reading

What Makes a Team Succeed

Lacrosse team showing team spirit

Being on sports teams for my entire life has given me the opportunity to clearly see how different teams function, what brings a team together, what draws a team apart, and ultimately, what leads a team to success. Success can be measured in many different ways, but ultimately, it comes from accomplishing the goals that your team has established. Being on the lacrosse team here at Nyack College for the past four years has given me an even deeper look into what it takes to build an effective team. Here are some of the things I think create an effective … Continue reading

The Nyack Program: Woman Initiates its Sixth Class


It was the sixth time doing the same Woman Initiation Ceremony, but every year it’s different. The first time, the small group of ten sat in a quiet semicircle, were initiated into the rite of passage, and met only two other times before their Crossing Over Ceremony! Last year, our largest class of twenty-six sat in rows with mentors behind them and alumnae ready to serve tea and cake. Our initiation celebration was followed by five meetings, and then a huge Crossing Over Ceremony at a new venue! This year’s class of fifteen was initiated with their mentors and alumnae. … Continue reading

Too Close to Home

I’m in college, I go to classes, my school is up on a hill just outside a bustling, downtown, and I’m a Christian. These are a few reasons why the school shooting in Oregon feels like it was right in my backyard. When I first heard there was a mass shooting at a college, my heart sank. It hurts to know that people in circumstances similar to mine had their lives cut short. Once I heard more details of what happened, I only became more distraught. The school was nestled up on a hillside in a town where violence like this … Continue reading

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