God’s Impartial Love: Living in Diversity


What God has called clean, you must not call profane. The tenth chapter of the Book of Acts begins with an angel of God coming to Cornelius, a gentile. Cornelius and his entire household feared God and did good deeds such as giving to the poor and praying fervently. The angel came to Cornelius unexpectedly and said, “Your prayers and your alms have ascended as a memorial before God,” and he gave Cornelius instructions to send his servants to find the Apostle Peter. What is God doing, sending a message to a gentile? The Jews are his chosen people; why … Continue reading

A Day in NYC! (How to Get There and What to Do)

Having been at Nyack for two years, I’ve traveled into the city several times. I’ve taken several modes of transportation in, and explored different parts of the city itself (needless to say, some trips have been more fun than others). But, nonetheless, here’s some of the things I’ve learned! My favorite way to get to the city is driving. If you go during a low traffic time, you can take the Palisades Parkway to the George Washington Bridge, and get into Manhattan within 25 minutes. Once in the city, finding parking can be a nightmare. As long as it’s not … Continue reading

The First Steps Back to College After 20 Years

Pamela (2nd from left) with Cohort 543 who will complete their degrees in August!

-A personal essay by Pamela Simpson. Sometimes taking that first step is the hardest thing to do. Letting go of the fear of falling or failing, keeps too many of us from trying, and ultimately, from succeeding. This is very common among adults considering returning to school. But sometimes we face our fears, be it by force or simply our own choice, and like a baby…we learn to walk….we succeed. I was one of those adults. I thought I would’ve completed my bachelor’s degree long ago. Life got in my way, and I never did. Then, I became a casualty … Continue reading

World Changing Class: Personal Spiritual Formation

personal spiritual foundation at Nyack College

  There are many great classes at Nyack College, but there are a few that stand out as the most talked-about and legendary classes among students. This school year I was able to be apart of these highly rumored classes. Of course, I told you earlier about my cross-cultural adjustment class filled with adventure and practical preparation for living cross-culturally. But, this semester I have been taking another famous class at Nyack known as Personal Spiritual Formation.   The class is a requirement for any ministry major, (Intercultural Studies, Youth Ministry, and Pastoral Ministry) and taught by none other than … Continue reading

Music: One of my Favorite Ways to Worship


I believe that worship encompasses many more things than music. Any activity that is done in obedience to or reverence for God is worship. However, music is an important and meaningful form of worship, and God uses it to speak to people in powerful ways. As a guitarist and a worship leader, music speaks to me particularly powerfully. I love to sing songs of praise to God, and I love it when the church gathers to worship God together in song. There’s something liberating about a community of believers lifting their voices together to honor God. That’s why music is one … Continue reading

Celebrating Nyack College’s Student Journal: The Fine Print

photo 5 (2)

On Monday, April 6th, a select group of students and faculty gathered in Shuman’s Presidents Hall for The Fine Print Gala. The Fine Print is a journal that Nyack College publishes every year, featuring the short stories, poetry, and photography of faculty and students of all three Nyack College campuses. Invited by a friend who was featured in The Fine Print, I was able to attend the gala which celebrated the people and the works appearing in the journal. There were snacks provided, and featured art displayed. It was a great experience to share in the joy of my fellow … Continue reading

Serving Others Like Jesus

camp champion

This past weekend I was able to embark on another adventure for the Nyack admissions team. I was serving along with our group of ten students to help at Lake Champion. Lake Champion is a camp an hour and a half upstate in New York. We worked all weekend as assistant cooks in the kitchen to help feed 500 plus youth attending to retreat. Our team served hard and laughed even harder. It was a wonderful way to give up some time and get to hang out with some cool teenagers in the process.   The retreat was fun and … Continue reading

Church at the Bridge

Pastor Annette Vasquez

On New Year’s Day, 2014, two Spirit-filled ministers stepped out in faith and followed God’s call to start their own ministry. Pastors Jose (left) and Annette (right) Vasquez are the leaders of an impactful new church in Newburgh, NY, named Church at the Bridge. The idea for the church’s name originated from its close proximity to the Newburgh-Beacon bridge, but the meaning behind it is derived from its vision: “Helping people to CONNECT with God, CONNECT with others, and CONNECT with their community.” Just as bridges connect one place to another, Church at the Bridge connects people with some of the … Continue reading

“The Road Home”: Samantha Taussig Senior Voice Recital

music recital pardington

Along with warmer weather and budding flowers, Spring brings opportunities for Nyack college students to see what their peers have been working on all semester, all school year, or in some cases, for their entire college careers. This week, I had an opportunity to do just that as I attended my good friend’s senior voice recital. Samantha Taussig put on an amazing evening performance in Pardington Hall that blew me away and made me very proud to be her friend. Sam spent the morning and afternoon hours of her day practicing, making last minute arrangements, and getting herself ready for … Continue reading

Remember the Sabbath

observing the Sabbath

As this crazy semester ends I find myself and all the students around me moving 100 miles an hour to try and finish this semester strong. But in the midst of all these important things, I have realized the necessity to take time to rest as well. It wasn’t until I was at the Life conference a few years ago in Louisville that I realized the value of rest. I attended a seminar in which they talked about the Sabbath. I grew up in churches my whole life and this was the first time that the idea of valuing the … Continue reading

From Graduation to Grad School with a Dean’s Fellowship

Boston University

 I usually spend spring break at home with my family and friends, but this year I took a trip up to Boston to visit my future graduate school, Boston University School of Theology. Luckily, the visit days fell on Monday through Wednesday of Nyack’s spring break, so I did not have to miss class or take off of work. For three days the Boston University admissions team hosted the recipients of the Dean’s Fellowship, a scholarship award for high academic achievement, and gave us an idea of what it will be like to be students of the university. I enjoyed … Continue reading

Ask the World to Dance: Reflections of a Sophomore

sacrifice for college

The countdown it on! Fourty-some days until the semester is over and I couldn’t be more… excited? Nervous? Relieved? Sad? The answer you get depends on what day you ask me. After this semester, I will be halfway done with my college career– that’s a pretty terrifying statement. I guess you could say I’m going through a sort of mid-college-life crisis, but I prefer to simply call it a reflective mood. I once heard a pastor say, “When you make sacrifices for God, you gain more than you could have ever hoped to hold on to”. Going to college was … Continue reading

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